3 Gun Hip Shooting from Mr. Hollywood This Week on Shooting USA

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3 Gun Hip Shooting from Mr. Hollywood This Week on Shooting USA
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Hip Shooting History Lesson

First Taran Butler runs a 3 gun stage by point shooting his rifle, pistol, and shotgun. He has to be perfect to make it worthy of Impossible Shots! Plus you’ll meet some of Taran’s California Girl shooting students. Then Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton, takes on Hollywood. George uses his collection of 18th century smooth bores to prove the movies are wrong.

Shooting USA – Rockcastle AR15.com Pro Am
This time it’s the largest Multi-gun Match in the country, and that’s because it’s two matches in one, with something for every skill level in Kentucky, at the Rockcastle AR15.com Pro Am. Plus HAVA invites wounded warriors for the first East Coast Range Day at the Academi training ranges in North Carolina. More Info…

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