MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Wayne LaPierre’s Speech is Racist

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Washington DC – -( On the Feb. 14 airing of Hardball, Chris Matthews and former PA Gov. Ed Rendell got so worked up over Wayne LaPierre's “Stand and Fight” speech that they played the race card against the NRA.

Rendell said LaPierre's reference to natural disasters which may cause families to fend for themselves had “heavy racial overtones.”

And Matthews said of LaPierre: “This guys the boss…It's like when Rush Limbaugh speaks and everyone goes to hide in a cave because they are afraid of [him]. This guy, no matter what he says, [even when] it has a racial tinge, no one calls him out on it.”

Both men made it clear they were bothered by Republicans' refusals to distance themselves from LaPierre, and the by extension, the NRA.

Rendell went so far as to say, “If the Republican party wants to do anything in the future, in the next five to ten years, they need to disavow [the NRA] now.”

My take: If Republicans want to win, they need to do the opposite of everything Matthews and Rendell say.

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  • 3 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Wayne LaPierre’s Speech is Racist

    1. Gangs DID loot and burn stores during the LA riots. Those gangs happened to be black. But they could have been polka-dotted freaking pink and would that have mattered? They were LOOTING AND BURNING stores. The Korean store owners had guns too though. Guess who won that fight? Guess who didn’t lose their business and their lives?

      When 911 stops responding to calls, these stupid ignorant bastards on television have personal body guards to protect them. You and I are just the “little people” who apparently don’t have the right to protect our lives. When that stupid paper in NY published the names of legal gun owners, and there was backlash, what did they do? They hired private body guards to protect their worthless POS employees, WITH GUNS! Freaking hypocrites.

      When GW Bush was in office, these Democrats were screaming about Gitmo and illegal wiretapping, etc., ad infinitum, and now? Where are they now? Now they’re just peachy freaking keen with it all because “their guy” is in office. And you know the problem? The Republicans were fine with GW Bush wiping his derriere with the Constitution because GW was “their guy”. Get with the program people! These politicians don’t care about us. They only care about money, and they own all the news networks, every single one of them is singing the same song and it’s not a song that’s in your best interest.

      If the Democrats want to stay in office at all, they need to get off this gun control. I know a few life-long(!) Democrats personally who have declared that they will NEVER vote for another Democrat again if they push this gun control nonsense. I’m an independent, and at this point, I won’t vote for a Democrat for dog catcher. The Republicans ain’t any better. Can we get some politicians that have some sense and want to uphold our freedom instead of infringing upon it?

    2. When all else fails, when you have no rational argument, when your brain just goes into lock down mode, play the race card. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense, play it any way. When they play this game you know that they have nothing else and they are just trying to intimidate you. Rationality has no place in their universe.

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