Rand Brands Enters CLP Competition With Super-Low Friction, Nanotech Product

RAND CLP - Gun Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant
RAND CLP – Gun Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant
RAND Brand
RAND Brand

Westport, CT –-(Ammoland.com)- Five years ago, the Chief of Police of the largest department in Connecticut directed ex-Army Ranger, Police Sergeant, and firearms instructor, Mark Simonetti, to find the best CLP in the world.

And that began a five-year quest into the sciences of tribology, nano-technology, and friction modification when Simonetti, unable to find a product that met his standards, developed his own product.

The result is Rand Brands CLP – a proprietary blend of vegetable-based esters and nano-particles the company claims revolutionizes firearm cleaning, lubrication, and protection.

Simonetti: “It took me five years, but I now know we have the most effective CLP in the world. I had certain requirements before I started – improve reliability, prevent jamming, stop oxidation, inhibit wear and tear.

This product works by providing a thin, diamond-hard sheen on gun metals. We have fired thousands of rounds after application and the product never loses its potency.”

RAND Brands has distributed product for testing to law enforcement, the military, hunters and competitive shooters, and recreational gun owners.

Here are some of the comments they have received:

“I just cleaned 2 guns and your RAND CLP works great! It cleaned up carbon without any problem and is definitely a good lube as well.” Former U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant

“M4’s and 9mm, it works great and doesn’t retain debris.” U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant

“I was very skeptical at first. Then I used RAND CLP on my AR. I shot 1,000 rounds with no stoppage…treated for rust protection. NO RUST!” Western Connecticut SWAT Team member

“Love the CLP. Initial testing went great especially in cold weather.” King’s Arsenal CEO

“I’ve found with the CLP every cleaning is much easier … cycling for semi’s smoother … the more I use, the smoother the cycle.” Former Army National Guardsman

“My Remington 870 has been hard to pump so I applied a little and the gun became very easy to slide the pump back and forth. I was very happy with the lube.” Hunter “Having trouble with my action … only cycling one round. I applied the oil to the action and was not only able to shoot 3 rounds but the gun was ejecting shells up to 10 feet away. This stuff is great!!!” 30-year Outdoorsman/Hunter

RAND CLP  is the most advanced and efficient gun-care technology available on the market today.

  • For more information and ordering please visit us at www.randbrands.com
  • Or call RAND Brands at 1-877-931-0663
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CLP means Cleaner Lubricant Protectant.


What the heck is CLP? Acronyms should only be used if they’re first defined. I gather it’s lube of some sort, but what exactly is it? I’ve been around guns all my life and never heard this acronym.