No Bargaining, No Negotiation & No Compromise – The Enemy is the Enemy

Paul Markel © 2013

Second Amendment, No Compromise, No Retreat
Second Amendment, No Compromise, No Retreat
Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun

LUVERNE, AL –-(  Although I find it a bit befuddling, as I pen this piece on January 21st, 2013, there are still people in the outdoor and shooting sports community who are attempting to remain apolitical.

They shy away from definitive terms like liberal or conservative.

These folks still believe that, if you only try hard enough, you can win a logical argument with people whose decisions are driven by emotion.

I’ve been scolded and advised not to “provoke” the anti-gun crowd, those who wish to disarm lawful American citizens. We need to be reasonable and willing to compromise I’ve been told. I will admit that I understand the origins of what I call the “reasonableness disease”; it stems from Mirror Thinking.

Humans at their base level all believe that everyone else in the world thinks and behaves as they do. If they consider themselves a reasonable, rational person then they expect all other people to act the same. While this type of thinking is childish and naïve, it is nonetheless very prevalent, particularly among those who would rather not deal with problems head on but sidestep them.

Let me set the record straight, as least as far as I am concerned. If you are a person who is actively lobbying a government agency, be it Local, State, or Federal to restrict the ownership of firearms by lawful citizens of the United States you are endangering myself as an individual, my family, my community, and by extension my country. In 2013 the tool most readily used to protect the individual from violence, oppression and tyranny is the firearm. Hundreds of years ago governments worldwide outlawed the possession of swords by the peasant to ensure they paid their taxes and obeyed whichever ruler sat in power.

The issue is the same; disarm the peasants so they can be ruled.

When you actively seek to disarm me you are deliberately attempting to subjugate me and put my family in mortal jeopardy. That fact makes you my enemy. The Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States did not create the rights of man; it simply enumerated and affirmed them. When you seek to nullify or circumvent the Constitution of the United States as well as the Constitutions of each individual State, you are my enemy.

Pretending that your enemy does not exist does make it so. Ignoring your enemy only gives them the time and opportunity to strengthen their position and deliver their final blow. Attempting to argue logic with a man ruled by emotion is no more productive than attempting to teach Latin to a hog. It wastes your time and annoys the hog.

I’m reminded of on apt analogy of compromise. A burglar breaks into a home and demands that the homeowner give him all of his money. The homeowner stubbornly refuses. The burglar then demands ninety percent of the owner’s money. The homeowner again will not comply. Now the burglar demands half of the owner’s money. Again he refuses to hand over a penny. “You just won’t compromise on anything will you?” the frustrated burglar says accusingly.

How do you bargain with someone who wishes to endanger your family? How do you compromise with a person who seeks to subjugate you and to nullify your God-given right to protect your life? In what manner should you negotiate with a group of people who seek to circumvent and make irrelevant the foundational document that has made the United States of America the greatest and most prosperous nation ever to grace this world?

Student of the Gun ~ Watch the Show
Student of the Gun ~ Watch the Show

The answer is; you don’t. No bargaining, no negotiation, and no compromise. The enemy is the enemy and the sooner you accept that fact the better equipped you will be to defeat them.

Paul Markel © 2013

About the Author
Paul Markel has been a firearms industry writer for twenty years and is the author of the new book “Student of the Gun; A beginner once, a student for life.” Paul hosts and produces “Student of the Gun” a show dedicated to education, experience, and enjoyment of firearms. Episodes of SOTG can be viewed by simply going to and clicking the “play” icon.

Paul Markel c 2012

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Edward M. Mello Jr.

I am a Catholic and a Veteran, and a lawful gun owner. You need to understand you have your leaders, and your followers. Most of your people are followers. They want you and I to pay the price for what freedoms they want to have. They do not want the people they are fighting to know they are against them. So they come out on top of the heap at your expense and mine. They are afraid of their shadows. They would rather be apressed than really free. If you die for what you truely believe in that is true… Read more »


These people are not Dems or Libs they are progressives! I've tried to show them facts and real statistics and without even looking at them they say I am wrong. When I try sticking up for legal gun owners these people not only will not see the truth they won't see it! They have blinders on believing in an ideology (instead of the Constitution)they are traders because of PC. They cannot see if we lose our 2nd Amendment we lose the rest of the amendments which = loss of freedom all together. You can't tell them!

VT Patriot

Fantastic article. Goes right to the point. Living in a 'super-lib' state with the best firearms laws in the country, (and the lowest crime rate – figger that one out), I still run into goody 2shoes libs that would like to remove my right to defend myself, hunt, and enjoy target shooting. Most of them are 'imports' from NY, Boston, etc and just prefer to enjoy their little 10 acres of heaven, and so have no idea of 'gun rights'. In the last year or so, I've stood up and basically told them where to put their anti protection idiotic… Read more »


It wold be interesting to get this up on Huffington Post (an impossibility I realize) and see what comments the enemy puts up. I think it is time (past time) to get our individual states to organize the militia. The state legislators need to declare every resident of the state a member of the militia and set up training for them. The individual militiaman is responsible for providing his own weapon and ammunition and the state government can promote ammunition production for sale to the militia. The states' National Guard units can be the armory for all the heavy weaponry.… Read more »

Woody W Woodward

My sentiments exactly. Anyone who seeks to disarm me is not only not my friend, he is most assuredly my enemy.


John Gnauck

Good article.

I believe that letters to congressmen/women need to be simple. No compromise or I will help you find another job.

Paul C

Very well written article. I'll be sharing, especially the logo. This is the time for groups who've historically not aligned, to get together and fight a common enemy.


Anyone wanting to make you unarmed and helpless wants to eventually oppress and finally kill you. Learn from history.

Craig Kavanagh

Best article I've read in a long time.

Gregg Bazzani

If your a gun owner & remain on the sidelines @ this point in time you're no better than an anti-rights politician. I'd suggest you go to,,,, & to learn the facts about crime & gun control. Learn the facts & contact your elected officials as often as possible & remind them they work for us & to leave us good guys alone & hold the criminal perpetrators accountable for their unlawful acts. Also tell them to oppose any & all new gun restrictions from here on out. Yes! They should oppose so-called "uniform background… Read more »

Bill Baker

And just like those who won't help when they see someone being raped, robbed or stabbed, you are as guilty as the gun grabbers if you do nothing.