Armed Citizen Saves Officer: Concealed Carry Lessons Learned

Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun

LUVERNE, AL –-( A legally armed citizen recently saved the life of a police officer who was being beaten to death in Baton Rouge, LA.

If you carry or are planning to carry a firearm for personal protection, there are numerous lessons to be taken away from this incident.

Your favorite professor, Paul Markel, examines the Baton Rouge incident and gives us his take during this edition of SOTG University Homeroom.

Student of the Gun; a beginner once, a student for life.

Paul Markel c 2012

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  • 16 thoughts on “Armed Citizen Saves Officer: Concealed Carry Lessons Learned

    1. I’m in law enforcement and I hope and pray that if someone is beating me to death.That a responsible gun owner tries to stop my attacker and if he doesn’t comply.Shoots the perp until he does stop and comply.Some states like Arizona,Alaska,and Vermont if your 21 years or older you can carry a concealed weapon without a permit if your a resident of that state.I would like to see the whole country every state like Arizona,Vermont,and Alaska.Vermont has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.Its 49th.

    2. Mike is on the mic is a liberal obama voter, and I think he would have liked it better if the officer had been killed. He is like all the rest that wants to ban guns, but favors the Violent Criminals and thinks that they don’t belong in Prison or Executed for killing people.
      I wonder if he is Passive, or if he is like mark kelly, either way, he’s Not a man.

    3. Mike, I would rather have a gun and not need it than need one and not have it. You sound like a gun grabber and if not, what is your point? You have no way of knowing when or where you are going to be attacked. If YOU have some kind of secret that we don’t know, please share it with us.
      Getting to the real story, cop was damn lucky someone came to his aid. He owes them his life!

    4. To the person who wrongly states that to keep and bear arms is a “privilege ” ; Sir, you need a course in the constitution . The 2nd Amendment gives all peaceful citizens the “Right” to keep and bear arms and that right shall not be infringed”.
      Maybe you need a little more “schooling” before you comment more…
      May God Bless,
      Mike Mills

    5. @ Mike is on the mic
      A privilege is in no way a right.
      A privilege is granted whereas a right is absolute.
      Nowhere does the Second Amendment mention the privilege to keep & bear arms.
      In the example above, a life would almost certainly have been lost had bearing arms been a privilege (which means, quite literally “private law”).
      I can only presume you would be happy with that outcome.

    6. It’s pretty sad people choose to live paranoid and think that they have to carry a gun. The right to bear arms is a privilege and not a necessity, remember that.

      1. It is a RIGHT… not a privilege. The only person that should determine whether or not a citizen is going to exercise that right should be the citizen. If they abuse the right then the law will deal with them. It has nothing to do with paranoia.

    7. It’s possible that the guy beating the cop was on some kind of strong drug, like coke, crack, meth or PCP. I saw a fight in a mall and the shoplifter just didn’t want to stop, even when his head was being rammed into the wall near our store. Turns out, he had been shooting cocaine and really didn’t feel much pain. Until the next day. I talked to one of the responding officers a few days later and the guy was one big bruise. If the guy in Baton Rouge went off so easily and with such intensity, I would bet he was on drugs and that’s a variable that can be deadly in any location.

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