Researcher Claims to Have Shot and Killed a Sasquatch

By Tred Law

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AmmoLand Gun News

Nevada –-( Our regular readers will know that I love the story or idea that Bigfoots (or is it Bigfeets, as in more than one) could exist.

So regular readers on AmmoLand never mind when we detour and take a break from all the serious news coverage to speculate on the idea that we have a giant man sized, wood booger, hunting the same woods as me and you.

The recent gossip is, a controversial big foot researcher, named Rick Dyer, has shot a large bigfoot while filming a move, with Morgan Matthews about hunting bigfoots. The move is yet to be released and called ‘Monsters and Men’.

Then the very popular Facebook Group, FaceBook Find Bigfoot, interviews the leading skeptic on BigFoot Research, Musky Allen, who seems to have had a complete change of heart after he claims to have been given access to see the dead bigfoot body.

Here is a great videos. One bringing you up to date on the story.

And the follow up interview with Musky Allen as he describes in great detail the dead monster and almost apologizes for the way he treated true believers of big foot  in the past:

What more can I say, it may all be an elaborate hoax to promote a movie, but I think it makes a great story, and anyone who has spent anytime in the woods or sitting around a camp fire will defiantly enjoy hearing it and speculating about the truth.

To Be Continued…

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Nothing is real on the internet kiddos 😉

J.P. Travis

Has anyone seen Barney Frank since he retired?

Swamp Ape

That’s no sasquatch….That’s mitchell obammie !!

Bill Baker

The poor homeless man knew better than to go to the woods when the idiots were out.