Reed Exhibitions’ Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show Prohibits AR15 Style Rifles

NSSF Statement on Reed Exhibitions.

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Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn –-( The National Shooting Sports Foundation strongly disagrees with the decision of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show's management to disallow the display and sale of Modern Sporting Rifles (AR15) at its 2013 exhibition.

In our discussions with Reed Exhibitions, we have made this very clear.

While assuring us that all legally available firearms will be welcome at future Eastern Sports and Outdoor Shows, it was explained that this unfortunate decision was made in response to the planned actions of a single retailer that would have drawn significant unwelcomed media coverage at a time when firearms ownership is being assailed in the media. It is important to note that this year's show will continue to feature a wide variety of firearms.

However, it would be unfair to penalize the 1,200 exhibitors or the some 200,000 sportsmen and women who will attend the show by discouraging participation at a time when the hunting and shooting sports community needs to be united in the face of political challenges.

We urge industry exhibitors and attendees to participate in the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show as planned and encourage attendees to visit the Reed Exhibitions booth at the show to share their concerns and to then enjoy the show.

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    1. I've been an occasional reader, but until now have never been moved to comment. I am disgusted and offended that anyone who claims to support my god-given right to own the necessary tools to defend my life and freedom would be so spineless as to surrender in the face of the cry of "think of the vendors!" That's little to no different than "think of the children", which has been used again and again by those who hate us and want to subjugate us.

      Remember, the ONLY reason that someone has for wanting to keep you from having access to your necessary defense tools is so that they can do something to you that they could not do if you have them. All arguments to the contrary are lies, plain and simple, and pretending that those lies have any validity is nothing more than craven surrender to the thugs and pirates of the world.

    2. I will not support any organization that gives in to tyranny against our rights. You may feel that this is a small thing to give in to. But, anything starts with a small thing taken away. It would only open the door to more take-aways. We will not give an inch. I am gonna give you bad publicity every where I can. Shame on you.

    3. The pullout and boycott by all these companies is tremendous. And, if the show backs off of their position these companies should still STAY OUT to prove a point that the show's attempted stupidity is almost as bad as stupidity completed had they not pulled out.

      If shooters of all types and in all sports as well as all of the companies and the industry do not hang together–we will all hang separately.

      Good for the boycott keep it in place!

    4. Peronsally I think if you DO show up to this event, you're telling the world it's OK to take away my rights. It disgusts me ammoland is encouraging participation…they just want to make money and obviously don't care about the true sentiments and reasoning behind a boycott. I will NEVER shop ammoland again!

    5. I am very disappointed in NSSF's lack of support for this cause. Unless we all hang together, across all our various interests, hunters, archers, black rifle fans, shotgunners, home defense advocates, we will surely hang separately. Let us never be in this situation.

      I said nothing when they came for the machine guns. I said nothing when they came for the "assault rifles." I said nothing when they came for the larger magazines. When they came for my gun, no one was left to say anything.

    6. I and my family will NOT attend the ESOS to show support of 2nd Amendment rights. It is more than disappointing to see that NSSF is caving to the mainstream media push, bowing to money vs. integrity and also kowtowing to a British Company forcing its views on our sporting community.

    7. Just don't attend the show and contact Reed Exhibitions with an email stating why you won't attend their show. Their "really big shew" with a small number of exhibitors would be made better by a tiny turnout of visitors. Hit them where it hurts, the wallet.

    8. My letter to NSSF for their support of ESOS. Your welcome to use all or part of it in your own name to support the boycott.

      To the National Shooting Sports Foundation,

      You stated "firearm ownership is being assailed in the media."

      That is precisely what makes this decision by British owned Reed Exhibitions dangerous to every lawful firearm owner in the United States of America.

      Any foolish ban of automatic/semi-automatic firearms and or high cap. mags. by any business is a condoning or legitimization of the tyrant's propagandist behavior which seeks to create an illusion that the semi-automatic weapons and their oft related high capacity magazines lawfully owned by American citizens are in fact assault weapons.

      If we frequent that business, we in turn are condoning or legitimizing the same propaganda of the tyrant government. We therefore must boycott all those who deem to legitimize the gun-grab gun ban propaganda of this government and support those who recognize the importance of not condoning or legitimizing such propaganda.

      You stated that: "It is important to note that this year’s show will continue to feature a wide variety of firearms."

      Well that is just swell, but we law abiding, 2nd Amendment protected citizens do not plan a multi-day excursion to see a "wide variety of firearms." We plan it to see nearly EVERY variety of firearms under the sun that is lawful for us to own.

      As for your disrespectful claim of "it would be unfair to penalize the 1200 exhibitors."

      There have been over 1.3 million lives sacrificed in the name of freedom for this country; that does not even include the sacrifices of limb and family.

      With that being said, any financial loss set upon the vendors by either withdrawal or by lack of attendees, on behalf of the Constitution, will be little to no sacrifice(penalty) compared to those who have fought to give us our freedoms and those who have fought so we could keep our freedoms. Unfair is the ignorance and disrespect of their sacrifices.

      The cause of promoting, protecting, and preserving the 2nd Amendment IN FULL is much bigger than the temporary finances of 1200 vendors. They can always recoup their finances; the 2nd Amendment, when gone, is gone for good. It therefore requires 100% support and banning legal firearms from the show is not 100% support nor should it be tolerated.

      So, with our veterans sacrifices in mind, I must say I am quite disgusted and disappointed with your request that we aid and abet in the legitimization of the propagandist illusions being generated by the media, the politicians, and every other gun-grabbing gun banning group throughout these United States.

      If you want to unite I suggest you unite with those of us who believe the 2nd Amendment should not be infringed upon by government or by businesses, such as Reed Exhibitions.

      PS. Very cowardly of you to disallow comments on your blog.

      With great disgust and disappointment,

      Tom Maerling


    9. I will be paying close attention to who attends and who does not. And I will support those businesses that support our second amendment. I don't have or care to have an AR but I support them. What's next, my compound bows or my carbon arrows?

    10. BOYCOTT!!!

      Ammoland is correct that we need to stand together but is wrong on what to stand together on.

      AMMOland and the NSSF need to grow a pair and join the boycott

      Dont underestimate the power of the purse and long term memory of us consumers when we are going to make our next purchase or renew memberships

    11. Murderous trash and hunting have nothing to do with each other. We should NOT pretend that they do.

      There is a war being waged against legitimate sporting firearms and the 2nd-A. It is time to pick a side and take a stand. Where NSSF wont, other are. Godbless those who do.

    12. This is not a time for half measures and fair weather friends. Boycott any show, vendor, or manufacturer who does not FULLY support your rights.

      I understand the point of the request made in the article, but the other vendors have to show their support for us now, as we have supported them for years. The people who might visit the show also should show their support for the rights of others, even if they don't choose to exercise certain rights themselves.

      We MUST stand together because "they" aim to disarm us all.

    13. NSSF supports the gun manufacturers. Even if they don't like Reed's decision, the NSSF still want people to go the ESOS and buy something else. Additionally, he NSSF has a business relationship with Reed for the SHOT Show. The NSSF should have disclosed that in their press release.

    14. Reed Exhibitions supports the part of the second amendment that's all about hunting…… no wait the second amendment has nothing to do with hunting it has to do with individuals right to keep and bare arms to defend the republic from tyranny. you will not find me there.

    15. Team White of Skulls an Scales will not be attending. Any banning of weapons is against our rights as free citizens and must not be tolerated.Everyone should boycott to show support of the Bill of Rights.

    16. Divided we fall. Dont go too the show email the reed exibition administration and tell them your not attending because they are not supporting gun owners. Reed is banning black rifles before Obama…. what a bunch of azzhats

    17. 2 million bullets has agreed to not attend the Eastern Sports Show under the current circumstances. Our mission to prioritize youth will continue with the support of those who are standing firm in this issue.

      A charity can never afford to loose funding and we are hoping that those who do not attend will consider helping us out of the red by donating your attendance, food or travel fees at

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