Assurance – Get Some Food And Firearms

By Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Bowl Full of Puppys
Food and Firearms, better than a Bowl Full of Puppies.
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Wisconsin –-(  There was an insurance company ad running on TV. It featured a dog who was worried about the safety of his bone. He first buries the bone, but he constantly is looking out into his yard to make sure the bone has not been dug up and stolen. He then takes the bone to a bank and places it in a safety deposit box, where it is really secure.

But again the dog loses sleep over his bone. So finally he brings the bone home and leaves it out, insecure in his home. However now he has the red umbrella of an insurance company hovering over his bone and the little doggie can sleep soundly.

The bone can be stolen by another dog, but since the bone is insured against lost or theft the cute little K-9 who owns the bone, has no worries. No matter what happens, the dog gets a check from the insurance company so he can go out and replace the bone.

Now what if there are no new bones to be had, no matter how much money the insurance company gives him to replace the missing old bone?

What if he gets this wind-fall check to cover his loss, but there is no money in the local bank to cash the check?

Even if he gets the check cashed there are no new bones to be had at any cost. The dog had great insurance coverage but he failed to assure that he would have a bone to chew when hard times came. If the bone was still buried in the ground he could go dig it up when he got hungry.

Maybe the bank he was using might not have any cash to distribute, but the bone would be safe in the security vault. Unfortunately in times of crisis the dog had a check which in reality is worth only the paper it is printed on and he has nothing to eat.

Insured against loss, but no assurance that he will be able to eat and therefore survive the coming disaster. The truth of the matter is, in real hard times that cute little dog has a better than even chance of winding up in someone’s cooking pot and providing an assured meal for some hungry human who failed to prepare.

Gold has gone over $1677 an ounce and silver is $31. I am old enough to remember when this country was on the gold standard and gold sold for $32 an ounce. People buy gold when they do not trust what is happening to their paper money. It may be too late to even think about gold.

If you have a $1677 to spend on a gold coin I strongly suggest you put that money into assuring you can feed your family and protect your love ones from harm.

Food And Firearms
I continue to say and I mean it most sincerely, in time of crisis the only two things of true value are food and firearms. Having a gold coin means nothing if I cannot find anything to buy that I can eat. Inflation is coming. If you have any spare money now is the time to stock-pile the things you have to have, not what you want to have.

You cannot have too much canned food in your home. Even in good times you can skip going out to eat and make a home cooked meal from all the stored up food items you have, whether hard times ever come.

We are a nation of people who do not know how to help our selves. When bad things happen, we look to others immediately to save us and provide for us. Envision no one is there to save you or give you anything to exist on. Now envision what little you have, the have-nots are coming to take it from you and hurt your family during that confrontation.

This is where the firearms and plenty of ammo become so valuable.

Take a long look at your home. What room could you retrograde to, where you could keep your family warm, dry, fed and protected in? There is that food and firearms again. When I was stationed in Korea the locals ate dog regularly. You could buy a puppy in the town market. They would slaughter it for you and you took it home to eat. We are a country of animal lovers, including me. Get some assurance or be prepared to eat your pets. No joke, hard times are almost here.

Go out today and try to buy a box of 22lr ammo. If you find some send me an e-mail.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret.
[email protected]

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:
Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret. , is a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. Now retired, these days he enjoys camping, traveling, volunteering with the Girl Scouts and writing. [email protected]

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