Obama’s DOJ says ‘Gun Control Ineffective Without Forced Buybacks’

So called High Capacity Standard Gun Magazines
So called ‘High Capacity’ Standard Gun Magazines
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- A leaked internal memo from the National Institute of Justice –-the research, development, and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice– shows that none of Obama’s gun proposals will work without registration and forced buybacks amounting to confiscation of Americans’ guns.

The memo illustrates this by showing why high capacity magazine bans, gun buybacks, and “assault weapons” bans have failed to work in the past.

For example, according to the memo, the high capacity magazine bans that were in place from 1994-2004 had little impact because the bans contained too many exemptions. The memo says one of the key errors was that “the 1994 ban exempted magazines made before 1994 so that the importation of large capacity magazines manufactured before 1994 continued [throughout] the ban.”

Moreover, the memo points out that while the price of the magazines rose sharply, it was not driven up far enough to make them “unaffordable.”

According to the memo, for a high capacity magazine ban to succeed Obama needs to ban not only the manufacture and sale of said magazines, but also the importation and possession. There also must be a federal buyback of all high capacity magazines already in circulation to ensure private owners haven’t held on to any covered by the ban.

Regarding gun buybacks, the memo says they have also been ineffective “as generally implemented.” Because such buybacks have been voluntary, they have been “too small,” have resulted in the surrender of guns that are rarely used in crime, and have removed guns that are easily replaceable.

The memo intimates that the corrective for such ineffective buybacks are non-voluntary buybacks that are targeted at the kinds of weapons used in crime.

Lastly, the memo says the first “assault weapons” ban failed to work for many of the same reasons magazine bans and gun buybacks failed to work–there was simply too much wiggle room for gun owners. Moreover, the memo says that because “assault weapons” are used in such a low percentage of crimes, the only way a ban can be effective is if it eliminates every “assault weapon” in the country.

According to the memo, the only way to fix it is to couple a ban with “a gun buyback and no exemptions.”

National Institute of Justice Gun Policy Memo by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News on Scribd

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Mark C. Hopp Sr.

“There is strongevidence that it reduced mass killings (before the initiative massacres occurred on average once peryear and none have occurred in the 15 years since)”
One might draw the conclusion that the mass shootings stopped because the government accomplished it mission of disarming the citizens, and not because of the lack of guns. I wonder what the crime rates did?


How come Holder still hasn’t been jailed for “Fast & Furious” ? How come Obama hasn’t been impeached for “Benghazi” yet? Gun buy backs… just more of the dog & pony show in BlackFace…


That last little bit was possibly the scariest; buy a gun, get chipped! While most of their claims were refuted (by their own studies!), it matters not. The global elite must… MUST!… disarm the American people. Their agenda requires it! They know full well that we will NEVER allow their planned tyranny against us to succeed! What must we do to effectively put a stop to this assault on our inalienable rights, all of them, not just the 2nd Amendment? Writing letters or emails, calling politicians on the phone, faxing them, protesting and attending rallies…NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK! Is there… Read more »


Oh yeah, that’ll work… rotflmao. The holder DoJ is correct with one small correction. Gun control won’t work.

D. Murphy

RD is correct “I will not Comply”, they can’t and won’t put us all in jail. God I sure hope we can the country can last 3 1/2 more years of this “Dear Leader” in the White House.

True Aussie Gunner

Your President is echoing what our PM did back in 96 and 03 and the media here are still going on about it. He forced the states to buy back semi autos etc and down the track we STILL have armed crime, in fact I believe it worse now. Your bans won’t work because it’ll target to wrong people!


Shh don’t write stuff like this you tell these insane power hungry bafoons perameters in which to adjust to tell them nothing. Who’s side are you on? Not fussing at you but clearly this is informing the enemy where too look!!!


Uncle Sam you are making me very mad. Stop touching me! Im minding my own business, and now youre making me mind your business. My friends are waking up now too, thanks.


The response of all legitimate law-abiding gun owners should be simple: “I Will Not Comply”

This attempt to toss into the dirt any part of the Constitution that built this country cannot be tolerated. Our elected government is at this point is more a problem than a solution.

Johnny Nightrider

To hell with that memo and the advice to Obama to registrate,license,and confiscate all semi-auto rifles.What is this the Socialized State of America and Obama is the Fuhrer and he is going to do what Nazi Germany did in 1935.Register weapons and than confiscate them with the hope that some will get a license to own.THe next thing is the National Guard and others will be storming through are homes and confiscating firearms at gun point.I’m not going out without a fight and I know there are 100 million gun owners who I hope are with me.


why do I carry a gun??? I am too old to fight and too fat to run, that is why I carry a gun! why was the Colt SAA called a Peacemaker?? You need fear no man whatever his size with Me at your side I equalize!


I’d like to know more about How you plan on a forced buy back of guns for criminals, metally ill, and terrorists?

Michael Peterson

Well, I hope they know that most sane people will NEVER give up a $2,000, or more, semi-automatic rifle, not to mention the magazines that go with it, for a measly $200 gift card.

Dorfigulous Friedelbrinker

The best torture is that which is applied SLOWLY. Removal of guns from the American people cannot be “rushed”. Trim the second amendment back bit by bit. Train the young to despise guns in particular and the conservative lifestyle in general. Nip away at the second amendment by making its exercise expensive and highly inconvenient. Give time for the social taboo on guns to work its magic in the general populus (in other words, let the youth, trained from toddlerhood on grow up) and then behold the goodness that springs forth. All the old, conservative gun-owners will have died off,… Read more »

Bill Baker

Wording is an issue we all have to work on. Don’t call your guns assault weapons, and don’t refer to these programs as buybacks. They can not be buy backs, since the government never owned them in the first place. If remington wants to buy back my guns that would be one thing, but these are confiscation and disarmament.


Firearms buy-backs, if not bought at cost of original amounts to a serious loss of money from those who bought the firearm in good faith. This could be a very serious Constitutional issue in Being Secure in Person or Property as it would be equal to theft sponsored by gov’t mandate.