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Second Amendment, No Compromise, No Retreat
Second Amendment, No Compromise, No Retreat
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasqaun, NJ –-( The Obama Administration and its allies, like Mike Bloomberg, have promised to break your grip on your gun rights and strip the Second Amendment from the USA.

The Main Stream Media sympathizers are working night and day to fill our TVs, Radios and Newspapers with misleading information and down right lies about honest, law abiding guns owners and your right to keep and bear arms.

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News has been the tip of the spear, fighting back against this massive push by gun grabbers, but we cant compete with Mayor Bloomberg’s pledge to spend $600 million funding more propaganda in support of taking our guns.

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We Need You to Win This Fight
AmmoLand already works closely with the NRA, GOA, JPFO and Second Amendment Foundation, working tirelessly to syndicate their message, warnings and initiatives. We also work with many state level grass roots gun rights groups. If you are a member of a state group make sure we are getting all their news, press and alerts so we can run them on our wires. Then ask that they host our ‘gun newswidget’ to help spread the word.

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AmmoLand has developed an easy to use Gun News Widget tool that you can simply embed and stream our pro gun news to your readers and fans.

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All you have to do is copy and paste a little snippet of code to your site and our news stories will be automatically fed to your page.

You just need to install the AmmoLand Gun News Widget on your blog, website and we do the rest to update the widget with all kinds of firearms news and events.

The AmmoLand Gun News Widget updates itself automatically every time we post Gun News on AmmoLand. Feed real time gun news to your readers and fans and help spread the word.

Here is the widget in action:

Here is the code you need:

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Need Help:
Need help installing AmmoLand News Widget on your website or blog? Then give us a shout and we will be happy to help you spread news coverage of Guns and Gun Rights to your readers.

If you have read this far then we know you are a Patriot and a Defender of Freedom. If you have any ideas on how we can take our news to more supporters, email us at [email protected] and read us everyday at . Have a real good idea post it below in the comments for others to copy.

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One very effective strategy we can all do as gun rights advocates is to start promoting "violence control policies". I don't really support these but it could shut the press up. 1) Call for the FCC to regulate "violenence glamoriztion" and the encouragement of copycats. The FCC could regulate air time and print coverage. If it will save just one life from a copycat killer, wouldn't it be worth it? 2) The countries without guns force their police to check their Glocks in with the keys of their patrol cars. We could use Donner in California as a reason to… Read more »

Harvey Meltzer

Senator Cruz; I am writing about our Right to Bear Arms, First a quick introduction, I am USAF Ret. 27 years. I served in Special Ops. VN for 3 years. (Helicopters). When I was in high school in New York City (1953-1955) I was on the school shooting team. I carried my rifle on the NY Subway back and forth to school. No one gave a second look. I came to Texas in 1955. USAF at San Marcos. At that time we could open carry. My wife and I would be able to go on open fields to sport shoot.… Read more »


Anti-gunners don't care about our rights or if we are law abiding. They only want to get rid of guns and in their small mind, they think the bad guys will hand theirs over because the law says so.


Please consider making this image available for sale as a decal and outdoor banner. I can assure you that this banner would be flown outside at my house. I am a history teacher and know the consequences of civilian disarmament. Not here, not now, not ever!