List Of Exhibitors Boycotting The Anti-Black Rifle Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show

Updated 1/23/2013

Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show Says No to Black Rifles
Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show Says No to Black Rifles
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Lancaster, PA –-( As of Monday, the following companies have announced their plans as to pull out of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show being held at the State Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg Feb. 2 through 10.

The boycotts are a result of the announcement by show organizer Reed Exhibitions that so-called assault rifles ( AR15's ) and high-capacity ammunition magazines will not be allowed to be displayed or sold at the show this year.

Here are the exhibitors who have backed out of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show:

  1. 2 Million Bullets
  2. 24/7 Hunting TV
  3. Absaroke-Beartooth Outfitters
  4. Alaska’s Ravencroft Lodge
  5. Alaskan Outdoors TV
  6. Ambush Firearms
  7. American Whitetails of PA
  8. Antler Insanity
  9. Apex Tactical
  10. Appalachian Big Game TV
  11. Archery Tag
  12. Arrowhead Outdoors
  13. Artistic Visions Wildlife Studio
  14. Athens Archery
  15. Atlantic Tactical
  16. Atsko, Inc. / Sno-Seal Inc.
  17. Avian X Decoys
  18. Backwoods Whitetails Outfitters
  19. Bad Boy Inc.
  20. Bad Dog Accessories
  21. Banded Calls
  22. Bangin Redhedz Turkey Gear
  23. Bear Archery
  24. Beavertail Products
  25. Big Game Butter
  26. Blitz TV
  27. Body Guard 360
  28. Bohning Archery
  29. Boulder Basin Outfitters
  30. Boondock Outdoors
  31. Bow Hunter’s Den
  32. Bow Life, LLC
  33. Bramco / Golden Valley Enterprises
  34. Briley Outfitters
  35. Buck Bomb
  36. Burt Coyote Lumenok
  37. C&D Outfitters
  38. Cabela’s
  39. Camo Addiction
  40. Campbell Cameras
  41. CanCooker
  42. Central Penn Sporting Clays & Game Preserve
  43. Chaparral Hunting Adventures
  44. Cochrane River Outfitters
  45. Cody Turkey Calls
  46. Cold Steel Knives
  47. Combative Edge
  48. Continental Divide Outfitters
  49. Cross Canyon Arms
  50. Cutting Edge Bullets
  51. Darkwoods Blind
  52. DCVR
  53. Dead Ringer
  54. Deer and Deer
  55. Direct Action Tactical Firearms
  56. Dirty Buck Soap and Scents
  57. Dirty Dog Outdoors
  58. Domari Nolo Defense Consulting
  59. Dominance is Everything Hunting System
  60. Dominator 365
  61. Dokken Oakridge Kennels
  62. Down N Dirty Outdoors
  63. Drakes Migration Nation
  64. Driven TV
  65. Droptine Outfitters
  66. DuckWater Boats
  67. Dunn Knives
  68. Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation
  69. Eastern Outdoors
  70. Easton Bow Hunting
  71. Excalibur Crossbow US, Inc
  72. Farmland Trophies Outfitting
  73. Fear No Evil
  74. Field Proven Calls
  75. Firearms Industry Consulting Group
  76. Firenock
  77. Fish Outdoor Properties
  78. Flatline Productions
  79. Flyway Custom Sales
  80. Foiles Migrators, Inc
  81. Forbes Turkey Calls
  82. FOXPRO High Performance Game Calls
  83. Full Circle Outdoors
  84. Furtakers TV
  86. Ghost River Outfitters – Alberta
  87. Goey Hunting Calls
  88. Gone Wild Outdoors
  89. Goodling Rifles
  90. – South Africa/Tanzania/Cameroon
  91. Gut N Tag, LLC
  92. Hart Rifles
  93. H.S. Specialities
  94. Heartland Whitetails
  95. Herd Guard
  96. Hevi-Shot
  97. High Lonesome Outfitters
  98. HookHunt
  99. Hoyt Archery Inc
  100. Honey Creek Outfitters
  101. Hunter Safety Systems
  102. Hunter Specialties w/ Rick White
  103. Hunters and Guides Connection
  104. Hunters Comfort, LLC
  105. Hunter’s Specialties
  106. Huntin’ Is Good! TV
  107. IceHole Coolers
  108. International Bowhunting Organization
  109. Iron Kin Hunt Club
  110. IScope
  111. J & M Traditions
  112. Katahdin’s Shadow Outfitters
  113. Keystone Country Store
  114. Keystone Elk Country Alliance
  115. King of the Mountain Inc.
  116. Kinsey’s Outdoors
  117. Kodabow
  118. Lac Suzie Outfitter
  119. Lancaster Archery Supply
  120. Lanco Tactical
  121. Leupold & Stevens Inc.
  122. Lone Oak Retreivers
  123. Major League Bowhunter
  124. Masterpiece Outdoors, Inc.
  125. Men in Treestands Productions
  126. Midwest Whitetail Adventures
  127. Mindful of Nature LLC
  128. Montana Mountain West Outfitters
  129. Montana Whitetails
  130. Mountain Dog Chews
  131. Mountain Hollow Game Calls
  132. Muddy Outdoors
  133. Muskie Moose, LLC
  134. NasHunt Outdoors
  135. National Wild Turkey Federation
  136. Nature Blinds, LLC
  137. NasHunt Outdoors
  138. National Rifle Association
  139. Northern Hideaway Outfitters
  140. Northern Outdoor Lodge
  141. Northern Wilderness Outfitters
  142. North Mountain Pepper Works
  143. O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.
  144. Old Goat Outdoors
  145. Open Season TV
  146. Outdoor Channel Outfitters
  147. Outdoor Edge Knives
  148. Outdoor Specialist Group
  150. Ozonics Hunting
  151. PA Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs
  152. PA Taxidermist Association, Inc
  153. Pat Strawser Custom Calls
  154. Pennsylvania Trappers Assoc.
  155. Perry’s No Peep Archery Sights
  156. Pipeline Ridge Hunting Preserve
  157. Predator Hunting Mounts
  158. Primal Urge Outdoors
  159. Primos Hunting Calls
  160. Proc’s Huntin Buddy
  161. PSE Archery
  162. QDMA (PA Chapter)
  163. Radical Hunter
  164. Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment
  165. Red Star Arms
  166. Reflections Of The Wild
  167. Revolution Hunting
  168. Rhino Outdoors
  169. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  170. Rougeaux Taxidermy
  171. Rough Country Outfitters
  172. Ruger Firearms
  173. Rydon Corporation
  174. S & W Outfitter
  175. Savco LLC
  176. Sean Mann Outdoors
  177. SecureIt Tactical
  179. SK Knives
  180. Skull Shine
  181. Smith and Wesson
  182. Southern Game Calls
  183. Southwest Outdoors / Cherry Creek Lodge
  184. Spook Span
  185. SportEAR
  186. Sportsmen of North America TV
  187. Starkey Hollow Whitetails
  188. State Line Bone Mine
  189. Staudt’s Gun Shop
  190. Stay Ready Inc
  191. Stokerized Stabilizers
  192. Strother Archery
  193. Summit County Outfitters
  194. Summit Treestands
  195. Susquehanna River Waterfowlers Assoc
  196. Table Mountain Outfitters
  197. Team Overkill
  198. Team Urban Nocks
  199. Ten Point Crossbows
  200. The Bear Whisperer
  201. The Outdoor Loop
  202. The Sportsman’s Shop
  203. The Warmbag
  204. ThermaCell
  205. Thompson Center Arms
  206. Timberline Outfitters
  207. TNT Archery
  208. Tough Country
  209. Trijicon, Inc
  210. Triple Mag TV
  211. Trop Gun Shop
  212. Turnbull Manufacturing
  213. U Slide Bow Hunter
  214. Ultimate Camo
  215. Umax Outdoors
  216. Upper Canyon Outfitters
  217. Wallaston Lake Lodge
  218. Tex Mex Outdoors
  219. The Outdoors Channel
  220. The Warmbag
  221. Watson Air Lock
  222. Watt’s Truck Center
  223. Whitetail Adrenanline
  224. Whitetail Bosses
  225. Whitetail Freaks
  226. Whitetail Heaven Outdoors
  228. Wilburn Outdoors / Millennium Tree Stands
  229. Wildlife Studios Premiere Taxidermy
  230. Wired Outdoors
  231. Woodcock Limited of Pennsylvania
  232. X-Stand Treestands
  233. Zink Calls
  234. Zook Cabins

Speaker / Celebrities that have Pulled Out 

  1. Abner Druckenmiller – Furtakers TV
  2. Angie & Scott Denny – THE LIFE at Table Mountain
  3. Blaine Anthony, The Bear Whisperer
  4. Bob Folkrod
  5. Bob Mercier
  6. Brad Farris – Primos
  7. Buck Buckannon
  8. Chris Brackett
  9. Eddie Salter
  10. Fred Eichler – Fulldraw Outfitters
  11. Greg Zipadelli
  12. Hal Shaffer
  13. Jamie Gray
  14. Jay Gregory
  15. J Paul Jackson – Drakes Migration nation
  16. Jim and Eva Shockey
  17. Jimmy Primos – Primos
  18. Josh Miller – SportDOG
  19. Kevin Knighton
  20. Kyle Wieter
  21. Larry Weishuhn
  22. Lee & Tiffany Lakosky “The Crush“
  23. Marc Anthony – Speaker / Pro Hunter
  24. Mark Night
  25. Matt Morett
  26. Max Row
  27. Michael Lee
  28. Mike Stroff – Savage Outdoors TV
  29. Montana Whitetails
  30. Nicole Jones
  31. Pat Reeves
  32. Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo – Archers Choice
  33. Sean Mann
  34. Stan Potts
  35. Bone Collector
  36. Tom Dokken
  37. Trent Cole
  38. Woody Sullivan

Other Boycott Supporters 

  1. Advantage Taxidermy Studio Inc
  2. American Tactical Imports
  3. Anything About Guns
  4. Backwoods Life
  5. Bloodline With Alex Ruthledge
  6. Blue Rock Outfitters
  9. Bowhunter Planet
  10. Bowhunting Addiction TV
  11. Broken Arrow Wilderness
  12. Bowhunters TV
  13. Chasing Trophy Whitetails
  14. Citizens for a Responsibly Armed Society
  15. Crossbow Nation
  16. Dave’s House of Hair, Harrisburg PA
  17. Dead Dog Walkin’ TV
  18. Driven TV
  19. Drop Zone TV
  20. Eddie Salter
  21. Family Traditions TV
  22. Gene & Barry Wensel
  23. Haley Heath
  24. Hank Parker
  25. Hard Core Hunting TV
  26. Horton Crossbows
  27. Hunt Wicked Close TV
  28. Idaho Center of Emergency Medical Training
  29. Just Kill’n Time TV
  30. Keystone Gun Sales
  31. Mark & Beau Rodgers – Real Deal Outdoors
  32. Mosquito Creek Outdoors, FL
  34. Needleman & Pisano
  35. Off Grid Survival
  36. OrgaPro Ltd.
  37. Racing To Hunt TV
  38. Roger Raglin
  39. Shelly & Tara Seiler – Working for Whitetails TV
  40. Stanley Scruggs Hunting Products
  41. Team Bone Thugs
  42. The Banded Nation TV
  43. The Best Of The West TV
  44. The Fowl Life TV
  45. The Kronik Hunter and staff
  46. The Pennsylvania Crossbow Federation
  47. The Resistence TV
  48. Wyvern Creations

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4 years ago

Not sicking TOGETHER will mean we ALL lose. Not supporting my right to own
an AR15 will come back to haunt you when they ban 12 gauge pumps
and any rifle that holds more then 4 rounds. Ask a British gun owners
who lost EVERYTHING how not supporting your fellow gun owner
gets you !!!

frank ford
frank ford
7 years ago

If we don’t stick together now the next ban might be a product you are selling.There not going to stop until they stop all gun sales all together!So you have a choice to stand up now or wait until their knocking on your door then you will be the one looking for some one to stand up with you.

7 years ago

Thank you for posting the names of the supporters, so I can support them with my business. As a Kalifornia resident, most people have no idea how far our liberties have been cut back for political reasons. Most “laws” are ridiculous research, that in reality have negative impacts by the “environmentalists”. Fienstein killed the very big horn sheep they set out to “save”. No provisions for even Fish and Game to go in and remove the ewe from poisoning the water source. She’s in charge of the “intelligence” committee??

7 years ago

The intolerant, bigoted anti gunners will do anything to subvert our 2nd amendment. What they don’t realize is that the 2nd amendment is what makes all the other amendments valid. Without it the Obamamongers will be able to take away every other right they have.

7 years ago

The 2nd Amendment wasn't about hunting.But the policians are defining the 2A that way and are trying to create a division between hunters and gun owners. They keep saying that the ban bills "Will not effect guns used for hunting and other 'sporting purposes'.And they define sporting purpose. To those that say the show wasn't a gunshow, you're right in the respect of a normal buy,sell,trade show.But the name Eastern SPORTS and Outdoor Show is inclusive of all shooting sports.And this is the tip of the iceberg. Already in NY they are asking Gunshows to not display black rifles. Some… Read more »

Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller
7 years ago

What a great show of support from the vendors for this show and the patrons that don't show-up and support the hosting company. Now we need to carry this support forward and make sure ANY politician that defies our 2nd amendment right enjoys their unemployment by not being re-elected. It's time for Americans to take back America! Support the companies that have supported the American way of life. THANK YOU.

Mike Mackie
Mike Mackie
7 years ago

This is a message from your founding fathers Thanks for stand with us. We wrote the Constitution with yours and our freedom in mine!

Thanks again

Your Founding Fathers

Kevin Hanley
Kevin Hanley
7 years ago

Please list all affiliations of Reed Exhibitors so I can be sure to never patronize anything that will help them line their pockets.

Michael Murray
Michael Murray
7 years ago

We at A Calculated Response LLC happily support the boycott. Molon Labe!

Michael Dingus
Michael Dingus
7 years ago

Good to see all these Vendors standing up for what's right. This type of action is what it's going to take to defeat Obama's Agenda!

234 motorsports
234 motorsports
7 years ago

we are glad to see americans and people who do business in america make a stand for our constitutional rights and duties to choose to bear arms.we will not support any sportshow that conflicts with our god given rights to our second ammedment.

John Alonzo
John Alonzo
7 years ago

Congrats to the venders that pulled out. I will not support any vender that supports a ban on ar-15 type rifles or 30 rd p-mags by paying to be in this show. period.

Joe Ruz
Joe Ruz
7 years ago

I'm from Illinois and I'm so proud to all of you who stand up for our principle. It gonna be a long battle ahead and we all have to support each other in this time of crisis.

Shane fitzgearld
Shane fitzgearld
7 years ago

Thanks for all the people that support

are decision on boycotting the show

Cary Quint
Cary Quint
7 years ago

WE need to support as many of those companies and sponsors as possible. Vote with our money.

Joe in PA
Joe in PA
7 years ago

Well we should all consider who we vote for in the coming elections. Senator Casey's response to my concerns was: "As you may know, I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Pennsylvania has a fine hunting and sporting tradition, and I will defend the right to bear arms as it is enshrined in our Constitution. However, I also believe that the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School highlights very serious dangers posed to public safety by the misuse of certain weapons and technology originally developed for warfare. According to reports, the shooter was able to kill many children… Read more »

Paul Kuehn
Paul Kuehn
7 years ago

I will share and post this and support every vendor I can. I definitely

support this.

VT Patriot
VT Patriot
7 years ago

Thanx to all these protesters, I just saved myself a long trip to the show. No sense to me going all that distance to see a bunch of folks that approve of the gun grabbers ideas. I'll use the money saved to support and buy from the businesses listed above.

7 years ago

You can add my company to the list. Dynamic finishes hydrographic.

7 years ago

Glad to hear everyone is pulling out. Maybe they won't even have the damn show.

7 years ago

I'm going to email as many of the businesses I can and let them know that I support them in boycotting the Pa. show. I am printing up the list of boycotters, and will buy their products & services and recommend all my friends to do the same.

7 years ago

This is the way we must ALL start standing firm and together. So glad to see Leadership in the ranks of the firearms community. This is the kind of ACTION that makes folks want to help and participate. SALUTE

Livin' Country
7 years ago

Livin' County T-shirts & Apparel will NOT be attending the ESOS – We're hoping our fans spread the word and support the vendors, especially the small ones like us who are going to take a significant financial impact for standing up for our rights.

chris hills
chris hills
7 years ago

Good to see companies standing for the 2nd amendment. I am a hunter, a sports/recreational shooter and have served my country (in four combat zones). I have single shot rifles/pistols and I have automatics. They all have a place depending on your interests. The second amendment is about keeping ALL of these items available to the people. I would remind you that the founding fathers were NOT afraid of the people they were afraid of the government they were creating. The purpose of the second amendment was to keep the government honest (ie not tyrannical) by ensuring that armed citizens… Read more »

7 years ago

This is GREAT , it is about time we stuck together against the rabid anti-gunners and those too weak to stand up to them .

7 years ago

Right on !!!! Let's see how much money they make if no one shows up

7 years ago

The only people attending this show will be those people that are only into guns that are on the "acceptable" list. That's great, until they get around to trying to ban whatever gun they do care about and by then it will be too late.

7 years ago

Not to worry, I am sure that there will be plenty of home made jams and jellies, candles and dream catchers for everyone at the show!

7 years ago

Good for them, I support several of these companies in purchasing items. I hope Midway USA is not supporting them. I would hate having to stop doing business with them. If companies are willing to sell out their convictions then they can do without my monetary support.

7 years ago

A big, heart-felt thank you to all the vendors who have made the decision to support the 2nd Amendment. We can't afford to let the gun grabbers win on this issue. Those of you trying to rationalize attending the show because "it's never been much of a gun show anyway"….just read down the list of those boycotting the show and see how many of them have any direct connection to modern sporting rifles. They are losing money for the sake of unity on this very important issue. Again, thanks to all the vendors on the list and any others who… Read more »

7 years ago

its way past time for all'HUNTERS' to sit this one out….be a no show at the show..message sent…

7 years ago

This is great news. Kudos to all who stand on their principles of freedom! I'd like to see a list of those companies that will be showing up for this politically correct farce of an outdoor show!!

Blaine Nay
7 years ago

I thanks to all the exhibitors who are withdrawing from the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show managed by Reed Exhibitions. It doesn't matter whether anti-gun bigotry comes from outside the shooting sports or from a segment of shooters that views the other guy's guns to not be politically correct. We all must stand united against any form of intolerance toward any responsible and lawful segment of the shooting sports — regardless of the source of that intolerance. If they can ban one category of gun simply because of the way it looks, eventually all of them will be banned due… Read more »

Cope Reynolds
7 years ago

Adam Jacoby, principles are ALWAYS worth boycotting for. For some of us, money is NOT the bottom line. I will sacrifice my entire business for my values. I don't care if they don't sell many guns there or not, what matters is THEIR principles do NOT line up with mine!

Adam Jacoby
Adam Jacoby
7 years ago

I've been going to the Eastern Outdoor Show every year since I can remember and honestly I don't remember seeing AR15's being sold there anyway. It's never been much of a gun show to begin with. I'm all about out second ammendment rights and I hate what's going on in this country right now but boycotting a show that isn't known for firearm sales to begin with doesn't seem profitable.

7 years ago

i am not against guns or people owning them, have many myself. just wondering if the phrase RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS had been penned RIGHT TO BEAR A MUSKET. the firearm of the period would this boycott by hunting celebs and companies be taking place.

Ron Jones
Ron Jones
7 years ago

Well its like this Lisa. We realize some business cant afford not to not go… Each company has to go what they can afford to do to take a stand. At the least it wouldn't hurt you to put something pro second amendment on your website. I will be buying from cabela's in the future. Just made a $200.00 purchase from them last month. Midwayusa and cabela's have my business!!

7 years ago

we are a canadian outfitter and are suppose to attend the eastern sports show. it will be our first show and just starting our business. we do not support this gun ban. should we still attend the show and try to promote our business

7 years ago

Congrats to the venders that pulled out. I will not support any vender that supports a ban on ar-15 type rifles or 30 rd p-mags by paying to be in this show. period.

Bill Baker
Bill Baker
7 years ago

If your a vendor that does show up, you have to think about all the people who are going to then believe you support a ban.

Kenny Cook
Kenny Cook
7 years ago

You can add Campbell Cameras to that list