Serbu Firearms Announces World’s Best .50 BMG Semi-Auto Rifle

BFG-50A is Lighter, Better Built, More Accurate and Costs Thousands Less Than Competitor’s Offerings.

Serbu Firearms BFG -50A .50 BMG Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
Serbu Firearms BFG -50A .50 BMG Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
Serbu Firearms
Serbu Firearms

Tampa, FL –-( Serbu Firearms, Inc., manufacturer of state-of-the-art specialty firearms, announced today its new .50 BMG semi-automatic sniper rifle.

In development for more than seven years, the BFG -50A is a marvel of design and engineering.

Its gas operation means it is utterly reliable and the fixed barrel means you don’t have to make excuses for the poor accuracy associated with recoil-operated guns incorporating moving barrels that never return to the same place twice.

At 23 pounds it is by far the lightest semi-auto .50 BMG rifle ever put into production and with a list price of $6,700 it costs thousands less than competitor’s offerings. Law enforcement agencies and military personnel are thoroughly impressed with every aspect of this rifle. Serbu Firearms will be showcasing its BFG-50A at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas January 15th-18th in booth # 20645.

“The accuracy, ease of shooting and reliability of the BFG-50A far surpasses any other semi-auto .50 BMG rifle on the market,” said Captain Satterfield, head of Georgia's Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office sniper team. “My fellow snipers and I are sincerely appreciative of the support and expertise provided by Serbu Firearms throughout our testing and purchasing process.”

The BFG-50A has achieved .5 MOA accuracy at 400 yards, a feat impossible with any other semi-automatic .50 BMG rifle. Its nitrided alloy steel barrel features the exclusive Serbu Accuracy Chamber, which allows shooters to fire standard surplus as well as match ammunition and fire either more accurately than guns equipped with machine gun chambers. Field stripping takes seconds and is accomplished with nothing more than a bullet point. However, stripping is not required for transporting in its case; the 51.5” overall length means it comes out of the case fully assembled and ready to go. The hand guard and barrel/barrel extension are easily replaced, making configuration or caliber changes easy and the incredibly effective Shark Brake muzzle brake coupled with a thick butt pad and hydraulic buffer make the BFG-50A the lightest recoiling .50 BMG rifle available.

“The BFG-50A is the lightest, best built, most reliable and accurate .50 BMG caliber semi-auto sniper rifle ever put into production -period,” said Mark Serbu, designer of the rifle and president of Serbu Firearms. “Law enforcement, government agencies and militaries can rest assured this rifle will surpass all expectations and mission requirements.”

Serbu Firearms BFG -50A .50 BMG Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
Serbu Firearms BFG -50A .50 BMG Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
Serbu Firearms BFG -50A .50 BMG Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
Serbu Firearms BFG -50A .50 BMG Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle

About Serbu Firearms
Serbu Firearms is a small, very capable firearm design/manufacturing company. Founded in 1996 by mechanical engineer Mark Serbu, the company has carved out a niche producing .50 BMG rifles and short-barreled shotguns. Our main products are the BFG-50A semi-automatic and BFG-50 single-shot .50 BMG rifles and the SUPER-SHORTY 12-gauge shotgun. Visit:

  • 12 thoughts on “Serbu Firearms Announces World’s Best .50 BMG Semi-Auto Rifle

    1. awesome!now all i need is $6,700.00 plus 7% sales tax!these guys are just about three miles away from where i do i get my hands on that kind of extra money?thinking!

    2. Sounds great! But try to order one. What good is promoting a product that can’t be purchased?

      I have one on order and every time I call I get “two more weeks”. Then I call in 2 weeks and I get “two more weeks”… and the cycle repeats itself.

      It is very frustrating. Mark may have the best 50 cal out there but Serbu Firearms has some SERIOUS production hurdles to get over before this is firearm is really a viable offering that can compete with Barrett. Barrett may not be as accurate but I rather have a rifle that shoots pretty close to center than a rifle that shoots in the center that I can only have a picture of.

      As it is now, the B50A is nothing more than a novelty occasionally seen in the market and that will not change until Mark gets his production issues sorted out and starts delivering these in earnest. Unhappy customers does not bode well for reputation management.

    3. I bought one and I LOVE IT! Recoil is less than my BFG-50 bolt-action gun, but more than my AR-50. It’s accurate, well made, a sraight-forward design, and simple to COMPLETELY dissasemble.


      It’s a hoot to shoot!!!

    4. Reliable??? Not unless there has been some improvement since I purchased mine in 2011. I’ve never run through a full 10 round mag without 2 or 3 jams even after over 100 round of break in. Great paperweight!

    5. James on April 15, 2014 at 1:28 PM said:
      Why do you want a sniper rifle? Typical americans, gun nutters.

      How about, shooting competitions, hunting(some, legally to hunt, animals are quite large and you need to have distance from them or they scent you out and run), target practice and the most important one being because it’s legal. Typical gun grabber, nut!

    6. If you want the best 50ca. semiauto in the world, there is only one; the GM6 lynx by Sero. .5 MOA at 1000 meter.
      It is not cheap. If you want nice fresh oats, you have to pay a fare price, but if you are happy with oats, that went true the horse already, it comes at a cheaper price.

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