Taurus Judge Public Defender Revolver a Carjackers Worst Nightmare

By AWR Hawkins

Taurus Judge Public Defender Pistol
Taurus Judge Public Defender Pistol
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- Keeping a gun close at all times includes keeping one with you when you are in your car. For many people this simply means they put their concealed carry gun in the console or under the seat whenever they get into their vehicle.

However, for others who regularly drive three or four hours at time or who drive a lot in the worst areas of big cities, the question is: What gun can I keep in my car for self defense?

In my mind, one gun stands out above the rest for this application–the Taurus Judge Public Defender.

The Public Defender is a five shot revolver that holds either .45 long colt or .410 shotgun shells, or a combination of the two.

When Taurus debuted the Judge revolver family a few years back, they did something nobody saw coming–they turned the handgun world upside down. The Public Defender is a bit meatier than a .357 magnum with a similar length barrel, but its recoil is more comparable to a .38 Special and its self-defense advantages are similar to that of a small gauge shotgun.

The Judge family in general, and the Public Defender in specific, became so popular that Federal Ammunition starting loading .410 self-defense rounds specifically for handgun applications. These rounds contain nine big pellets in each shell. In a self-defense situation where a carjacker is holding his own gun and trying to pull your car door open, a Public Defender loaded with this ammo turns the tables quickly.

That number of big pellets blowing out the end of the barrel allows you to get a kill shot or at least stop the aggression, even under duress.

The whole line of Taurus Judge revolvers is excellent, and they come in many variations–ranging from one with a polymer frame to a larger Judge with a six-inch barrel.

However, the Public Defender is my favorite for the very reason Taurus provides on their website: “The ‘Public Defender' delivers…devastating firepower in a…scaled down size that can travel with you.”

No matter how well a gun is designed or how flawlessly it operates, it's no good to you unless it's easy to keep close at hand. The Public Defender is easy to keep close at hand.

AWR Hawkins writes for all the BIG sites, for Pajamas Media, for RedCounty.com, for Townhall.com and now AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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  • 11 thoughts on “Taurus Judge Public Defender Revolver a Carjackers Worst Nightmare

    1. My Public Defender is a fantastic self defence weapon. My load is two .410 rounds and three .45 colt cartridges with 30 grains of Pyrodex RS and a 300 grain jacketed hollow point. The recoil will leave your hand tingling but it will stop any human or animal threat you might encounter.

    2. I’ve read or watched 100’s of reviews on the Taurus Judge revolvers…Tried to connect with the lovers and haters…I bought a Judge 3″ Mag 3″ Barrel…The gun does everything it was intended to do…I bought this gun for situations 21 feet or less…Birdshot, buckshot, PDX in .410 and PDX and Magtech Cowboy Loads in .45 LC, were shot…All performed exactly like they should for their respected shot or grain…Don’t Judge the Judge till you give it a fair Trail…

    3. I have owned my Public Defender Ultra-lite for three years and have shot many rounds though this pistol. My opinion of this Taurus it makes a good night stand gun not a good carry one its a little thick for my taste. Be sure to test the rounds you plan on using I’m able to shoot close groups at 30 feet using 45 long colt (cowboy rounds). Winchester PDX1 rounds work well for close range. I have mixed feelings with Federal 410 handgun rounds the first box I bought with gun worked well and the second one jammed the cylinder. The brass end ballooned out when fired. This same thing happened with cheep Federal bird shot. This is a great pistol but like all guns be sure to test the rounds you plan to depend on when split seconds count the most.

    4. i have a public defender poly, and it shoots great with .410bore 000buck and 410 1/5oz dear loads, haven’t had the chance to shoot any .45 long out of it yet, but i hear the dear slugs (hollow point slugs) act about the same as the long colt does, I’ve been carrying this now for about two years, before this i carried a Springfield 1911, the Taurus is a little easier for concealed carry than a full sized .45 auto, i had a .357 that was a Taurus and i fired everything from .38 spl target loads to full house .357 +P magnums out of it, for a small edc gun, and for personal defense during travel I’d recommend the judge

    5. Love my Taurus Judge, make sure you don’t use +p ammo and you will be fine. Mine still packs a whallup with each shot with either 410 or 45 LC. If you plan on putting bear loads in it, plan on wrecking your gun. Go buy a Ruger Blackhawk if you plan on shooting hot loads

    6. do research before committing to buy one.
      they are not so great when they explode in your hands.
      will not be keeping my other taurus’s.
      stick with Ruger or S&W.

      1. Let me know what all Taurus’s you plan to get rid of. I might be interested in buying them.

        Robby Wolf
        Edmond OK
        cell 405-664-2016

      2. I have had my judge for years and it’s been my every day carry from the day I got it. I have put hundreds of rounds through it and have never had a problem. So yes do your research and buy a judge, it will be money well spent!

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