California State Senate Announces Aggressive Gun Control Bill Package

California Outdoor Heritage Alliance
California Outdoor Heritage Alliance

SACRAMENTO, CA –-( Earlier today, the California State Senate held a press conference, at the State Capitol, announcing an aggressive package of new bills that include measures to ban the possession of magazines holding more than ten rounds, require individuals to surrender all banned magazines to the government, require gun and ammunition registration, and ban the sale of rifles that have a detachable magazine.

During the press conference, President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg made it very clear that the Senate's package of gun control legislation is a high priority for him and expressed confidence in passing the measures out of the Senate. President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg also wants to pass these gun bills as quickly as possible. Given the Democrats supermajority in the Assembly and the Senate, it is possible for these bills to pass as an urgency package and become law in a few short months.

California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA) staff is closely monitoring all legislation as it is introduced. Legislators have until February 22nd to introduce bills. It should be noted that, with two weeks remaining before the bill introduction deadline, 18 gun control bills have already been introduced.

COHA will continue to keep our membership closely updated of all developments relating to gun legislation and other proposed legislation which could impact wildlife conservation and the future of our hunting heritage.

The California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA) is a partnership of conservation organizations, outdoor industry, other related interests and individuals who support science-based wildlife management and the preservation of our hunting rights in California. COHA is a 501(c)4 Political Advocacy organization dedicated solely to influencing legislative, regulatory and administrative policy decisions which promote wildlife conservation and our outdoor heritage. For more information about COHA, visit

  • 4 thoughts on “California State Senate Announces Aggressive Gun Control Bill Package

    1. You know the sad thing is thatwhen some Californians read proposed bills and they sound like real good ideas, like the term limits bill that was voted on and passed in the last election in 2012, they did not think to see who wrote the bills. The people that wrote the bill were ther same ones that were due to expire the term limits. like DiFi and Boxer. What it did for them was gave them another 12 years to hold there office instead of getting rid of them by default.
      Belive me that there are many Californians that are right wing and cannot stand the demons. in fact most of the state is right wing. Unfortunetly CA does not have area reps and voting is based on the popular vote. Cities with millions of people like LA, San Francisco and San Diego are the cities where the majority of the liberials live and is coupled by ignorants and stupidity about giving everyone that lives here, not nesesarily is a citizen, a fair say. As long as the demons can say that they want to keep the borders open and not deport the criminals, they all are criminals, the demons will always get the vote. The rest of the state like the Inland empire, central valley and the northern part of the state, up ther past San francisco is all farm land with less population. The belief of the farmers is as far to the right as one can get. they want to get rid of the Demoms too.
      DiFi and Boxer shut off the water canals to the I-5 cooridor which shut down wore that 1/2 of the states farming industry. They did this because they say that a little fish was getting into the pumps. I think its was more of the fact that they would shut out a good portion on the states Republicans and at the time the high speed rail was supposed to travel on that route instead of going up the CA-99 where the existing RR tracks are already laid.
      Trust me when I say that a good portion o fthe state is ready for a war. the rednecks out here are no different than the rednecks in GA, KY, TN, MS or anywhere else. They all love our guns, hunting, shooting and we all are Insured by Smith and Wesson. If the state wants a fight and they push hard enough, This Big Dog Will Fight and its not going to be fight that we will lose in the end.

    2. “…ban the sale of rifles that have a detachable magazine.”

      Isn’t that just about EVERY rifle sold nowadays? I have a bolt action one that has a detachable magazine. Ridiculous! My mother’s been saying that California was going to fall into the ocean since the 80s. Maybe they’ll just go ahead and do it?

    3. CA people need to stand up for their rights and get rid of gun grabbing elected officials who have ruled CA for decades. Why do they need gun control when they were outlawed, there, decades ago? Does not seem to be working out with the criminals. Just for them.

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