Is Paul Ryan Now Selling Out Gun Owners?

“An increasing number of lawmakers in both parties appear willing to compromise on high-capacity magazines, the one component of gun control legislation that seems palatable to Republicans…” – Newsmax, Feb. 18, 2013 GOP, Dems Inch Toward Compromise on Magazine Limits

Congressmen Pual Ryan Takes Aim
Is Paul Ryan Now Selling Out Gun Owners?
Wisconsin Gun Owners
Wisconsin Gun Owners

Wisconsin –-( Dear Patriot,

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan (R), who fancies himself a champion for Wisconsin sportsmen, has become the anti-gun lobby's leading cheerleader.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published Tuesday, Ryan said gun show loopholes are a ‘very reasonable' issue and that it's ‘obvious‘ it should be addressed. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said this week that he is open to closing the loophole that allows weapon purchases at gun shows without a background check…” –, Jan. 29, 2013, Paul Ryan open to closing gun-show loophole

Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan wants to close a “loophole” that you and I know better as the Second Amendment.

“Universal Background Checks” is the latest Washington buzzword. But what they really mean is, “Universal Gun Registration.”

Paul Ryan and Republicans in the House and Senate are working with noted anti-gunners like Senator Chuck Schumer and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy to fashion “reasonable” gun control legislation.

Schumer and McCarthy are enlisting accomplices like Republican Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain and Congressmen Eric Cantor and Scott Rigell to achieve “bi-partisan” anti-gun legislation.

Interesting friends Paul Ryan is keeping, don't you think?

Senator Schumer recently said: “I think you're going to see . . . in the next week or two a proposal that has broad support for universal background checks . . . And I think you're going to find much broader support than we ever imagined.”

Make no mistake, Schumer isn't just talking about background checks, he's talking about mass registration of all firearms and gun owners in America.

This isn't about public safety, it's about government tracking gun owners through Form 4473. Paul Ryan has been in Washington D.C. too long – and seems to think that “compromise” is “success.” You and I know that “compromise” is just a fancy way to say “surrender.”

Republicans like Ryan who try to appease the anti-gunners miss a fundamental point: The anti-gunners won't be satisfied until they've banned ALL firearms from civilian ownership.

Registration-via-background check is just the first step.

Appeasing the anti-gunners will only speed up their next assault on our rights. Paul Ryan needs to hear from gun owners. Tell him to stop compromising your gun rights for political expediency.

Tell Paul Ryan to stand united with gun owners and oppose ALL gun control, and all attempts to implement so-called “universal background checks.”


1. Contact Paul Ryan IMMEDIATELY and demand that he not use the excuse of closing some imaginary “loophole” to crack down on our gun rights. You can contact him at:

Paul Ryan (R)
1233 LHOB
Washington, DC 20515

E-mail: [Editors Note: you can use the Wisconsin Capital zip code of 53703]

2. Then take a moment to contact your Representative and State Senator and let them know what you expect of them. You can find out who your representatives are here.

3. Consider helping WGO in our efforts to DEFEAT gun control with a $20 contribution. Your donation will be put immediately into this fight by helping us reach out to more and more Wisconsinites.

Please make your calls and emails today.

Yours for Freedom,
Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S. — Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is selling you out. He thinks he just appears “reasonable” but you and I know he's marching in lockstep with Chuck Schumer and the gun ban crowd to implement universal gun registration. Contact him today to express your displeasure.

Finally, please consider helping WGO maintain our fight to defend our 2nd Amendment rights here in Wisconsin with a gift of $20 or more.

Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. Donations made to Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. are not deductible for income tax purposes. Thank you!

WGO works for grassroots gun owners, not politicians. While many gun lobbies fight for “reasonable gun control,” WGO sets a higher standard: Defining the terrain of pro-gun political battle. Sure, many groups claim they're “pro-gun” – all the while they provide cover for anti-gun deals cut by politicians – but only WGO truly informs gun owners, remaining committed to a 100% pro-gun position. We oppose all gun control – regardless of the political party – and work tirelessly to restore the Second Amendment. Visit

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    1. AZ – The zonies believe in an internet NATO conspiracy, so you better go out and buy some more amo and guns. Yeee, haww! CRAZIES

    2. if the Russians comes I for one will not help to save any politician…let the ruskies take em…then we can deal with just the Russians….

    3. [email protected] Did this to ther people.Just like whats going in DC. SO maney controls , from these people in DC. They cant run anthing wright.WE had better stop this BU== Sh== befor its to late The people we have in DC are only Looking for Power They have all the money Now theywant power over us.GOD BLESSyou all WE will need it

    4. These are the same morons who constantly pander to environmental eco-fascists, pro-Islamist terrorist lovers, and other progressive scum who will NEVER, EVER vote for them, in the insane hope that they will. God help us!

    5. You are delusional to believe that there is an ounce of difference between the 2 parties. Furthermore, you are delusional to think that writing (contacting in any way) one of these PARASITES will make man ounce of difference. Lastly, you can not use the corrupted system against the corrupted politicians/government and expect to get sound results!

      Sooner or later, you all will realize what we should have been doing 6-7 years ago, but sadly, when you do realize it, it will be too late…

    6. Ryan was never on the side of the Constitution. Like so many of his fellow travelers in congress(and White House), he is a globalist. The globalists want us all any cost.

    7. I think a lot of people are missing the larger point of all this. The true issue at hand is not guns – it’s us. The left surely does want to eliminate guns, but that is only part of the picture. What they truly want is to ban/eliminate/do-away-with all CONSERVATIVES. They hate us. They hate every aspect of us and our lives. They hate us with a fiery hatred that pervades their entire being. They hate our God, our Constitution, our freedom, our money, our values, our morals – in short, all about us that makes us US. They will not cease their pursuit of eliminating us until the last conservative lies cold in the ground.

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