U.N. Maps Show U.S. High In Gun Ownership, Low In Homicides

UN Gun Ownership Map
UN Gun Ownership Map
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- Since 1998, John Lott’s seminal work More Guns, Less Crime has been used to show that areas with the highest gun ownership in America experience the least crime on a per capita basis.

It now appears that what Lott discovered as true for the U.S.A. is true for the world as well.

Maps made by the U.N. office on Drugs and Crime (circa 2007) clearly show that where gun ownership is highest in the world, crime is lowest on a per capita basis.

For example, here is the map for gun ownership: (Above)

Notice the high levels of private gun ownership per 100 people in the United States versus the rest of the world.

Now, here is the map for homicides:

UN Homicide Map
UN Homicide Map

Notice the correlation between high gun ownership and lower homicide rates.

This fact will be extremely important to keep in mind in March when the U.N. revisits the Arms Trade Treaty, which the Obama administration and other 2nd Amendment opponents will want us to embrace as a solution to the supposed heightened violence in America versus other countries.

As these maps show, more guns, less crime is true internationally as well as domestically.

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An updated map would be good to see. Unfortunately I hail from South Africa where the murder rate has jumped 4.6% in the past year, with almost 49 people killed every day. A total of 17,805 murders were committed from April 2014 to March 2015, an increase of 782 deaths from the year before in a population of 54 million. The national average of reported deaths due to violent crime has hovered around this mark since 1994. Add up those numbers and you have around 200,000 dead since the fall of apartheid. We’re nudging the Syrian death toll which is… Read more »


Stricter regulations will not stop most gun violence, but they will stop some. Restrictions won’t impede law abiding citizens just as traffic laws don’t. We live in a democracy, we can’t always get our way 100%…there must be a compromise.

Bill in Lexington,NC

Tony, experience has shown that these “stricter regulations” do not have an enduring impact on overall violence. Of what good is it to deny both the homeowner and the burglar the use of a firearm when only the homeowner is willing to obey the law? The burglar, if expense should prevent his owning a firearm (at first) will simply resort to using a knife if he is opposed. Restrictions impede ONLY “law abiding citizens”. The person who ignores any law, whether gun control or the speed limit is NOT a “law abiding citizen”. To think that one whose vocation is… Read more »


The map does tell the tail of Australian homicides. We have the same color as the US. The maps indicates the rates per capita not the total so what it says is you are as likely to become a victim to violent crime in Australia as you are in the US. Taking guns from the lawful does NOT reduce crime.

Pro Gun Pro Truth

I recommend the author retract this article and correct it, as his your reputation is in the balance. The data provided clearly does NOT support Lott’s more guns means less crime line of argumentation. “Team Colors” is hitting the nail on the head. If anything, the charts contradict this thesis by showing that more guns does not always mean less crime. At most, the data seems to suggest the USA is an exception. Now, it should be noted to everybody that UN data is notoriously flawed and using their data comes with risk of professional embarrassment from the get-go. The… Read more »


The gun grabbers already know this and they don’t care, their reason for gun control is to seize more power,
I think the only thing they will understand is an arrest warrant for treason, if they want to live in a country where guns are outlawed let’s deport them to one.


Reginald, I find you to be Disgusting, where do you get this term “Hamfisted”? It sounds like you have an issue with Hatred of some sort. The thought that any of us are ignorant to the facts, leave me wondering if you either forgot, or never learned any history. The KKK used gun control to deprive black former slaves of any means of protection. People that want gun control are either Racist, OR they are like Hitler, Castro, and other dictators. I wouldn’t want to be like any of them, but I see you must be one of them, so… Read more »

Tred Law

@Reginald you better check your numbers, I see the same results as they chart: ” Homicide by firearm rate per 100,000 population for the USA” 3.34756069378605 for 2009, that is correct as for the range on the chart.


These charts are hilariously untrue. It’s blatant lies. If you go to the UNODC yourself and read the spreadsheets – http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/data-and-analysis/homicide.html – you’ll find that they pretty much flipped the statistics entirely.

America has a homicide rate of 5 per 100k. Most nations with gun control have 1 or less. 67% of all homicides in America are committed by gun, whereas most countries with gun control have guns used in less than 30% of homicides.

This is pathetic, hamfisted stat manipulation, and anyone involved in its creation or proliferation is disgusting.

Charles Leveque

Can you send me source for the U.N. maps showing correlation between gun ownership and violence

Roger U

Very few guns or homicides in N. Africa and the Middle East. I wonder how accurate those stats are?

I would also point out that Australia, W. Europe and Chili have lower gun ownership rates and comparable homicide rates to the US and Canada.

I think we need more info.

team colors

Point 1: correlation doesn’t mean causality. Just showing a correlation between high gun ownership and low homicide rate doesn’t prove the one is causing the other. Point 2: I’m not even sure the map actually shows the correlation that’s claimed. China, India, Japan, and most of southern Asia (which combined accounts for about half of the world’s population) shows a correlation between low gun ownership and low homicide rate. Various other places (Mexico, South Africa, portions of South America) show correlation between high ownership and high crime. At best, the claimed inverse correlation between gun and homicides is a weak… Read more »


This is really good information. Should also be another map though showing violent crimes.
Common sense tells you that if the cops use guns for self defense you should to. And anybody who has a gun and wants to deny you the same privilege is not a person you should listen to.

The American

someone spam this over to fienstien/obama/bloomburge and the rest of them.


Not very telling , violent crime has soared in Australia and the British Isles since they have banned guns , but that isn’t showing up on the map demographics .