Tom Gresham of GunTalk Radio on Beating Gun Owner Disarmament

Gun Talk Radio
Gun Talk Radio

MANDEVILLE, LA –-( This is an excerpt from Tom Gresham of GunTalk Radio.

Last Sunday I announced Operation Gun Rights. The reason I did it is because I know that senators and congressmen are being swamped with the “we must DO something” mantra of CNN, the New York Times, and other “news” sources. We must replace that message with an even stronger one.

So, here’s the call to action. This is what each of us must do right now. Take the pledge. It’s very simple.

I’m asking you to commit to contacting your two senators and your one representative in the house once a week for eight to 12 weeks. (If your reps are strongly anti-gun, I’ll have advice for you in a minute on the linked recording.) Simple. Easy. Quick. Once a week. Three contacts. For eight to 12 weeks.

The message is simple. read more:

  1. We won’t stand for scapegoating.
  2. No new gun laws.
  3. Remove the phony “gun free” zones which enable killers to go unchecked.
  4. Work with us or we will work to retire you.

I’ve worked with a number of smart and experienced people on these “talking points,” and I’m convinced that offering any suggestions to Congress is a recipe for losing. Some have asked me to supply sources of information to back up their counter-arguments to gun control. Honestly, I think that’s a waste of time.


I don’t want to convince them we are right. I want to convince them we will hurt them politically if they vote the wrong way. That’s the way Washington, DC, works. Bare knuckles and 2x4s.

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Hat Tip: Anchorage Second Amendment Task Force

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8 years ago

Ive created a new petition on to petition the lawmakers to start to vote for what is for the good of the people, not the good of any political party. I know we don't have a hope in hell of this ever happening but I do then we need to focus a discussion on getting the two parties to start to focus on good sound decisions for our country. We need to bring to light their 18% approval rating the same way they have tried to jam this Gun control crap down our throats. The petition is here:… Read more »