Maryland Senate Committee Limits Public Testimony at Second Amendment Hearing

Gun Rights Advocates Rally In Annapolis
Maryland Senate Committee Limits Public Testimony at Second Amendment Hearing

Charlotte, NC –-(  The Maryland Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Governor's gun control legislation, Senate Bill 281, is underway and crowds of thousands of Second Amendment supporters have shown up in Annapolis to oppose this draconian gun control measure. 

Opponents of S.B. 281 have overwhelmed the Maryland State House and have maxed out building capacity! About 3,000 people, at the time of writing, have registered to testify on this important issue. Every one of them deserves an opportunity to speak in defense of their rights as anti-gun legislators seek to take those rights away. 

However, NRA-ILA has learned that the amount of testimony that the Senate committee will hear is being limited to eight hours total. This means citizens who are very near to having their right to self-defense taken away are, as a group, being limited to a mere four hours, thus disenfranchising the thousands of people who have come to Annapolis to make their elected officials aware of their strong opposition to this bill. Not only is the Maryland Senate considering infringements upon your Second Amendment rights with this anti-gun legislation, they are willing to restrict your free speech so they don’t have to listen to reason about why SB 281 is a major step in the wrong direction.

Information on SB 281 can be found here.

Your NRA-ILA will keep you updated on further details when they become available. Thank you to all who have come to Annapolis today to show your support for the Second Amendment in Maryland!

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  • 7 thoughts on “Maryland Senate Committee Limits Public Testimony at Second Amendment Hearing

    1. Next election I’m voting for pro-gun politicians. This is terrible for them to act towards the people of Maryland

    2. I was there. Arrived at 11:30 a.m., sign up to speak was CLOSED early. Opponents of the bill outnumbered thos for it at 6:1 or better.

      4 hours pro bill, 4 hours anti-bil but they ran out of folks pretty fast and there they decided to summarily end the citizen’s voice.

      Committee members were playing chess on their devices, texting, taking calls, leaving the room.

      Brian Frosh, head of the hearing, is nothing but an extremist. the guy is WAY out there, way, way, wat out there.

      So citizens that lost a day’s pay were stifled by the way the thing was run. Shameful.

    3. Just make sure your guns are well hidden away from your house and report them stolen. Tell the cops to go find the criminal and never ever register your guns. They can’t arrest you for what has been stolen from you.

    4. Maryland is heavily Democratic and pretty liberal. It was especially gratifying to see the turn out at the State House. I was there. However, our Governor is determined to please the President. They are attempting to add fees, surcharges, and bureaucratic red tape to the exercise of our rights to the point that firearm ownership will only be for the wealthy and those who have a battery of lawyers and personal assisiants to help manintain that right. Law abiding citizens here have complied with the existing onerous laws; but, they are determined to “socially engineer” us out of our freedoms by charging exorbitant costs and setting up mandatory re-registrations which, if you fail to remember each five years, will make you a criminal subject to fine and imprisonment. I can only hope that higher courts will see these measures for what they are and strike them down. On the other hand, the existing concealed carry law here was struck down by a higher court and a legal maneuver has kept the existing law in place. Jay Cochrane

    5. It’s almost time to start dragging these Constitution haters out of their ivory towers and start decorating lamp posts. 1 politician + 1 short rope + 1 lamp post, some assembly required = freedom.

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