Ammunition Shortage, Lessons Learned

Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun

LUVERNE, AL –-( Any thinking person should take away a hard lesson from the Ammo Shortage.

Substitute the word AMMO for FOOD.

Buy it BEFORE you need it, not after.

Recomended Reading Assignment:  Musashi’s Book Of Five Rings: The Definitive Interpretation Of Miyamoto Musashi’s Classic Book Of Strategy –

Paul Markel c 2012

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Plan D wins it!

Sgt Saber

Plan A…Buy 200,000 rds of ammo for survival
Plan B…Buy 2 lbs of Gold and 20,000 rds of ammo
Plan C…Buy a Big boat and sail to South America
Plan D…Buy 2,000 cases of Beer and drink alot

Pete Sclafani

Well said…


The problem is that everyone is being paranoid. Which the gun industry as a whole is loving because they are making bank off of fear. Which is what many of you feel towards the Government. Stop hoarding the ammo. Once you are dead, you can not use it. Let those who are the good guys and just jumped the fence towards being gun owners get some ammo. It is just like the rich having all the money and no one else does. Share the wealth.

Bill Baker

And when we do run out of food, we'll all share our ammo, one way or another.

Rosen Otter

So who will you trade your ammo to? There's an excellent chance in many areas that anyone you trade it to will be people who don't have enough because they didn't plan for an emergency. Thus, hey may return it to you eventually, minus the cases, primers, and powder.


For the last 1.5 years whenever my sons and I went to the range we would always shoot up alot of ammo.What we would do is replace what we shot up times 2 (300rds=600rds.) It was a really good system and we are really sitting good on 223/556 ,45ACP Got plenty of Pmags too. Ammo could be used as barter,I dont know. I miss going to the range but we will just sit on what we got.HBH


The DHS is buying up one hell of alot of ammo through Black Hills,procurement for the SS and all other gov. LE agencies(Federal thugs) .300 Win.Mag.,5.56 Nato..40 cal.,etc…it goes on and on. They call it under the header for "unusual and compelling urgency" ! Lock and load boys,….it's on !


You CAN substitute ammo for money when the SHTF. It will be priceless. Ammoo can also be used to get food one way or another. So yes it is more versatle than food. Without ammo you ncan't protect your life or your food.

Dallas Bruhn


Bob Damon

I know it seems obvious to you, but the folks hit by Sandy for several reasons, didn't think that way. For some, it was the " we don't get storms, that only happens in flyover country". For some, they just never imagined a time when they couldn't just go get what they need. For some, it was lack of space and lack of easy access to stores like Wal-mart or a large grocery store. Arrogance, ignorance, whatever you want to call it, they didn't think it could happen. Saw one celebrity talking about it on TV, didn't even have a… Read more »


lol dis so dumb