New Video Destroys Myth About Large Capacity Magazines

New Video Destroys Myth About Large Capacity Magazines
New Video Destroys Myth About Large Capacity Magazines

BELLEVUE, WA – -( A new video obtained by the Citizens Committee for the Right to keep and Bear Arms destroys the myth surrounding so-called “high capacity magazines” by proving that determined shooters using smaller capacity magazines can fire just as fast, and in some cases even faster despite having to reload.

The startling video demonstration, conducted under the supervision of Boone County, Ind. Sheriff Ken Campbell and funded by ArmaLite, “throws cold water on anti-gunners who argue that magazine limitations are necessary to prevent mass shootings,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb. “We are all indebted to ArmaLite for this informative effort.”

“Under Sheriff Campbell’s supervision,” he explained, “two shooters – an experienced man and a novice female – are able to repeatedly fire 30-round shot strings at three targets, using 15-, ten- and six-round magazines, all in under 30 seconds.”

The male demonstrator fired 30 rounds from a pistol, first with two 15-round magazines, in 20.64 seconds, then with three ten-rounders in 18.05 seconds and finally with five six-round magazines in 21.45 seconds. The woman fired the same magazine sequence, with two 15-round magazines in 22.9 seconds, three ten-rounders in 25.51 seconds and the final five six-round magazines in 26.93 seconds.

In addition, the man then fires 20 rounds from an AR-15 rifle using a single magazine, in 12.16 seconds. He then fired 20 rounds using two ten-round magazines in less time, 10.73 seconds!

“Imposing magazine capacity limits creates a horribly false sense of security,” Gottlieb observed. “This video puts the lie to this politically-motivated disarmament strategy.”

Sheriff Campbell notes in the video that, “One of the reasons that the magazine restrictions are being proposed is the perception that if the active shooter has fewer bullets in magazines he will have to reload sooner and this will create an opportunity for someone to tackle him during the reload.”

In a demonstration, that notion is also proven false.

“Magazine capacity limits offer no panacea to the rare mass shootings that have alarmed the country,” Gottlieb said. “It is time to stop this nonsense and expose magazine limits as the monumental fraud they are.”

Gottlieb urged firearms owners to share this important video demonstration with state and federal lawmakers. The video can be found at YouTube at:

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States. The Citizens Committee can be reached by phone at (425) 454-4911, on the Internet at or by email to [email protected]

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I think this information hurts us a lot more than helps us. It is easy to be cool, collective and calm when shooting at paper. Things always work much smother on the firing range than they do when you are being shot back at. Ask an soldier or marine which would they rather have, a 10 rd., or a 30 rd. magazine and you probably would get the answer, “neither, give me a damn 40 rd. one.” VC and NVA in Viet Nam always had the advantage over us with their “banana clips,” as we called them. Our 20 rd.… Read more »


Piers is flabbergasted that Texans think “Tyranny was about to come their way”

I guess he never heard of Nazi Germany, Bolshevik Russia, Communist China.

John C

Forcing a murdering animal to reload might give someone a faction of a sec to tackle the shooter, but having to reload works both ways. Suppose you’re the homeowner and just 2 bad guys bust in wielding guns with 10 round magazines* and you’re forced to defend yourself and family members with the same 10 round magazines. You ain’t gonna be very happy reloading when the bad guys have half of their 20 rds* to continue shooting at you. You better see them coming if you aren’t carrying and have to retrieve your locked up gun. *Assuming the criminals might… Read more »

Pete Wallace

I watched Max Michel put out 18 rounds (three 6 round mags) in under five seconds and 16 of the 18 were in the A zone. Granted this was Max Michel but this mag ban is more bull from the takers. It only takes one well placed shot from a shooter per victim. Look at what the crazy at VT did with a Glock 17 almost all were head shots PB range and as much as I can tell about the shooting no one went towards the little s***. I would at least die trying to save myself. Call your… Read more »

Bill Baker

As much as I hate Feinstein, the term has been around a while. The term assault rifle is a translation of the German word Sturmgewehr (literally “storm rifle”, “storm” as in “military attack”). The name was coined by Adolf Hitler. The fact that Adolf coined the term makes it a little ironic with Feinstein loving it so much.


We all know there is no such thing as an Assault Rifle…Dianne Feinstein invented this terminology to be used in her gun control Agenda as a Bogyman scare tactic…This terminology has no more value than using the same words as in “Assault” Shotgun…”Assault” Pistol…or “Assault” BB Gun…Dianne Feinstein is using the “Assault” word literally from the Dictionary…When the word “Assault” is used the mind conjures up an image of something horrific…No one wants to be assaulted…Thus using this same terminology with firearms makes firearms sound bad…Pychologically…Our mind is telling us that these firearms are bad…Dianne Feinstein has fooled every Liberal… Read more »


Most shooters were tackled when their weapon’s jammed…Not because they ran out of cartridges…Trying to reload a magazine in the mist of committing a mass shooting is not likely…Or plain stupidity!


And we all know how to say NO don’t we!!


Now they’ll outlaw magazines!!! We don’t need any more examples of how fast shots can be fired!!

There’s no negotiating the fact …. We are free men with guns…. not slaves with guns…. We have a constitution …. Whether they tear it up or burn it….we still have one and …
You have a second amendment right…. Just say NO when he come to take it!!

Captain Obvious

If limits don’t really matter, then why are you against them?

Tenring Rob

Fastest reload is still asecond gun


This is about taking all of our guns and future tyranny..


Greate information, but do not be decieved! This is not about magazine capacities, assault weapsons, but simply an agenda to take away our rights either one by one or altogether. The political left continue to insult our intelligence on these matters.


Can someone send this info to Biden & Feinstein? They are unintelligent in this area & it may be educational for them.

Metal Shaper

I love this Sheriff! Tells it like it is with real life examples as well. My only concern is that the kool aid drinking gun grabbers will now use this as another excuse to try to ban all magazine guns and leave us with only single shot weapons. This was an actual proposal in CT.

Props to Sheriff Ken Campbell and Armalite in producing this video. Screw the kool aid drinkers. Revere the Constitution! Vote out any anti in your home state.


Excellent and realistic. I would not want to piss off Jim.
Our local range does not allow rapid fire practice,they also charge extra for stray shots. As they should!
My wife who never shot before last Tuesday is a better shot than I. (Smaller weapon excuse!) S&W M/P 40C vs S&W M/P 45ACP LOL!
I do not want to piss her off either.
Thank You for this video!


You could fire almost as fast using revolvers and speed loaders too.

D. Murphy

In my IDPA Club we call our magazines “standard capacity”, that which the pistol was designed for. G17 has a 17 round mag, G19 has a 15 round mag, and so on. Also “Assulat Rife” was a term Hitler coined for the Strum Gewher 44, fully automatic. So we have him to thak for the term democrats use to demonize our semi auto rifles, they likely don’t even know this!

Bill Baker

Shhhh, no one tell Feinstein about the KSG or UTS shotguns. 12 gauge bullpups with 15 round capacity. I am actually surprised they didnt make her list.

Dave Stiebs

Just try and take my guns and high capacity magazines. It’s time Americans push back and destroy these gun graber’s!

Cliff Wilson

Just a thought here guys… While I was watching this video I was wondering just how difficult it would be for a determined person to pull off mass shootings if all he had were a couple of Joe Biden’s babies that he had modified for the task. I really don’t see how even a person with a double barreled shotgun firing on unarmed victims could be stopped as he reloaded especially if he were to keep one barrel loaded at all times just in case he were attacked by a well meaning person. Now add to that the damage such… Read more »


The Large Capacity Magazine swindle is just like the ‘assault weapon’ scam – both are based on vague undefined terms meant to incrementally destroy the 2A.