Time For Firearms Manufacturers to Draw the Line

By Sean Sorrentino

Gun Free Law Enforcement Zone
Gun Free Law Enforcement Zone
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Raleigh, NC –-(Ammoland.com)-  How much is your profit margin worth? Lenin famously said that “capitalists will sell us the rope we use to hang them.”

Should firearms manufacturers sell guns to the police who will enforce gun control laws? Should they sell arms to the states that do not respect the rights of their residents?

LaRue got the ball rolling. Olympic Arms came out strong. EFI appears to have added New York to the list they already maintained of locations they simply wouldn't support. Templar Custom has joined in. And York Arms not only joined, they cancelled actual New York orders.

Four firearm manufacturers will not put a dent in New York State’s ability to enforce their unconstitutional and insulting anti-gun law.

We need the major manufacturers. When will they step up?
There are 800,000 law enforcement officers, give or take, in the entire US. That includes State, Federal, and local police of every description. From the beat cop to the FBI HRT. From the deputy with a Glock to the agents of the Department of Education armed with short barreled shotguns. The FBI reports that there were 2,495,440 NICS checks nationwide in January of 2013.

This means that if every sworn officer in the nation threw his gun away and bought another tomorrow, it would represent less than one third of the total firearms purchases by citizens in January alone!

The police market is not the primary firearms market in the US. The crazy MAIG mayors from Bloomberg on down don’t seem to understand the basic economics of the situation. Judging by the fiscal state most of their cities are in, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The vast bulk of all firearm purchases in the US are by regular citizens, not police forces. Their vaunted “purchasing power” is a lie that they tell themselves, hoping you’re dumb enough to believe it.

Now it’s time to make those economics work for us. Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, is the real gun control threat we face. There are other anti-gun groups, but they don’t have the money to make a real difference. Not so with Bloomie. He has so much money that I can’t really describe it without sounding like Carl Sagan. And he’s not afraid to use it to attack your rights.

So let’s strike back directly at him. According to Wikipedia the NYPD lets officers choose between three handguns for on duty use, the SIG 226, the Smith and Wesson 5946, and the Glock 19. None of these pistols comes with the now mandatory 7 round “New York Magazine.” That means regular honest citizens of New York cannot buy the same guns the NYPD carries on duty. I think that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Why should the police be able to buy a standard handgun while the citizens they protect cannot?

Luckily, Grass Roots North Carolina has an idea. They have posted a suggested letter and three email addresses. They are asking you to email SIG, Smith and Wesson, and Glock to ask them to stop selling to New York government agencies, including the NYPD. If the citizens can’t purchase a simple handgun, why should the police have it?

Go to this GRNC link, read the Alert, and send those three emails. We need to remind these companies who pays their bills. We’ve spent years making Sarah Brady cry. Now it’s Michael Bloomberg’s turn.

About Sean Sorrentino:
Sean is an ordinary guy with an ordinary gun learning more about the law and the Constitution now than he ever learned in school. Visit: www.ncgunblog.com

  • 9 thoughts on “Time For Firearms Manufacturers to Draw the Line

    1. We need the ammo mfg’s to stand up and draw a line as well. If these states are going to limit ammo to say 100 rounds at a time, no internet sales and you must personaly show up to purchase the ammo and show ID as a citizen then the ammo mfgs should require the same for all city, county, state & federal agency employyees (Cops, etc).

    2. I sent them all personal letters to the effect of my personal boycott of them if they don’t stand up for the constitutional rights of everyone. We need them on board, then we need to get all the big manufacturers with the program.

    3. I just sent this:

      Gentlemen, until you stop selling to the people who are going to try and take my guns, I will no longer buy any of your products and will use your three companies as examples of wrong while preaching from Leviticus chapter 19.

      You might want to take note that ChristianPatriot.com is the site that preaches to Militias, Militia members far, far, far out number police. Losing the police is small potatoes compared to losing Militia organizations. You are trying to play both sides of the street, the sheer number of guns sold in the lest few months ahs got to show you that you need to pick a side.

      Pastor Bob Celeste

      I sent it to: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

      I meant every word.

    4. Dan:

      I changed mine a little to reflect that I am a NY state resident and would appreciate their help in our struggle. With copy-and-paste it took only 4 minutes to send out all 3 emails.

      I’ve also sent the same email to Beretta, Ruger and Colt. I’ll keep adding to this list every day.

      Remember, it’s not just the manufacturers that have the power, but the LEO’s as well. If they can’t get the hardware they want/need maybe they’ll use the same bargaining power their unions use to get special exemptions and perks for our benefit!

    5. Let’s get this rolling! All the time it took this fumble fingers was about 5min. total. I kept the letter as written, signed my name, and, in two of the emails, listed the guns of their manufacture that i own below my name.

    6. The Molon Labe Movement is growing larger and more powerful every day. It’s a loosely-knit coalition of millions of grassroots activist and very angry gun owners who refuse to give up their Second Amendment rights. And yes, some of the major firearms manufactures are behind us. And so are many of the Sheriff Organizations around the country. And the Oathkeepers support us too.

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