Connecticut Firearms Industry, Employees Speak Out On Gun Ban Push – Video

National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn –-( The employees and management of three Connecticut-based companies in the firearms industry speak out about their jobs and their combined economic impact on the state in a video released today by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry.

Release of the video featuring individuals from O.F. Mossberg & Sons of North Haven; and Stag Arms and Ammunition Storage Components, both of New Britain, follows the announcement late last week by Gov. Dannel Malloy that he was proposing severe new regulations governing firearms ownership.

Following release of the governor's proposal, NSSF issued a statement saying, in part, “We are troubled by the Governor's apparent change in attitude and seeming impatience with the approach of the General Assembly's bipartisan Gun Violence Task Force and even his own commission. We do not believe a rush to quick-fix legislation is likely to produce real public safety solutions, while it holds the clear potential to hurt good-paying manufacturing jobs in our state.”

The statement continued: “We applaud the General Assembly's bi-partisan task force for working to fully evaluate all the issues and points of view, including that of our industry, in an effort to craft an effective public policy response. We hope the Governor will give the General Assembly the opportunity to get it right.”

NSSF and member companies based in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts have been working for several weeks to help educate legislators and the public about the economic impact of the firearms industry in the Constitution State as well as what measures are most effective at keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and unauthorized individuals.

The firearms industry in 2011 directly employed nearly 3,000 in Connecticut, while supporting another 2,400 supplier positions in the state, according to a study by John Dunham and Associates. The total economic impact to the state exceeded $1.7 billion.

View the manufacturer and employee video at this link:

Read the economic impact report here:

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    1. Sorry for anyone who is pro-gun who voted for Obama. I didn’t but can see where people were fooled. He ran on a lie, that he would not got after guns. I could see with “Fast & Furious,” what he had planned for his second term, but many could not. He broke gun laws just so he could blame us and hide behind executive privilege to sweep it under the rug from the American people. No, he can’t be voted out now, after he came out full force against guns, the day after he was re-elected. He had all this planned from the start. But he can be brought to justice for crimes against US agents killed and scores of Mexicans who are still being killed, just to further his anti-gun agenda. He has not only broken national laws but international laws and wants us to take the blame for what he has done. Email your representatives and demand that he has to answer for these crimes and executive privilege does not make him immune from the laws of this land. Who the hell does he think he is!!!???

      1. Every politician lies…so wake up!!! Obama has done more positive for our country than you! You gun humpers are slow and dim witted! Go out in the back yard, chew ‘backy, drink natural light in your wranglers and shoot some squirrels! Have fun “playing” cowboys!

    2. Just wondering how many employees of these idustries voted democratic along with gun owners in these states? Hard to feel sorry for them, they are getting what they voted for.

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