Just Say No to ‘Universal Background Checks’

Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Missoula, MT –-(Ammoland.com)- See below the text of a letter I just sent to Montana's congressional delegation.

If you wish to weigh in on this, send something similar yourself, or just send an email, fax or phone message saying “I agree with the MSSA position against “universal background checks.”


February 17, 2013

Senator Max Baucus
Senator Jon Tester
Congressman Steve Daines

Dear Senators Baucus and Tester, and Congressman Daines,

As we predicted, the interest by Congress to “do something” about new gun control is now resolving to “universal background checks,” an euphemism for universal gun owner registration.

In case you should have any question about it, MSSA is totally, unalterably opposed to ANY new gun control, especially including any system of actual or defacto “universal background checks.”

First, all available data demonstrates that criminals obtain their firearms almost exclusively by illegal means, so they would be unaffected by any background checks.

Second, if you don't understand the implication of what would effectively become universal gun and gun owner registration, please look at the publication Lethal Laws produced by the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. In Lethal Laws, JPFO documents that during the century of the 1900s there were between 160 million and 260 million human beings put to death by their own governments in genocides around the World.

In Lethal Laws, JPFO also documents that every one of the genocides of the 1900s was preceded by gun confiscation, so defenseless people could easily be rounded up and killed, and every case of widespread firearm confiscation was preceded by gun registration. Of course, governments told their citizens that the government was just trying to keep everyone safe.

Most Montana gun owners know of the JPFO research, and that genocide is always preceded by gun confiscation, which is always preceded by gun registration. That's why they take the gun registration inherent in “universal background checks” so very seriously.

I apologize if this seems like strong language, but I want to be frank and honest. Most Montana gun owners understand that a vote for “universal background checks” will actually be a vote to begin down the track that ended in genocide every time it was done in the 1900s.

For any Montana gun owners who don't already understand this connection, MSSA will surely inform them. There's just no way to sugar-coat this or say it more nicely – a vote for gun registration, even if euphemistically described as “universal background checks,” will be seen as putting necessary pieces into place for subsequent genocide.

So, we hope you will be staunch in your opposition to ANY new federal gun control proposed in Congress, but especially to “universal background checks.”.


Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

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About Montana Shooting Sports Association:MSSA is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners. Visit: www.mtssa.org

  • 14 thoughts on “Just Say No to ‘Universal Background Checks’

    1. Background checks are registration.Registration leads to confiscation.History has proven this from the communists in Russia,China,Korea,Vietnam,Laos and many others to the the third reich.Once they have your guns they work you as a slave or exterminate you.Its that simple.ANY s.o.b.that demands you give up your guns are your mortal enemy.That is all.

    2. Thankyou Sue for helping me to understand the Universal Background Check better.In California its not a NICS check but I have to look into who does the check.Though I can see why there would be problems with a Universal Background Check.Thankyou again.If anyone else can help me understand the problems.I would appreciate it.I’m a conservative Republican in my political views.I can see how the 4473 form could be totally abused.

    3. Johnny – The record in the NICS (or FBI or any state’s BI) computer is, supposedly, deleted after a certain amount of time – Colorado is 24 hours. However, the 4473 form that everyone fills out prior to having the background check run is kept by the FFL-holder/dealer FOREVER! BATFE has the right to visit any FFL-holder and demand to see his books. If they want to copy or confiscate or “borrow” his books or any part of them, they have that right, also. Basically, BATFE can do just about anything they want to or deem necessary for the safety & security of the US, its government & its citizens. And they can change their rules on the fly – without proving need or cause – but just because they want to. Their interpretation of any law, rule or definition over-rides anyone.

      That being said – it must depend on which state you are in or whether your background check is done directly through NICS. In Colorado, the dealer is not charged for running the background check but it is done through CBI which then checks the NICS and their own state-level records. But – if the Dems in the Colo State house get their way, everyone will have to pay for the background checks in the near future – against Colo Revised Statutes.
      And – there are numerous problems with Universal Background Checks – not just the big ones like registration, confiscation and eventual genocide, but logistical ones, too.

    4. All the guns I have bought in California.Have gone through a ten day waiting period and a paid background check.Whether it was a long gun or handgun.When I sold my guns at the same shop on consignment.The new owner had to wait ten days and go through a paid background check.I heard that those records for the background checks can only be kept a short time and than have to be destroyed so there is no registry of firearms.I’m a law abiding responsible citizen with no criminal record.I don’t mean to be uninformed or dumb.I’m trying to understand why other than its unconstitutional to charge money for the right to bear arms why its not good to let the NICS background system check for felons and people who shouldn’t own guns.If the records are destroyed like they say they are so theres no registry.

    5. Here’s the law for background checks.
      United States Department of Justice website
      30-Jan-12 State of Residence Requirements for Firearms Transfers
      Date Posted – 02/13/12

      Section 922(b)(3) of title 18, which forbids federal firearms licensees from selling or delivering “any firearm to any person who the licensee knows or has reasonable cause to believe does not reside in . . . the State in which the licensee’s place of business is located,” cannot be interpreted to define “reside in . . . the State” differently for citizens and aliens.

      Nonimmigrant Aliens and Firearms Disabilities Under the Gun Control Act
      Date Posted – 12/08/11
      The prohibition in 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(5)(B) applies only to nonimmigrant aliens who must have visas to be admitted to the United States, not to all aliens with nonimmigrant status. The text of the statute forecloses the interpretation advanced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in an interim final rule applying section 922(g)(5)(B) to all nonimmigrant aliens.

      Nonimmigrant aliens
      The Federal Bureau of Investigation may check whether names of individuals known to be prohibited from purchasing a firearm under 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(5) appear in records concerning allowed transfers in the audit log of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in the course of auditing the performance of the NICS, and may share the results of such searches with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

    6. I don’t think most Americans whether they believe what the 2nd amendment means, or whether they are for the 2nd but personally don’t exercise their rights, understand just how dangerous the government has become. I don’t trust ANY of them right now.

    7. Its obvious the candy ass liberal scum dont give a rats ass about the 2’nd Amend.,but they need to read the 10’th Amend.too.Thats what this will probably come down to,..states rights. It limits gov.control over states.Its damn nice to be native Texan in times like this ! HBH

    8. Remember who you are dealing with Baucus voted for feincteins gun ban #1 Politicians are so ignorant and greedy that nothing is being said about the medications 100% of these kids are being forced to take.Look at the attached link below it is a list of 4000 reports on file of SSRI induced acts of violence.


    9. Universal background checks are a false-flag effort to impose more restrictions on law-abiding citizens and will have NO effect on the illegal gun trade.

      No amount of new legislation will prevent people who are breaking the law from breaking more laws. Guys who sell guns from the trunks of their cars at schools or other places (already illegal) from continuing to do so. It will have no effect on preventing criminals from obtaining guns. All it will do is prevent law-abiding citizens from selling guns to people they know.

      They won’t reduce crime, they won’t reduce the likelihood of mass-murders, they won’t do anything but make criminals out of law-abiding citizens.

      Democrats know this. The gun-grabbers know this. The MSM know this.

      It’s not about “gun-control,” it’s about people control. Liberals won’t to control the people and every law they propose is proposed with that single intent–to control

    10. I couldn’t have said it any better. I would respectfully submit I will not participate in a ‘universal’ background check. I will NOT participate in a gun registration scheme of any kind. When the Federal government on all it’s various legs obeys the laws, then they can expect the same from me. The 2nd is not the only right that is guaranteed to all of us.

    11. The Universal Background Check proposed by Washington and the gun grabbers needs to be rejected and rejected soundly for several reasons.

      We’ve all seen the debate shifting these last few weeks once Washington came to the realization that there was not enough support to get a weapons ban law renewed or any new gun control measures passed.

      ” You have to be reasonable and accept SOME form of gun control. ” goes the propaganda now.

      And the answer is… ” No…we don’t. ”

      Now that the Washington has settled on the Universal Background Check as it’s end-game, the media has been pushing very hard to get people to accept that it is a ” compromise ” that America can live with and should accept.

      The gun grabbers are preaching it from the rafters and many sensible people are actually starting to consider this insanity.

      Universal Background Checks will NOT stop mass murders from happening. As much as Washington and the gun grabbers have been trying to steer this debate away from their original Battle Cry of : ” We have to save the children from these mass killings! ” and are now trying to make their debate focus on common crimes instead…they still cannot justify the creation of a Universal Background Check law.

      A UBC law has one purpose and one purpose only. To generate revenue for Washington. How?..you may ask….simple. Every background check that gets done has a price tag attached to it that the government charges a fee for. Right now, only FFL Gun dealers are required to collect these fees from the people they sell guns to and pass the money on to Washington. A UBC law would require people who want to sell a gun privately to go to a retail outlet such as Walmart and pay them to run the UBC, This will generate $ billions in revenue for Washington. And that is disgusting.

      Creating a law that requires EVERYONE to follow a procedure or they are acting illegally…then making them PAY the same people who created that law in order to stay legal is wrong. Ethically, legally and morally. Owning a gun is not a privilege. It’s a RIGHT. It’s not like driving a car or flying on a plane or getting internet service. All of THOSE things are privileges. Owning a gun is a RIGHT that is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. And in the 2nd Amendment, it specifically states that this right cannot be infringed. Requiring every American to have to get a background check, and pay for it too, or they can’t own a gun is a definite infringement on a gun ownership rights.

      Also, we do NOT want to set the dangerous precedent of allowing Washington to start charging us for exercising any of our rights that we are BORN with in America. That’s right….the Bill of Rights in the Constitution contain 9 rights that all Americans are born with and 1 right that all states are guaranteed. To allow the government to get away with charging us a fee in order to exercise any of our rights is stupid and treasonous. 20 million+ American soldiers have died to prevent anything like that from happening in this country and to accept a UBC would basically be spitting on their graves.

      Americans do NOT have to compromise on the gun control issue. We do NOT have to accept any new laws just to appease gun grabbers and Washington. THEY are the ones who have to accept that the 2nd Amendment cannot be infringed upon and a UBC does exactly that.

      Gun ownership is not the problem in this country. No gun has ever, in the history of guns on this planet, ever killed mass numbers of people. Ever. The mentally ill people who lose their grip on reality and decide they need to commit murder are the causes of all mass murders that weren’t carried out by a government.

      Plain and simple. If you want to stop mass killings, then you need to tackle the issue of the mentally ill. Gun owners are not the problem. The 2nd Amendment is not the problem.

      And a Universal Background Check is NOT the answer.

      Stop thinking and accepting that YOU have to compromise and support some form of Gun Control or you’re not a responsible American. That is just propaganda spewed by the gun grabbers to force you to comply with their unconstitutional agenda. Guilt is a powerful weapon but in this case, you have nothing to be guilty about. You didn’t do anything wrong so you don’t need to compromise with Gun Control Advocates. They are the ones with the personal issues against guns and they are the ones who will just have to live with it quietly and deal with it…quietly.

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