Is Wal Mart Preparing to Sell Out Gun Owners, Agreeing to Meet Gun Control Task Force


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Manasquan, NJ –-( Word has spread in recent days of the Obama Administrations plans to engage in crony capitalism by offering incentives to major retailers like Wal Mart to secure their support for further gun control legislation.

Including supporting a permanent renewal of the so called “assault weapon ban” that had, according to FBI/DOJ statistics, no measurable effect on violent crime or gun crime rates while it was in effect from 1994 to 2004.

Firearms that retailers like WalMart and others have made millions of dollars on in recent years as the popularity of modern semi automatic rifles has risen dramatically across the Country and the consumer demand for ammo has sky rocketed.

Original reports were that Wal Mart had declined to sit down with Vice President Biden’s Gun Control Task Force, choosing to not involve themselves in the divide and conquer strategy of the Gun Control movement and the White House.

Now word has emerged that Wal Mart Corporate has reversed themselves and will in fact sit down with Eric Holder and the task force, in a crass move to increase their profits, while stabbing in the back millions of Citizens who have been their biggest supporters and made Wal Mart what it is today.

Its not the first time Wal Mart has caved into gun banners in an effort to prop up their bottom line. They did the same thing with the California Legislature and Dictator Michael Bloombergs MAIG organization several years ago .

Their efforts to have their cake and eat it to, by offering public corporate support to Anti Gun proposals in exchange for being left alone by the likes of Bloomberg and a hostile Legislature were eventually a dismal failure resulting in WalMart getting out of the business of selling firearms of any type in California, much like they did in New Jersey decades ago.

It seems no one in the boardroom of Walmart knows of or remembers the consequences from consumers for betraying them and a fundamental right.

When Bill Ruger, family’s heir and CEO of Sturm Ruger Firearms Co came out in public support for the Clinton Era Assault Weapons Ban, the backlash from across the Country very nearly bankrupted and put out of business a 100+ year old, family owned firearms legacy company.

The same thing happened to the storied Smith and Wesson Firearms Company, a truly iconic firm with a history over 150+ years old. Who, much like Ruger, screwed over millions of law abiding Americans for their own benefit by also publicly supporting the 1994 to 2004 Federal Assault Weapons Ban in exchange for firearms contracts with the Federal Govt.

There is something that can be done. Call Wal Mart Corporate Offices at (479)-273-4000 . They are taking feedback from the public on this issue.

Call them and let the operator know you want to leave that feedback. You will be transferred to “Priority Customer Service” there may be a hold time of a few minutes. When the representative answers the phone, politely but firmly tell them that you and your family will not spend ONE THIN DIME MORE FOR ANY PRODUCT, with a company that does not support and respect your rights and will happily sell you out for their financial profit.

If your like most families, you probably spend 10 thousand dollars or more annually with WalMart. Multiply that by MILLIONS of gun owners and you talking “real money” as they say.



More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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