Firearm Sales, Gun Classes and Registrations

Hawaii Concealed Carry
Hawaii Concealed Carry

Hawaii ––(, firearm sales have skyrocketed across the nation.  And, more importantly, most people know why.

Each day we are contacted with requests for training classes and information regarding what’s going on with gun laws or gun legislation in Hawaii.

From an instructor standpoint, it’s nice to see lots of people getting active.  Of course, I do wonder and ask myself sometimes, “What made you wait so long?”  A lot of times people just kind of say, “I thought I could do it anytime” or that “I just never got around to it.”

It’s good to see lots of people “waking up” so to speak.  Over at the Hawaii Defense Foundation, their training classes on firearms have been booked full since the start of the year.  The registration lines at HPD have been pretty crazy as well, with some people waiting 4-10 hours just to register a firearm.  I’ve personally had some friends that have been there from around midnight before the Police Department opened and were not even the first person in line!  I mean things were bad enough I kind of started to think about the people who camp out for movies!

Well, things are starting to calm down a little bit – and that is good.  We have so far defeated some of the bad legislation that is coming through that wanted to restrict and remove firearm instructor’s liability protections.  And in other places we have defeated bad gun bills.  Unfortunately, we are not without some defeats (CA, CO, CT – and others).  So we must continue to work hard.

That said, if you have someone that is looking to get or attend a gun safety class here in Hawaii, please let us know.  We have just updated our calendar for March and added over five classes for that month!  We have more class offerings than anyone in Hawaii, and are happy to help teach your friends and others gun safety.

About Hawaii Concealed Carry:
Hawaii Concealed Carry is a single-issue group formed with the mission to promote the restoration of Second Amendment rights contained within the constitution, the right of the people to keep and bear arms. We are a non-partisan group; our only care being, whether people support the right of self-defense and defense of others. Our philosophy is that through responsible use, education, communication, and understanding we can promote a safer environment for Hawaii residents, while reducing crime, and supporting our fundamental constitutional rights. Visit: