Gov. Christie Talks About the Gun Control Debate on New Jersey 101.5

By Joe Alessandrini

Governor Chris Christie
Gov. Christie Talks About the Gun Control Debate on New Jersey 101.5
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AmmoLand Gun News

New Jersey –-( As he does every month, Governor Chris Christie made his appearance on New Jersey 101.5 for his “Ask the Governor” show hosted by Eric Scott.

This show is live on the air on radio and is web casted live via the internet both live and recorded for replay later. The Governor has not said much on the issue of gun control since appointing a task force to gather facts and other information on gun violence and violence in general in the State before reporting back to him with their findings.

At the 46:25 mark of the most recent video dated February 27, 2013, host Eric Scott asks the Governor about the gun control debate asking not to get into the emotional debate on both sides.

“Are there things that you like being talked about now? Things that we can do, things that we can’t do or do you agree with some members of the Republican caucus that this is a knee-jerk reaction and not well thought out?” Scott asked of Christie.

Christie responded, “…I’m not going to comment on legislation that is pending until it gets to my desk and I make a decision. But, I do find it fascinating, of course, that they can move 22 bills through in one day, yet they can’t pass the user fee cap, they can’t pass zero means zero on sick leave abuse, they can’t pass a shared services agreement, down in the assembly, they can’t pass a tax cut for the people of New Jersey, but man let me tell you something when they think they did something that can play to their political advantage they can move like Grease Lightening. And that’s why people are so cynical about government, Eric, this is why, this kind of stuff. Now, I am not gonna go at this in a way that’s not that’s not thoughtful, I’m sorry. I have my NJ SAFE task force out there holding public hearings, meeting with experts, they are going to come back to me with some recommendations. I know that the State Attorney General’s office has a lot of opinions on this as well. Attorney General Chiesa is working with folks in the legislature to give his view and the view of his law enforcement professionals on what the best way to approach this is. I am not going to comment on the merit of any of the particular bills the assembly passed. But I will say that I find the process to have been like a laughable kangaroo court.”

Judging by the demeanor and passion in which Christie gave his response, I would consider it a safe assumption that he does not agree with what has transpired in the Assembly over the past month.

Let’s reflect on some of the happenings and actions of the Assembly over the past month or so regarding the “gun control debate”. First, on February 13, 2013, you have 20 restrictive bills passed by the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee even though the hearing was dominated by over 500 2nd Amendment supporters speaking against them. At this meeting Chairman of the committee, Charles Mainor, stated that everyone would be able to speak on the bills AFTER they were voted on. Then he declared, in response to a citizen testifying asking for his attention, that “this is my meeting”. Needless to say that assertion of power didn't go over well with the attendees of the hearing. Even with the strong opposition from the 2nd Amendment supporting crowd, all of the bills were moved out of the committee and onto a full assembly vote.

Second, on February 21, 2013, the NJ State Assembly brought the bills up for a full vote. Again, even with all the opposition and having the errors of these bills pointed out to the sponsors, they still passed the assembly and took the normal course of passed bills.

Next the bills will go to the NJ Senate committee who can amend, delete, add to or squash the bills completely. Senator Steve Sweeney has been quoted as stating that the NJ Senate will take up at least some of the bills by the end of April, though he hasn't mentioned any of the bills by name of which will be introduced and which ones will not.

We as 2nd Amendment supporters must act now and contact our representatives and remind them they represent us. We can not afford to be quiet, we must be heard. Call and fax your Senators and ask them to support our freedoms as law abiding American citizens and New Jersey citizens.

Disarming the law abiding does not keep us any safer! Writing new laws for criminals not to obey do not make us safer! Demand to be heard!

About Joe Alessandrini:
Joe is a blue collar guy, active shooter, archer and Freemason, he is the typical New Jersey “Joe” Gun Owner and, just like me and you, he is frustrated with people not up holding the Constitution and walking allover the Bill Of Rights, but rather than keep it to himself Joe is doing something about it, putting it writing on AmmoLand and making a difference for all of us. Be sure and comment on each of his articles.

  • 3 thoughts on “Gov. Christie Talks About the Gun Control Debate on New Jersey 101.5

    1. If Chris was to peer over those Foster Grants, and see “one million gun owners” in the sea of faces looking to him anxiously for a decision, he might give a more substantial answer. Unfortunately, those people never seem to show up at the polls when it comes to gun issues, and I still doubt they exist in such numbers. Remember this statement from Chris, one he’s used often even if I paraphrase it, for it will be used again when it comes to decision time; “I’m the Governor of New Jersey, and my job is to decide these things based not on my own personal preference, but what is best for the State.” That will be his excuse if he signs all or some of the bills.

    2. Like all politicians, he wants to get re-elected. In Jersey the majority are democrats. Is it surprising that they want to expand government, disarm its populace, so they are the absolute power? Look at the white House, he thinks he’s a King. Keep Christie, toss the rest out on election day. What happened to uphold and defend the Constitution? Wasn’t that part of their vow they took upon swearing in?

    3. I’m not in favor of politicians who take cover when it’s time to answer the tough questions. I wouldn’t consider giving Chris Christie my vote until he comes clean with the country and the people of NJ on his “Gun Control” position.

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