North American Hunter Announces StuffStuff: Enhanced Product Testing

StuffStuff Screen Shot
StuffStuff Screen Shot
North American Hunting Club
North American Hunting Club

Minnetonka, MN –-( Field testing has just been given a measurable boost thanks to North American Hunter’s enhancement of their product testing feature to create StuffStuff – a product testing site for members where they get to test AND keep free stuff.

The enhancements to StuffStuff include a major social media interface that’s measurable and beneficial to manufacturers.

“The social media interface is the greatest part for a manufacturer who is looking for ROI on their product being tested. As soon as members receive their product, they are given the opportunity to rack up points by sharing their review via a YouTube video, a Facebook post or a Tweet,” said Katie Ciernia, Sr. Manager for StuffStuff.

“The more the member does to share his or her review socially, even “Liking” the manufacturer’s page, the more points they receive and the more elite stuff they can review in the future.”

Each product has its own page including long and short descriptions, reviews, specifications, and Facebook comments. Members and manufacturers can see what other testers think about the products they have tested on StuffStuff’s website. Members who receive free product go through a screening process to ensure the product gets in the hands of someone highly likely to use it – and therefore review it.

“Our product testing program is one of North American Hunter’s biggest membership values. With this new approach – which shows in real time values like the number ‘Likes’ on Facebook to the number of reviews – we’ve created a specific, measureable system that makes Marketing Managers look good,” said Ciernia.

Another benefit for manufactures listing their products with StuffStuff is the inclusion in the club’s magazine showcasing features, benefits and tester rating. For example, the last issue of North American Hunter showcased several StuffStuff products reviewed by more than 250 members.

To become a tester for StuffStuff, or list your products as a manufacturer, visit: Testers must be members of the club they are testing.


About StuffStuff
StuffStuff is an online program that brings Testers and Manufacturers together. Testers can apply to review stuff they are interested in, become product ambassadors and earn points to test better and more elite stuff. Manufacturers can get their stuff in the hands of their target market. Launched in June of 2012, StuffStuff is currently available to members in North American Hunting Club, North American Fishing Club, Handyman Club of America and National Home Gardening Club and Cooking Club of America. To become a tester for StuffStuff, visit: If you are a manufacturer and would like to list your product, visit

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Raymond Gladden

I would to know what is going on with this company i have tested several of there poducts and all of a sudden they are gone tried calling no numbers are working maybe we should sue them

Wilburn Koonce

What has happened to our magazine, and what is our life time membership doing for us?? I am disabled and use to test items on occasions that has stopped also.

The Rifleman

John Richey. Very sad, but true. You are absolutely right. I don’t know if North American Hunting Club is even in existence anymore. I haven’t received the magazine in many years now, and I’m a Life Member. When they came up with that “stuffstuff” web site, it went even further down hill from there.

Johnathan King

I would like ti become a tester. Im an avid hunter and fisher.

John Richey

Been a life member for 17 years. This is one of the most foolish things I’ve ever spent my hard earned money on. The club has progressively gotten worse and worse. I join the hunting club for the benefits that were advertised, what a joke. The magazine doesn’t even come anymore. If you ever think about joining, slap yourself in the face, wake up and don’t do it.

raymond gladden

my name is Raymond Gladden i am a TROPHY LIKE MEMBER #40678483 i have tested some of your products and all of sudden stuffstuff was gone from the internet about two years ago i would like to test more products so when do i here from someone

Clayton Caufield

I live in northern Alberta, do alot of hunting and fishing and was wondering about testing good equipment.

Les Foland

This is a joke a big waste of money. We should sue you and get our money back never get a follow up call or email from your support team. I haven’t got my magazine In six months or so a big waste of my money

Les Foland

I just found the web page for stuff stuff and takes you know where’s . This used to a good place to tell friends about and join.what i see happening is a big joke I spent a lot of money and got nothing out of this .never get a response back from your office.the magazine I was to get never got either if everyone stood together and sued your ass maybe you make your outfit a better place

Shaun Mays

Would love to be a field tester for hunting products and apparel

Joshua Roush

I hunt and fish year around I live in wv. I’m in to trying new products every chance I get.

Scott Rorabaugh

I also would like to know how to become a tester. I hear of these places that want them but never heard how. I’m a avid antelope, deer, elk and coyote hunter and hunt anytime I can.


I would love to be a product tester, I love hunting and beingredients in the out doors, I go hunting every weekend and I want to know what is the best products to use.

Shane bailey

I want to test you’re products

Howard Shadwell

I would like to know how to become a hunting/fishing field tester. I live in north east Texas and have my own land for hunting and some great areas for fishing


John Richey

Don’t do it. They will take your money and run.