Kentucky Sheriff to Obama: No Gun Disarmament in My County

Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman
Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman is making it clear that no law that violates the Constitution will be upheld in his county.

This especially applies to new gun control edicts Obama & Co. are trying to push onto the American people.

Said Peyman: “My office will not comply with any federal action which violates the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution which I swore uphold.”

And far from worrying about repercussions for doing this, Peyman sees the gun control push as a sign of weakness that will crumble in the face of real opposition: “Just a few of us have to be willing to stand up to political opposition putting our people at risk. The other side will back down.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found a patriot. And his name is Sheriff Denny Peyman.

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  • 39 thoughts on “Kentucky Sheriff to Obama: No Gun Disarmament in My County

    1. “All that is necessary for the triumph of Evil (Islam, atheism, crime) is for Good men (police, military, politicians, Godly men) to do nothing” Edmund Berke (or burke). please stand up and do SOMETHING. stop doing nothing allowing evil to happen. start standing up and defending America if you really want it to be around any longer. you must fight. FIGHT AND DO SOMETHING AGAINST EVIL!

      “In War, There is NO SUBSTITUTE for Victory” ~ General Douglas MacArthur.
      this is war and my name means She who crowns victors, Crowned Victorious, victorious miracle. I am the spirit of the United States of America I represent she who is free. I am America, I need a hero. stand up and fight. this is a war. Satan attacks your heart and minds, your feelings, your raw emotions. Obama attacks the flesh by allowing and promoting crime and then swooping in from town to town after calamity trying to act as if he isn’t responsible for it in an obvious effort to exploit Americans and threaten our lives for defending ourselves. we are responsible for allowing the wicked Obama and his wicked men to take over if we are not fighting. we are guilty for letting Satan/Obama in the door. and we are responsible for removing him. we ask GOD to rebuke the devil Obama. I pray that God himself rebukes Obama.

    2. @ Eraser Head
      If youd have bothered to read the article you linked, the sheriff is the one who called on the FBI to conduct the audit, as he’s the one who found the corruption. Lame attempt at trying to besmirch the sheriff Eraserhead, you progressive-lib hack. You libs are pathetic.

    3. Wow! Looks like the laws this clown thinks violate the Constitution might not be the only laws he won’t uphold:

      State audit report says Jackson County sheriff owes county $278,000

      Read more here:

      Reports of SHERIFF DENNY PEYMAN’S questionable handling of finances date back to October 2012. How convenient his public stance on gun laws and the 2nd Amendment surfaces in January 2013, only weeks before the State Auditor of Public Accounts realeases an audit detailing Sheriff Denny Peyman’s gross mismanagement of the Jackson County, Kentucky Sheriff’s Office.

      Patriotic sheriff, or con-artist attempting to gain the support of patriotic Americans and divert attention from his failures to properly account for taxpayer funds?

      Judge-Executive: Sheriff’s Office owes county nearly $300,000

      Read More Here:

    4. Thank you for your commitment to uphold our 2nd amendment and the constitution of the United States Of America, it seems that Washington feel they can step on this living document at will. Bravo Zulu to you !!
      “And thank you, Sheriff”

    5. Doing Right requires taking a stand! Even Jesus ran the money changers out of the Temple-because that was the Right thing to do. Sheriff,I Pray that your stance will ignite others to stand with you. My position is to “Stand Firm”.

    6. CLING to your guns & Bible!
      BHO was born a Brit in Kenya before his Indonesian adoption.
      The Hawaiian Birth Certificate is forged and he is using a stolen SocSec number.
      There is a diabolical plan in place to usher in The New World order by the Freemasons, Trilateralists, Bohemian Grove, Bilderbergers, etc. and gay/Moslem/commie Obama is their Big Brother/antichrist.

    7. Better to be a “cop-hater” than a cop-lover. Be careful, people; thousands of Americans will do anything a cop tells them to do (TO YOU).

      When did you hear the NEWS a non-cop arrested a gun owner ? When a person is arrested because he has a gun, who arrested him ? Huh ?

      Wave a gun in the air, and I guarantee, a cop will come for you really fast. The community will be lucky if the cops don’t lock the entire community down. America is now a police state (because of police).

      Always remember this: the only purpose of the 2nd amendment is to prohibit the Govt from regulating our guns (our weapons). Govt (cops) have no RIGHT to know who has a gun. It is not the business of any cop to know if you have a weapon (unless you’re a suspected felon, for example).

      The cops will rarely be on your side, gun owners.

    8. Hey Anonymous, We are not all cop haters here. The police are people also and need to be given the chance to choose their side. Truthfully the more police we have on our side the better. Most police officers are pretty decent people but they are just like everyone else. They have families to worry about. They get mislead and do stupid stuff. They get in ruts and become conditioned or hardened by dealing with some pretty scummy people. But there are still good people, (as far as a person can be good)out there on the force.
      Personally I would rather the “force” lol,, be with me than against me.
      Police just need to remember, The regular people are not their enemy…

    9. David B. on January 13, 2013 at 2:06 AM

      An executive order which annulled or attempted to circumvent the constitution would actually cause the whole of the document to be dissolved.

      An excerpt from projectchesapeake states;

      By suspending the U.S. Constitution, the government would be dissolving its authority to exist along with that of the U.S. Military. Once it is suspended it can only be legally reactivated by a constitutional convention of the states. Dare we hope the U.S. Government is stupid enough to do something like this

    10. This Bruce Willis look alike knows his stuff. EVERY sheriff outranks anyone else coming into their county. But, men being what they are, many will NOT have the attitude this sheriff does. They will instead gleefully kick your door down upon orders from king zero, kill you and yours to get your guns. Those are the ones to watch very closely if things suddenly happen.

    11. God Bless you and yours – and all of the American patriots in KY.

      Please contact Sheriff Zach Scott in Franklin County Ohio. [ Colubus Ohio ]. Encourage him to join with you and other Sheriff’s across the Nation in opposing gun control. Thank you.

    12. Pepe, since you have to be elected Sheriff in New Jersey, doesn’t seem likely thats gonna happen. Left N.J. 2 years back and soooo glad. Minnesota has CCW, affordable housing and a reasonable property tax rate.

    13. Wave a gun in the air and I guarantee the law enforcement people will come for you faster than if you rape a small child.

      First thing a cop says before he ask you where your gun is:

      “I support the 2nd amendment.”

      Never trust a cop with your guns, and never trust a cop collaborator with anything.

    14. I have never been so frightened for our human right to self-defense as when I heard about the potential for executive orders. The president seems to be desperately grasping at this tragedy in Connecticut to be able to leverage his agenda. The agenda is quite obvious to me, and should be even to the most casual observer. It has nothing to do with protecting people, it has to do with stripping everyone OF their protection, incrementally until finally we have nothing left to insure against tyranny. Violent criminals would most certainly exploit unarmed subjects of such a country. Home invasion would become a lucrative enterprise if the government ever succeeded in their agenda.

      I understand the sherrif’s emotion, and I get the same way when I think of how much great men have sacrificed (including members of my family) to enforce the rights which much lesser men are constantly trying to strip from us. The current crop of pimps and ivy league sociopaths who are at the highest level of our government mostly do it to bolster their own failing sense of security as they erode the underpinnings of this country and allow the economy to falter year after year. I believe they now fear mass insurrection, which is why they seek to disarm the citizenry of the country. I do NOT personally want to see anarchy reign. I am a friend of L.E. I am a family member of L.E. I am a friend to the military and I do not want to see military OR law enforcement abused in such a way that they have to make a choice between following an illegal command, and doing the right thing… I want to see rational minds prevail, and I want to see the truth emerge from all this – that an armed society is a polite society. Gun owners should NOT cower in shame ever again. And our right to choose our weaponry should NOT be dictated by a homicidal maniac from Connecticut. Nor a sociopathic one in the single highest office in this country…

      Thank you for your courage and strength. Perhaps it can be stopped at the borders of Washington DC, instead of the battle lines being drawn at the doorsteps of every citizens’ home as they push door to door confiscation orders on local police and military. That would be a most unfortunate, and bloody endeavor. I would not want to see my friends in law enforcement put through such a disastrous and bloody endeavor to preserve the fallacy of the US Federal government being able to create some totalitarian reign over the citizens of THIS country. I want only peace, and for rational minds to prevail so we can all live peacefully, without worrying about fighting against one agenda after another.


    16. It was the Sheriff who groomed and instigated Adam Lanza to shoot kids inside a school.

      It was the Sheriff who groomed and instigated Jared Loughner (and the Batman shooter) to shoot a nine year old girl in Tuscon.

      After I’ve accused them, many are now coming out of the closet to defend gun possession. Never trust law enforcement with your guns.

      Police are the largest most antigun group of Americans.

    17. The raids will be described in the media as drug raids on homes that just happened to have weapons in them, NOT gun raids. It’ll just be entirely coincidental that law-abiding second amendment lovers have suddenly taken up heavy cocaine habits etc. even though everyone they know can tell you this person had no history of drug use. This is just one of the dirty tricks in their arsenal and precedent exists for it being used in other western nations that have disarmed their people.

    18. Sadly, they will just feed information to this sheriff and the local media that there are drugs in the homes with the guns, and he will proceed to kick doors in as ordered. People who read about it in the paper will chalk it up as another routine drug raid. They did this in AU and the UK (the second part, not the part about feeding poisoned intel to the sheriff)

    19. Good morning all, Just a quick note in case I am not the only one to feel like this.
      I dont base my beleifs on popular trends, I base them on the way I was raised, the Bible and the constitution. I made up my mind years ago that not only will I never register my weapons, I will never turn one in. I didnt buy any with the idea “well I just bought this one to turn in”. I will just see where the powers that be will take this. Bought my plot and box,I have made thigs right with God and I tell my children and grandchildren everytime I talk to them or see them how much I care for them.
      I just wanted to watch my kids grow up and watch my grandkids as long as I have time. I have kept my nose clean and took care of my family. Tried to lend a hand when I could and live a life that my family wouldnt be ashamed of. But now it apears that the powers that be will not leave me alone. So now its a lets see what you bring. May God keep his hand on me and mine and have mercy on us all.

    20. Those asking/hoping their county sheriffs, feel the same… that’s their job and trust me, every single one of them know it. While its not always an admirable trait, County Sheriff’s are typically extremely arrogant, because they know, they have ultimate authority. They’re elected officials and have been granted the authority BY the federal government and their communities to protect their interests… not that of the government.

      If it get to the point, I see us heading. You are going to see, police departments at odds with the county sheriffs.

    21. Well done Sheriff! This is the start of the last stand for “gun control” in America. Long live our 2nd Amendment Rights! Now how about the rest of Americas Sheriffs joining in and leading the path to end the governments lunacy. “What is the price of Freedom? Constant vigilance and a willingness to fight back!”

    22. Good point, Mr. Baker. Good point. In my area, the local gun shops have already decided that they’d ignore FFL if that happens – although keeping with state and local ordinances. They said they’d run their checks through the Sheriff.

    23. While yes what he is saying is awesome, the real problem of course is that when you go to a gun store and try and buy a gun, the NICS background check is going to come back DENY. So the question isn’t really whether the local sheriff will enforce it, but whether or not the local gun dealers will have the guts to stop following the FFL rules too.

    24. As a Chief of Police in Wisconsin, I agree that no Law Enforcement Officer should enforce a law that they beleive to be unconstitutional.

    25. What most People do not know is that the Sheriff in his County is the Leading Law Enforcement Official. Simply put, NOBODY OUT RANKS HIM. NOBODY, not even the FBI, CIA, ATF, etc…… He or She is it! I am proud of this Man and wish more Sheriff’s like him and Sheriff Joe were willing to go against these Traitors!!!!!

    26. Finally, someone who will back law abiding citizens rights. I live in the Republican majority state of Kansas. I wish we had officials like this in Kansas.

    27. Now all we need are 90% of all other county sheriffs to refuse to enforce unconstitutional Federal gun laws in their counties.

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