San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation

San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation
San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation
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Washington DC – -( San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne is fully supportive of the Obama/Feinstein gun grab, and says if lawmakers play it right Americans can be completely disarmed within “a generation.”

Lansdowne has gone on record saying: “I could not be more supportive of the president for taking the position he has. I think it's courageous with the politics involved in this process. [And] I think it's going to eventually make the country safer.”

He made it clear that it may take “a generation,” but new laws could eventually take all guns off the streets.

This is quite a departure from other law enforcement personnel we've seen around the country –particularly Sheriffs– who've come out firmly against any infringement on the 2nd Amendment. We've cheered those officials for standing with the people, and now Lansdowne has taken a position completely opposite them.

Moreover, Lansdowne has also been slamming the NRA in interviews. And he seems overtly thrilled at the money the NRA is being forced to spend to get their message out in the wake of the crime at Sandy Hook Elementary. “We broke the NRA,” says Lansdowne.

AWR Hawkins & Breitbart News contacted Lansdowne's office about these statements but received no comment.

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  • 22 thoughts on “San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation

    1. Here is another “Communist-Bastard” running a “Big-Time” office in a major city in America. Where do these kinds of people come from anyhow. If this is what the people want, then why don’t they all move to where this kind of gov. runs rampant. Lets see how long they all stay there. Its called “THE BIG C-CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE!! They need to leave this great country “NOW”!!

    2. Obviously someone relieved him of his testicular fortitude long ago and now thinks that capitulation to the wannabe dicktator in DC is his ticket to utopia.
      Think again schmuck.
      Molon Labe!

    3. If you wish to see gun control in action go south to Mexico. It is against the law to own a gun in Mexico. Juarez, MX is within ten miles of my home. They have killed 30,000 plus people there in the last few years and the slaughter continues.

    4. Seriously!! How did you get elected! Stupid people electing one dumb S.O.B.!!!!! Drugs are illegal……hows that working out for ya? Your old why dont you die already!!!!!!! I think you were born in the wrong country.

    5. This San Diego Nazi won’t see the day citizens are disarmed. He is so outnumbered it makes Custer’s debacle pale in comparison.

    6. GREAT! If he can do that in a generation then let him prove it by getting all illegal drugs off the street is one generation. Then we can talk about getting all prostitutes off the streets in another generation. Finally, he can get all violent people off the streets in one genertaion. If he accomplishes these goals we shouldn’t need to do much about guns.

    7. As a LEO in San Diego I assure you his un-American attitude and beleifs do not reflect the feelinges of the majority of the officers in the area. It sickend me…

    8. If you live in San Diego demand this guy kicked out of his position pronto for he is in strick violation of his oath to office.

    9. See response by Texians at Gonzales to a request by Lieutentant Castaneda of the Mexican Army to return an artillery piece on October 2, 1835. Response adopted as mine…

    10. Any government official that goes against the U.S. Constitution must be arrested speedily, tried for treason and then thrown in jail, and/or sent to the frontlines, or to a Muslim country (a parachute drop via a drone), Australia, or the U.K. Americans must export this type of garbage/rubbish into the appropriate unrecyclable container.

    11. Apparently in San Diego you don’t swear an oath to uphold the Constitution as I did when I accepted my first police commission 22 years ago. Shame. I know San Diego cops and this guys is an embarrassment.

    12. San Diego has just elected Commie Bob Filner for Mayor so it’s no surprise the Police Chief has his DNA all over Bob’s Marx-ass..!

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