New Season Of ‘Shooting Gallery’ & ‘The Best Defense’ TV Starts Tonight

The new season of Shooting Gallery and The Best Defense roll out tonight.

Duel in the Sun" — 3-Gunners versus Cowboys!
Duel in the Sun” — 3-Gunners versus Cowboys!
Down Range TV
Down Range TV

Howard, KS –-(  Shooting Gallery’s first show for “Lucky Season 13” (we did special Season 13 graphics for the heck of it!) is “Duel in the Sun,” where we bought together 3 top 3-Gun shooters and pitted them against 3 top Cowboy Action shooters on 3-gun, cowboy and mixed stages.

We set this one up at Piru, CA, and it was a screaming hoot to film. Kalani Laker from Team Stag, Diana Liedorff from Team FNH and Iain Harrison from…from…well, think of him as from Team Alien Nation, versus “Badlands Bud” (Steven Rupert), “Lead Dispenser” (Spencer Hoglund) and “Holy Terror” (Randi Rogers). The “Fashion Plate” award definitely goes to Kalani!

On The Best Defense, we decided to open the season with a bang — “Neighborhood Watch,” a model based on the most controversial self-defense shooting of last year. We three Mikes (Bane, Janich and Seeklander), legal advisor Marty Hayes of the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network and producer Matt Shults decided to go outside our normal format and, instead, take the viewer through this scenario one step at a time, addressing each action and its legal consequences at every point.

One of The Best Defense’s most important functions is to help viewers understand their rights and responsibilities as armed citizens as well as the legal, moral and ethical consequences of their actions. “Neighborhood Watch” was a fascinating experience for all of us, and we learned a lot during the simulations!

Here are the show times as listed on the MB blog. The blogpost also links to trailers for each show on DOWN RANGE.


Next week, on SG we visit with one of our regulars, Sara Ahrens, on her “night job,” police sergeant in charge of responding to violent crime on the night shift in a very violent city. You’ll all get to learn the concept of “felony shrug!”

On The Best Defense, another episode “ripped from the headlines,” as they say, but in this case it’s the headlines in Boulder, CO, last year…what happens if you wake up and there’s somebody standing in your bedroom? The answers aren’t as simple as you might think…

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