BUG-A-SALT The World’s Very First Insect Eradication Gun

The end to man’s ever present battle against house flies!

BUG-A-SALT The World’s Very First Insect Eradication Gun
BUG-A-SALT The World’s Very First Insect Eradication Gun

Santa Monica, CA –-(Ammoland.com)- The BUG-A-SALT rifle is the masterpiece of a working artist and surfer named Lorenzo Maggiore.

After years of work to develop a prototype for the fly killing salt gun, Lorenzo used his close and extended network to learn how he could introduce this product to the world.

After he knew the BUG-A-SALT was all he wanted it to be, the idea came about to conduct a pre-sale on a crowd-funding website called Indiegogo.

Years in the making, and only one week online caused a global impression— a carefully crafted video that illustrated the goal of Lorenzo’s pre-sale campaign went viral, and a wave of internet-based consumers flooded in. A goal of $15,000 was pledged in hopes that it would cover costs to move the first 40-foot container of BUG-A-SALTs from China to the port of Long Beach, California. From there, Lorenzo’s plan was to stuff his art studio with bug guns and try to sell them locally and online until he had enough for another container.

The BUG-A-SALT was destined to have an explosive nature. Saved money from years of hanging wallpaper, the involvement of one angel investor, and enough maxed out credit cards to ruin your life materialized a bright idea.

They say greater risk can yield greater reward, but anyone with the most basic understanding of probability would know that people play it safe for a reason: greater risk usually yields greater penalty.

66 days later, having reached over 10,000 people in 70 different countries, the campaign ended and 21,000 BUG-A-SALTs (three containers) were spoken for. Lorenzo raised a total of $577,491, which initially made the BUG-A-SALT campaign the 3rd most funded project in the history of Indiegogo’s website. The BUG-A-SALT continues to thrive and currently holds a spot among the top 10 highest funded projects.

Alongside his team of six, Lorenzo was drowning in his own success. Nobody had anticipated the overwhelming global interest in the BUG-A-SALT, but it became obvious that a company needed to evolve in record time. With the help of a rigorously trained business advisor and a small, ambitious team, SKELL Inc. quickly grew into an efficient operation. From July to December of SKELL’s first year in business, 35,000 guns were shipped to pre-sale contributors and an army of BUG-A-SALT enthusiasts that continues to flock to www.bugasalt.com and can’t seem to leave empty handed.

We hope you’ll order and try the  BUG-A-SALT and continue to share Lorenzo’s masterpiece to the world. No one pities the fly!

Visit: www.bugasalt.com

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Capn Jack

Only thing I don’t like is the “Auto Safe” feature. When facing multiple targets, it’s easy to forget that, cocking the gun automatically puts it on safe.

Capn Jack

Lots of fun and works well on spiders too

mona smith

I would like to buy one of these bug-a-salt guns but i cant find where to purchase one?


Check out our latest video!! Do you harlem shake? The Bug-A-Salt Team does 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mmm3AtCvnQ


the gun works through spring power, no background check necessary.

terry seale

Interesting. A Colt engineer told me about the days they used to leave the windows open in the drafting rooms and they would load revolvers with primed shells full of salt and topped of with candle wax. That is what they shot the flys with. I don't know if it killed them.

Is this new "gun" an explosive firearm requiring ATF and background check regs or exempt therefrom like a spring or air gun?


I like it, except the part where more shipping containers are coming over from China. We already have mountains of empty shipping containers in California because nothing is being shipped back. We need to stop funding our own demise.