Take The Battle Pledge & Fight Tyranny Attempting To Confiscate American Guns

Pulse O2DA Second Amendment Battle Briefing
Pulse O2DA Second Amendment Battle Briefing
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training

CHICAGO, IL –-(Ammoland.com)- Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc. (Pulse O2DA), today released its Battle Pledge and Battle Briefing inspired by the attempts of gun-grabbers to confiscate the weapons of law-abiding citizens.

Mike Smock, co-founder of Pulse O2DA said:

“Using class warfare rhetoric and increasingly aggressive gun confiscation tactics, many local, state and federal politicians and bureaucrats have signaled an all out war on the Second Amendment and businesses within the firearms industry. With our Battle Pledge and Battle Briefing, we want to make a public pledge and encourage other businesses and individuals to publicly demonstrate their support to help defeat these forces of tyranny.”

Organizations like the Oath Keepers and Gun Owners of America have done an outstanding job of engaging via the political process, but Pulse O2DA has taken a different path and offer their notions of what can be done outside of the political process.

Ron Danielowski, co-founder of Pulse O2DA stated:

“Many American businesses and citizens feel that government is out of control, unaccountable and not responsive to a fair or informed ballot. The Battle Briefing outlines actions that these Americans can take in order to begin fighting for freedom.”

The Battle Briefing describes:

  1. How America got to where she is today.
  2. Six stages to becoming a freedom fighter.
  3. Five escalating actions you can take in order to begin fighting for freedom.
  4. Five flashpoints that might trigger escalation of your activity.
  5. The end game – what freedom really looks like.
  6. The Battle Pledge – pledge to fight for freedom.

Mike Smock concluded with:

“The idea of our briefing is not to tell you what to think – but instead – to give you something to think about. We don’t claim to speak for anyone but ourselves. We are hopeful that more businesses come forward and demonstrate their commitment to liberty, and would encourage those businesses holding back for fear of upsetting customers, shareholders, industry watchers or others to remember that  the forces of tyranny want your silence so that they can tax and regulate you into submission.”

Click this link to read the Battle Pledge and Battle Briefing .

Pulse O2DA Second Amendment Battle Briefing by

About Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc. We have one objective at Pulse O2DA – to teach our clients the gun fighting skills necessary to win the fight of their life. We don’t teach competitive shooting or recreational gun handling skills. We teach a devastatingly effective gun fighting methodology we created called the Pulse Engine, a method that quite simply unravels an adversary. We offer training classes, sell manuals that describe our methodology and have an on-line subscriber based gun fighting portal called the Pulse O2DA Armory

Further contact information: Web Site: www.pulsefirearmstraining.com  — Email: [email protected]

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I’m in


I’m wonder to what extent the people who are law abiding citizen of the United States will stand back and let a small number of individuals control our freedoms? Our 2nd amendment rights are in real danger everyday that we stay passive to those few ideals they have on the way to protect our children and grandchildren against the evil out there. God gave me the ability to think for myself and not to push others into my way of thinking. I know everyone is capable on their own, too think and act in the way they deem fit. We… Read more »

Norman C. Swinehart Jr.

FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS, and not till then.