The Dirty Dozen Haters of Hunting, Trapping & Fishing

Army of Liars
The Dirty Dozen Haters of Hunting, Trapping & Fishing
Union Sportsmen's Alliance
Union Sportsmen's Alliance

Columbus, OH –-( There are groups that undermine and manipulate systems across America to end hunting, trapping and fishing.

These same “less-than-honest” groups also often then exploit wildlife and conservation issues in the name of raising dollars for their devious causes.

Here are a dozen organizations that have taken efforts in the past year to prevent you from hunting or trapping:

  • 1. Humane Society of the United States (HSUS): After losing an effort to have the chairman of California's Game Commission removed because he went legally hunting for mountain lions in another state, HSUS then pushed legislation to end the hunting of bears and bobcats with hounds in California. HSUS has also threatened to sue to stop wolf hunting in the Western Great Lakes region. Shame on them.
  • 2. Center for Biological Diversity: This group has repeatedly sued the federal government to end the use of traditional hunting ammunition through attempts to ban lead. This ban would also apply to fishing tackle and would affect all sportsmen and women. The group's information is based on flawed details about lead and bullets. The CBD is also working-and suing-to stop Western Great Lakes region wolf hunting seasons.
  • 3. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): This radical animal rights group issued a request for its minions across America to break established hunter harassment laws. PETA urged followers to interfere with hunts by protesting, spreading human hair, and other unlawful acts.
  • 4. Defenders of Wildlife: This group has been working to end wolf management in Wyoming and misguiding the public on the truth about overpopulated Yellowstone wolves. Defenders of Wildlife has filed a number of anti-hunting lawsuits and often seeks to recoup its legal costs for the suits from taxpayers.
  • 5. Sierra Club: This group's board of directors worked for-and implemented-a policy officially opposing all trapping. The Sierra Club also tried to end a decades old elk hunt on public land in Wyoming.
  • 6. The Fund for Animals: They have threatened to sue to halt established Western Great Lakes region wolf hunts after hunters and state game management supporters were successful in removing the long recovered wolves from the Endangered Species List. The have also filed a suit that would stop wolf management in Wyoming.
  • 7. Howling for Wolves: A Minnesota-based group suing to stop wolf hunting in that state. The group claims that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources didn't properly adopt the hunting season even though it went through the same process as other hunting seasons.
  • 8. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Supports laws to prevent keeping dogs in outside kennels (a standard practice across America). They have also filed a brief supporting the lawsuit aimed at shutting down wolf hunting with dogs in Wisconsin.
  • 9. Western Environmental Law Center: A ring leader in a group of eight anti-organizations that want to ban wolverine trapping in Montana until the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) determines if the wolverine will be placed on the federal threatened and endangered species lists. This is just another “backdoor” ploy to end all trapping.
  • 10. In Defense of Animals: This anti-hunting group sued to stop bear hunting in Virginia, has called for a boycott of Alaska over its highly successful and sustainable wolf management program, strongly opposes wolf management in the Northern Rocky Mountains, and is pushing for a federal ban on animal testing for medical research.
  • 11. Friends of Animals: This Connecticut-based group believes “hunting in all forms is unethical, socially unjustifiable and ecologically disruptive.” The group worked against bear hunting in New Jersey, deer hunting in Connecticut, and against many science-based conservation programs. This group claims “hunting is an important cause of many deer/auto collisions… by inciting the deer to be incautious.”
  • 12. WildEarth Guardians: They earn a place on this shame list for working to ban trapping on public land in New Mexico. This group has also sued the federal Wildlife Services department over their wolf management program and has called on Congress to end funding for this important federal wildlife management entity.

Please spread the word on these anti groups. Your next hunting, fishing or trapping trip depends on it.

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  • 15 thoughts on “The Dirty Dozen Haters of Hunting, Trapping & Fishing

    1. In Minnesota, we have a wolf problem. The problem is wolves eat young livestock. Calves, lambs and poultry of any age. If they dined on just the sick or adult wild animals it might be different. House pets are also on the menu, you must live in the city. Before it was a city, wolves, coyotes and foxes lived there. How about tearing down your city and giving it back to all the happy woodland creatures? I thought not. Do you kill rats, or mice in your house? Amazing how thats okay but not allowing it to happen here because you have some preconceived notion that Disney is reality is sad.

    2. Hey big manly hunter types, I can understand why you like to hunt for food, even though I wouldn't myself, but for trophy hunting? And trapping with the suffering it cuases? What's the matter with you that you need to kilt to feel like a men. Wht's the mather with you that you need to kilt wildlife to appreciate it. What's the mather that you can't let animols alone to live like animols on our public lands, that you behave whorse than an animol, less than human, in your pursuit of the senseless slaughter of life. What's the mather with yous?

    3. I am also against hunting and trapping of these animals. These animals are part of nature. It is their habitat and they shouldn't be disturbed because they are just living their lives there. They only attack and cause trouble when they are being threatened. So we must avoid it.

    4. #8. The ASSPCA, My hunting buddy, Ron has a black lab, she stays outside all year except for below zero weather. If he brings her inside in 32 degree weather she whines at the back door to go back out. So what does he do?

      She is perfectly happy outside, and swims like fish in freezing rivers to retrieve ducks. Gotta love dogs!

    5. You cherry-pick your information.The WHOLE TRUTH about the groups you list as “the dirty 12” are:

      1. HSUS-Eliminate hound-hunting (YES). How sporting is it to chase down a bear or cat with a pack of dogs and then shoot it out of a tree or in corner when it is too exhausted to move? That is cowardice of the first order-the residents of CA voted to ban that, as they should. The basis for their lawsuit in the Great Lakes is because the majority of Minnesotans (and the tribes) ARE AGAINST the wolf hunt, and in WI it was because the extreme conservative DNR wanted to institute hound-hunting.STUPID-do your own work if you are a true sportsman.
      2. CBD-suing to stop lead because other wild animals are consuming carcasses that are laden with lead shot, and it is getting passed through the food chain. Ever hear of lead poisoning in your child? Well animals get it too-then we eat them and it is passed on to us. This is the 21st century-there are plenty of synthetic materials that can be used to replace lead. As far as the wolves in the Rocky Mtns., I live in MT and trust me-when we can’t even make a moderate decision to try and protect the public investment in the Yellowstone Park wolves without being sued by a few outfitters who stand on the border of the park and shoot them as they step over, management DOES NEED to go back to the feds. It’s obvious the states can’t do it!
      3.As far as PETA, I don’t endorse many of their extreme measures-but don’t whine about them breaking the ethics of the hunter when everyday trappers and many hunters post their exploits of taking an animal (usually a predator) in very cruel and ‘unethical’ ways-stomping on them, leaving them to languish in traps, laughing because the first shot doesn’t kill them outright-you are no better!
      4. Defenders at least is working with ranchers in ID and MT to try and implement non-lethal means of co-existing with wolves-those are the ranchers whose products we will purchase-and who we make our tax-deductible donations to is our business-it’s no different than MTA or RMEF lobbying for money and then making donations to Fish Wildlife and Parks to ‘shape’ policy. Give me a break.
      5.Sierra Club-yes, all trapping needs to end. And it soon will.
      6. Fund For Animals (and all the other groups who signed on to the WY lawsuits)-yes. Wyoming only has a little over 330 wolves anyway-it is irresponsible to designate 85% of the state as a predator zone where wolves can be ‘killed on sight by any means’ – someone needs to stop this.
      7. Howling For Wolves has tremendous support from the majority of people in their state. Minnesotans clearly spoke (including the tribes) AGAINST the wolf hunt. The DNR is on record as saying the only reason they had a wolf hunt was for ‘social reasons’ (because the other states with wolves were having one)-how responsible is that? They have lived with their wolves for decades. The good people of Minnesota (including a large number of HUNTERS) did not want the wolf hunt.
      8. ASPCA-how ethical or sporting is it to allow a pack of dogs to pack up/attack another animal that is restrained by a trap? This kind of thing belongs in the dark ages! There are ethical ways to take an animal, and this is about as far from it as it comes. And as far as leaving dogs outside in kennels, the whole truth about their campaign (which you choose to omit) is they are pushing for harsher laws against animal cruelty-along with lots and lots of private citizens, and many other organizations. If you have ever helped with an animal rescue, you would realize that many animals are left in extreme conditions, with no food, no water, and no shelter-how can you criticize someone for wanting to change that and give animals a better life?
      9. WELC-my state of MT is the ONLY state that still allows trapping of Wolverine-it has been targeted as an animal that warrants protection. Somebody needed to do something to bring some sanity to the argument. Nutjobs that think it’s OK to kill off the last of a species just because it feeds your ego to bag the tough wolverine are the reason why citizens and conservation groups needed to file suit. What you fail to mention is that we first PETITIONED FWP to stop the trapping for this year-the lawsuit was the last resort-we didn’t want to spend the money-be truthful about the information you share.
      10. In Defense of Animals-there are many groups and individuals pushing for the feds to ban animal testing. Many many companies no longer allow their products to be tested on animals, and many merchants are making the choice to not carry items tested on animals. There are many more reliable ways available to test products that do not promote cruelty to animals-why would you be against this? As far as Alaska and their wolf management program, apparently you are not aware that they are re-evaluating their decision to impose an 8-yr. moratorium on the buffer zones around Denali NP. The wolf population has been decimated by a small handful of MOSTLY trappers, tourists who bring dollars to the surrounding communities have fallen, and the chances of seeing a wolf in the park have fallen from 45% to 12%. The citizens and many businesses of AK have heavily petitioned for 2 years, and now they are being listened to. Not a successful management plan after all, it seems.
      11. Friends of Animals-I and my family have always hunted for food-many people still must. The problem is people who trophy hunt. What sense does this make? It is stupid to take the biggest animal just because it makes you feel superior-this leaves behind the weaker of the species which has long-term effects. But then science really has no place when it comes to what you choose to post-I forgot.
      12. WildEarth Guardians is trying to get rid of trapping in an area of NM that is designated as red-wolf recovery. The Mexican Red Wolf is almost extinct in the wild, and yet trapping of other species is allowed in the small area of NM in which they are struggling to survive. They are NOT trying to ban all trapping-STOP LYING! Wildlife Services is being targeted by many folks, including congressman (REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS ALIKE) because they are the most unethical of all-why don’t you also tell of the 2+ Wildlife Services employees that were/are under federal investigation because they practiced animal cruelty on the taxpayers dime? Remember Jamie Olson in WY? He let his dogs loose on live animals caught in traps many times, letting them slowly tear the animal apart while he took pictures-then posted the pictures to his Facebook page. He is under investigation, and we will not rest until he loses his job. Wildlife Services kills many more animals than it ever reports, and does so with almost no oversight-they take contracts away from small businesses that cannot compete with them because they are subsidized by our taxes, and they trap and poison many, many domestic dogs and cats in the process.

      I hope you have the courage to leave my post up, but I won’t be surprised if you remove it-what you have printed about your top 12 groups is not factual-it is a lie. You contribute to the paranoia and disrespect that is rampant among all people who have a stake in how animals, wild and domestic, are treated.

    6. What a waste of taxpayers money, time, clogging of the judicial system in constantly suing to try and get your way.

      Make the effort, form a political party, get elected and make legislative changes.

      Whats that? No one voted for you? Well thats because you and your members are the only ones who want to take your course of action, not the %99 of the rest of the population. You're Un-American.

    7. Thats why this government is broke with you idiots from the EPA ,Sierra Club, Humane Society and all the rest of you idiots that want to cause this government to waste their time trying to explain to you ignorant people what has been going on for thousands of years. I bet all of you are Vegetarians as well thats why you are so ignorant no red meat. I have had a person while on a hunt that I should stop the killing of animals , I said your an animal as far as I am concerned , the guy immediately took off with all his buddies and gals as I fired numerous shots over their heads. Come out to the woods with us and tell us not to hunt and fish , stop hiding behind the courts you leftist liberal democrats.

    8. @ Sam Parks, I understand your desire to protect wildlife, and I think your photography of animals is beautiful, but I will be sending my check to Ducks Unlimited. Contrary to what people believe, hunters are among the strongest of advocates and supporters of wildlife. I've been hunting since my teens and I have the greatest respect for animals. I grew up on a farm and we had a veritable Zoo on our farm. Some of the animals in that 'Zoo' were our pets. But the majority were for food. As we said then, pets were never food and food were never pets. Everything I hunt I eat and everything I fish, I eat. Years ago, I thought of developing a rifle for folks like you. People who would thrill at the "hunt" but didn't want to kill what they hunted. My idea was to interface a laser, and a camera in a long rifle. You would pull the trigger and the laser would register to a chip that could later be downloaded to a computer to tell you whether you would have killed the animal or not. I may still do it.

    9. We need to pass legislation declaring the HSUS a domestic terrorism organization and every known member put on the FBI's most wanted list for sedition and corruption .

    10. The scientifically defined decline in mule deer in the western mountain areas is being researched factually and one early issue is destruction of their enviroment and migration paths by construction of gas mining operations. The second issue is the increase of the coyote populations whose packs hunt female and young mule deer who are easy prey.

    11. @joby….. i dont see your name on any park employee roster, were you the guy in the parking lot holding up "save the wolves" sign? Joby "data" was manuafctured too meet joby's ajenda which has no factual reality. Go back to disney you eco nazi nut case.

    12. I've worked in Yellowstone for the past 2 summers, and the wolves in the region are not over-populated. In fact, at the start of Wyoming's wolf hunt, there were only approximately 320 wolves in the entire state. Wyoming's plan was so bad it was rejected several times by the USFWS. Then Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, the ex-rancher, met with Wyoming's governor and decided to approve the plan in exchange for Dan Ashe being appointed as head of USFWS. It was all political, as are all the so-called wolf "management" plans in the Northern Rockies.

      Data consistently shows that wolves are responsible for less than 1% of livestock losses, and data also shows that elk are not being decimated in the region. Thus, the hunting of wolves is all based on irrational hatred, Big Bad Wolf myths and fears, and good old boy politics. Northern Rockies states are simply incapable of "managing" wolves. Federal protection needs to be restored in order for viable wolf populations to survive.

    13. Wolf populations are less than 1,000in most states… They are natures way of keepin a healthy population of game.Any of yall ever eat a wolf?Yeah thought not, in my book "sport " is a violation of the the laws of nature you presume to defend.Preditors kill for survival only man kills for pleasure. If i were to be out to bag an elk $ ran across one of you pussieswith a wolf in ur crosshairs… it woupussiesld be my "pleasure"

    14. Thank you for reminding me why I support the Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders, WELC, and Wildearth Guardians. I am getting out my checkbook as we speak.

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