California AR Platform Firearm Manufactuer Makes Debut At 2013 Shot Show

Houlding Precision Firearms HPF-15 Billet Receivers
Houlding Precision Firearms HPF-15 Billet Receivers
Houlding Precision Firearms
Houlding Precision Firearms

LAS VEGAS, NV –-( Houlding Precision Firearms, a leading California manufacturer of AR style weapon systems and accessories, today announced they are making their national debut at the 2013 Shot Show (Booth 3107).

They will be featuring their product line including the HPF-15 Billet Receivers, an assortment of the HPF Rifle configurations and the HPF-Curse Muzzle Brake.

The HPF-15 Billet Receivers are CNC machined from solid blocks of 7075 T6 billet aluminum and custom fit to exacting tolerance. These receivers use an octagonal reinforced design that allows for superior rigidity and durability. The HPF-15 Billet Lower Receiver has an integrated trigger guard, flared and beveled magwell for efficient speed loads and every HPF-15 Billet Receiver is mil-spec hard coat anodized and finished with Cerakote. As a testament to their attention to detail, a complete American flag is intricately engraved on every trigger guard of every HPF-15 Billet Lower.

The HPF family of Rifles are a sleek, user friendly design integrating precision and durability into a one of a kind weapons system. The features that are “up-charges” with other manufactures or “add-ons” after the initial purchase, are intergrated into the HPF design for a value-added product that benefits the end user. The Houlding Precision family of rifles begins with their entry level MOE model which integrates their HPF-15 Billet Receivers, along with all Magpul equipment. The next model in the HPF lineup is the UBR rifle that is the perfect upgrade for the serious shooter, law enforcement or military. The UBR comes standard with the Magpul ACS or ACSL stock, Troy TRX Battlerail, and Geissele SSA trigger to complement the HPF-15 Billet Receivers.

The patriarch of the HPF line up is the TGR or Three Gun Rifle which is ready to win competitions right out of the box. The TGR includes a rifle length gas system with an 18″ barrel, 15″ Troy VTAC Handgaurd, Magpul Precision Riflestock, Geissele S3G trigger and completed with the HPF-15 Billet Receivers. Houlding Precision Firearms also builds custom rifles to the exact specifications to meet the varied needs of their many customers. In addition, all HPF Rifles are finished with Cerakote and come with a lifetime warranty.

Recently, Houlding Precision Firearms have introduced the HPF-Curse Muzzle Brake. This dual chamber, multi-slot muzzle brake, reduces felt recoil and eliminates all signs of muzzle climb and dust signatures. Like all of the HPF products, the Curse is CNC machined using the latest CadCam software and machining centers for maximum, competition-grade efficiency. HPF will also premiere their California friendly, Section 3, featureless, drop mag rifle. This one-of-a-kind product allows California residents to enjoy a “bullet-button free” AR platform rifle.

“This is, I suppose the equivalent of having a set of top end Ping or Nike golf clubs custom fit to you, springing for that once in a lifetime Westmancott bespoke suit, or for the audiophiles purchasing a $15K EMM pre-amp. In essence, you want a custom built AR which has not been cobbled together with your own hands or based on the preconceptions of a marketing focus group. You want a modern AR firearm version made with love like the old Italian shotguns and like grandma Pandemic used to do; with skill and experience,” said Tony Arnold of Major Pandemic. “Most importantly you want to hand a list of requirements to someone and be handed back an exceptionally made custom rifle. This is the sweet spot of Houlding Precision Firearms.”

Houlding Precision Firearms will be at the 2013 Shot Show in booth number 3107.
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Johnny Nightrider

Cool a new Californian manufactured AR-15 receiver that doesn't use the bullet button.It has the drop free mag.As long as you have the receiver you can build a rifle from that when you get more money.I was thinking of just buying the receiver until I had more money to build it up to a nice rifle.

rick eppard

i dont understand…why?..your prices are so high..your mark up is way to much….can you please tell me why?…