This Week in Guns – Bans & Confiscations

This Week in Guns
This Week in Guns

DeKalb, IL –-( This Week in Guns features a panel of hosts from the Firearms Radio Network headed by Jake Challand, they discuss themagazine ban in New York, possible confiscations and the realities of an assault weapon ban.

In addition to discussing the possible ban; The panel of hosts review this week’s firearms industry news and address listener feedback.  Listen to the entire episode at or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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This Week in Guns is an on demand talk show that covers the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz.
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  • 2 thoughts on “This Week in Guns – Bans & Confiscations

    1. As a citizen of the United States of America, I’m deeply trouble with the divide our country has on guns and magazines. Up until a month ago there was no real talk about the confiscation of assault rifles, as long as they were not fully automatic. The idea of a single shot each time you can pull the trigger is not a full auto firearm. It was designed to give the hunter a secound or third shot if nessecary to bring down large game. Unless youv’e been out there in the field and are being back track by a mountain lion or grizzly you really need to back off on the ban on these multiple shot magazine. I do believe that maybe the use of the term assault rifles has been thrown around to freely in our society. A real fully automatic machine gun are ownly allowed to be bought by certain licensed FFL dealers and people. Not a item normally carried by the common urban citizen. Yes the bad guy can probably get his hand on one through his gang membership,and will use it in act of violence.We all need to be more aware of the violence on tv, and in the games our children seem to see or play. Let’s as a society be honest with ourselves and step back alittle bit and remember this is a great country and people either can make it great or break it. Let’s join together to fight the problems we all face in this country, instead of wanting to be the one to get the last word in. God Bless America!

    2. New York is turning into a socialistic state.Lowering mag capacity and what type of guns you can have and you have to have a permit to own them and all this other stuff.New Yorkers fight this stuff.Get rid of Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo.They don’t care about your right to defend yourselves and others.

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