Vermont Knife Rights Bill Introduced

Gilbert, AZ –-( Vermont State Representative Patrick Brennan has introduced a Knife Rights requested bill H.128 that would enact Knife Law Preemption in Vermont. Rep. Brennan is Co-Chairman of the Vermont Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus.

Vermont already has pretty reasonable knife laws, but preemption prevents a patchwork of local ordinances more restrictive than state law which only serve to confuse or entrap law-abiding citizens traveling within or through the state.

Preemption ensures citizens can expect consistent enforcement of state knife laws everywhere in a state. Knife Rights has passed similar Knife Preemption Laws in Arizona, Utah, New Hampshire and Georgia and is also running Knife Law Preemption bills this year in Kansas and Tennessee.

If you live, work or travel in Vermont, please contact your Representative and ask them to support H.128. Click here to locate your Legislator and/or the Legislator who represents where you work or travel.

You Can Help Knife Rights Make a Difference
Every success we have in a state legislature helps us with the next bill we try to get passed. Success builds upon success. It's much easier to gain sponsors and supporters for a bill when we can point to other states where similar bills have passed and there has been no adverse impact. We all know these bills won't result in “blood running in the streets,” but its easier to persuade legislators when we can show them positive results to counter the scaremongers who oppose common sense legislation.

You can donate using our online donation page or, follow directions on that page to mail your check or money order.

You can also call our office to donate or to set up a monthly automatic donation. Call: 602-476-2702 or our toll-free number is 866-889-6268.

  • 3 thoughts on “Vermont Knife Rights Bill Introduced

    1. This beautiful state is about 98% rural, most of it is fairly heavily wooded, mountainous, or farmland. There are a few small pockets of miserable libtards such as Burlington and Brattleboro where the calendars are stuck in the 60’s. This is where the stupid libs parade around carrying their signs and banners to ban all kinds of “nasty assault weapons” and that now includes knives. Fine, let them all cut their steaks up with butter knives. Oh wait, there won’t be any steaks as the butchers won’t be able to cut up a dead animal for food. Typical lib thinking, never see the consequences.

    2. Preemption is a really bad idea for Vermont. We have one city with city-style problems and the need for city-style laws, and the rest of the state, where we don’t need those laws. Please remember that Chittenden County has most of the state’s population, hence the most legislative clout, so if preemption is the statewide law, it will likely work against the interests of those of us in more rural areas.

      – Bill Pitkin, Middlebury

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