MN Group Urges Sen. Franken & Klobuchar to Consider the Implications of Anti-Gun Legislation

Hunting Works for Minnesota
Hunting Works for Minnesota

Minnesota –-( Letter signed by over 90 Hunting Works for Minnesota partners outlines the economic impact of a modern sporting rifle ban and magazine capacity restrictions Minneapolis.

Today Hunting Works for Minnesota, a diverse group of Minnesota businesses, trade organizations, sportsmen and conservation groups, delivered a powerful letter to U.S. Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar, urging them to consider objective data in light of the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 and proposed arbitrary restrictions on magazine/clip capacity. The letter was signed by over 90 partner organizations and businesses.

In the letter, Hunting Works for Minnesota partners cite government and sales data to demonstrate that a ban on modern sporting rifles would curtail local retailers and reduce participation in statewide hunting and shooting sports. Annual spending by Minnesota’s 500,000 hunters generates a ripple effect of $1.3 billion on the state economy, and tax revenue from ammunition sales provides additional revenue for conservation programs through the Pittman- Robertson Act.

Letter signatories include Ron Schara, host of Minnesota Bound; Mark Johnson, executive director of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association; Bruce Nustad, president of the Minnesota Retailers Association; Cal Brink, executive director of the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce; and Greg Larson, owner of Larson’s Hardware in Redwood Falls. The original letter is available at 02-13-13.pdf .

For more information about Hunting Works for Minnesota, please visit . [Letter text and signers follow.]

Hunting Works for Minnesota Letter to Sen. Franken and Klobuchar on Anti-Gun Legislation by

About Hunting Works for Minnesota:
Hunting Works for Minnesota exists to promote the strong economic partnership between the hunting and shooting communities and the local economy of Minnesota.

Our membership consists of businesses representing a cross-section of the Minnesotan economy. These include sporting retailers big and small, restaurant owners, hotel, motel and resort operators, gas stations and convenience stores, hunting and shooting organizations, chambers of commerce and of course all the taxpayers of Minnesota (hunters and non-hunters alike) who benefit economically and aesthetically from the license fees, taxes, and jobs the hunting and shooting industry provides both directly and indirectly.

Hunting Works For Minnesota advocates for public policy that supports jobs and economic prosperity. As a grassroots organization, we help tell the story of the role hunting and shooting sports play in both the heritage and economic health of Minnesota. Visit:

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8 years ago

They don’t care if gun companies, etc., are shut down. That is good for them and they don’t care it it hurts our economy so long as it gets rid of guns. These people are mad dog anti-gun and they care more about getting rid of law abiding citizens than our economy. They don’t care if we are law abiding. If they get their way, we won’t be and there will be 100 million more criminals. Funny, they never attack the real criminals. They just want to manufacture more.