We Are All Californians Now!


Eric at the Gunmart Blog
Eric at the Gunmart Blog

United States –-(Ammoland.com)- Yesterday, California politicians held a press conference to introduce the most draconian gun control, err, civilian disarmament bill seen to date in this country.

Seeking to exploit the tragedy of Newtown to achieve a political end, lawmakers introduced a bill that is completely filled with unconstitutional and extreme measures aimed at nothing other than the disarmament of law abiding Americans.

The list includes placing extreme financial burdens on gun owners by requiring them to pay what are essentially “poll taxes” on firearms and ammunition purchases as well as requiring liability insurance, annual certifications, and licensing of gun ownership. Standard self defense and hunting ammunition are now classified as “assault bullets” and are felonious violations for everyone except law enforcement. Almost every currently manufactured semi-automatic firearm in existence – and countless bolt action hunting rifles – are now a prohibited device merely because they have the ability to accept detachable magazines. Certain firearms such as shotguns are being redefined to make them prohibited under the new law even if they don’t meet the legal requirements to be prohibited.

The list goes on and on.

With this despicable new law the ruling class politicians in California have drawn a line in the sand and have now shown everyone that they believe that the Bill of Rights is a privilege that they grant to their subjects. It is now painfully obvious that they believe that they grant us our rights, and that they can proportion them out as they see fit. That they can amend our rights whenever they get the whim and however they wish. If that does not scare you as an American then you have no pulse, because as goes the second amendment so goes every other freedom that this great country has to offer... and as goes California, so goes the rest of the country.

The anti-gun crowd has now shifted their focus and moved the battle for liberty to the state level, and that is where we must engage them. I want to make this perfectly clear… The fight for the second amendment will be won or lost in the states. Federal legislators do not have the political will to risk their lucrative careers over direct civilian disarmament. However, liberal anti-gun bastions like New York, California, New Mexico, and the like are directly attacking the Bill of Rights… and they have enough votes to make it become state law.

The problem for the rest of us in America is that these extreme measures will not be defeated until they reach the highest court in the land. By the time that happens, Obama may have already added one or more liberal activist justices to the court to ensure that civilian disarmament is applicable nationwide. Even a court that is not stacked with liberal activists may choose to only throw out the most extreme of these measures as they will only be challenged in lawsuits one-by-one.

This attack on the Bill of Rights marks yet another cross-roads for our great nation. Make no mistake… Americans are being attacked here. We must make a conscientious decision to stand with our fellow Americans because as goes the constitutional rights of Americans in these liberal bastions, so goes the constitutional rights of every American. We can no longer sit back and just be happy to know that we dont live in California. We can no longer laugh it off and make jokes about “Kalifornistan” or “Live free or there“. We must stand with our fellow Americans if We The People wish to remain free. We must engage the anti-gun crowd and beat back any attempt to undermined the constitution anywhere that it occurs.

We must get involved on the state level even if it is not our state. Their fight is our fight. We have to contact the national gun-rights organizations and convey to them the importance of engaging in these local fights. We must join and financially contribute to local pro-guns organizations like the Calguns Foundation that are on the front lines of this fight. We have to help these state-level organizations get out in front of these battles and do everything we can to stop these invasive violations of all American’s rights.

We can not and will not allow any Americans to be treated like subjects and have their rights dictated to them by elected representatives. Politicians all over this country have now declared war on the Bill of Rights and we must stand up to them no matter where it occurs. As goes California, so goes our Bill of rights.


Eric at the Gunmart Blog – Eric is a gun blogger, firearms enthusiast, and sorry excuse for a hunter. He is also an AmmoLand Shoting Sports News Columnist. Leave him some comments on this article before you go. You can also follow Eric on Facebook, Twitter and at his blog, Gunmart. Visit: GunmartBlog.com

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Sorry but aren't we all missing the point? The founding fathers wanted us to have guns so we could resist tyranny. They meant USE the guns to resist! These bastards can no longer be voted out of office, because they rig the elections, buy votes, etc. It's the tactics of the communists and socialists. By the time we are done playing clean they will be one with playing dirty: we the people will have been disarmed and NO RESISTANCE will be possible! Isn't it time we s-h-o-o-t these bastards out of office? Clean up the country of all traitors? By… Read more »

Bill Baker

Save time, and give your lives to a good cause by saving the rest of the country. If you live in california, go to the san andreas fault and start jumping up and down, if you all do it, maybe it will slide into the ocean. (prays)


Great points Eric. As a resident of Commiefornia for over 40 years I have seen our gun rights (and others) disappear slowly but surely and that's how they've been winning. Incremental infringement has been the left's strategy and it's worked for them. Now they are pulling out all the stops and going for the big one. I hope to be out of this liberal cess pool within the year, but as you said what happens here usually infests the rest of the country; so firearms owners from EVERY state in the union must UNITE and FIGHT for the greater good… Read more »


Eric – thanks for the pointer to House 402. Have read the legislation and already have emails and phone calls to my legislators. Keep up the fight and thanks again.


anti-gun bastion of New Mexico? I live in that state, own numerous firearms, and have no idea what you are talking about? How in the hell is New Mexico rated up there with CA, NY, and IL??? You need to get your facts right if you want to be credible.


Please post address information for all parties involved in implementing this unConstitutional exercise in communist style tyranny.


Thanks to the insane left here in Calif the democrat's have a veto proof super majority. They can pass anything they want..