Arms Trade Treaty Could Make Guns as Scarce as Ammo

Customs Agents Stopping Shipments Of Guns
Arms Trade Treaty Could Make Guns as Scarce as Ammo
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Contrary to the American Bar Association's (ABA) contention that the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) “is consistent with the Second Amendment” and “would not require new domestic regulations” to hamper the exercise of the rights therein, the reality is that if ratified, the ATT could make guns as scarce as ammo and the exercise of the Second Amendment difficult indeed.

And here's how this would happen–the ATT contains ambiguities regarding the application of new firearm regulations and import restrictions. And this means the moment the ATT goes into effect –should it be ratified– the types of guns allowed to enter America would largely depend on each U.S. Presidential administration's opinion of what is or isn't appropriate.

In this way, the ATT actually hands the executive branch the power to work with other governments around world to shut down portions of the U.S. import firearms market as they see fit. This will be possible by seizing on ambiguous terms and phrases within the ATT–from claiming certain classes of gun are “inappropriate” to claiming others endanger “women and children“–then barring whole groups of firearms from import.

And since firearm imports make up 35% of the overall new firearm market in America, a significant cut here could lead to an all-out buying / hording frenzy on the part of consumers.

Americans like the Second Amendment because phrases like “the right to keep and bear arms” and “shall not be infringed” are not ambiguous. Rather, the amendment clearly bolsters what Americans already know in their consciences–that we have a natural, God-given right to keep and bear arms. It's a right which the Founding Fathers did their utmost to protect.


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  • 16 thoughts on “Arms Trade Treaty Could Make Guns as Scarce as Ammo

    1. “And here’s how this would happen–the ATT contains ambiguities regarding the application of new firearm regulations and import restrictions. And this means the moment the ATT goes into effect –should it be ratified– the types of guns allowed to enter America would largely depend on each U.S. Presidential administration’s opinion of what is or isn’t appropriate.”

      Isn’t that already the case? Isn’t that why Clinton was able to unilaterally ban gun imports from China and restrict the imports of semi-automatics from Russia?

    2. firearm dealers are being attacked,police and sheriff departments are told to enforce new gun laws. nra members are called baby killers,mayors are making attacks on the rights of good people,govenors have their own constitution,ban this and ban that,universal back ground checks= gun confiscation, it looks to me, this is out of control.obama and his crew are out to kill the 2nd amendment.

    3. our 2nd amendments rights are being destroyed as we talk.are leaders in office are a disgrace.they stand tall while they kill the rights of good people. there is not much said about protecting our constitution.

    4. UN needs to be kicked out of US. We pay for them and they think they can dictate to us how our laws should work. Anyone who comes here from another country and try to interfere with our laws, when they are not citizens, should be deported and never let back in. That won’t happen when they are saying what the government wants to hear. We have to have a change in that government. There will be no civil war in America. We are talking about a revolution and the Feds will be the underdogs.

    5. Anyone who says the ATT is safe for Gun Owners is lying. Common sense tells us that Governments never move in the direction of granting freedoms and more rights, they always restrict and make more laws to prohibit or tax. The UN is run by countries that hate guns and have draconian gun laws. The only thing keeping Americans free is the Second Amendment. That’s all folks. Are you willing to take a chance on someone’s word, or a document from the UN ? Once we lose our rights to bear arms is all over for us gun owners and as Free men. We must fight this UN treaty as our life depends on it-Because it does!

    6. @Frank. You’re not alone, my friend, in being mad. Nor are you alone in your willingness to fight! We will NOT disarm! We WILL fight! We will NEVER let our own govt disarm us let alone a bunch of blue helmet pukes!

      Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

    7. More then likely there will be armed resistance. The UN will not dictate our Constitution nor will it disarm us. these 3rd world scum bags will hang by their balls. Let them try to disarm us, they will be the first one’s to be hung by their balls. Sounds like I”m mad, doesn’t it? Well, let them try.

    8. I know a couple Dem’s that are blue about what happened to their “Assault Weapons Ban” but the UN Weapons Ban Treaty would be just as un-enforceable!!!

      – Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1 (1957)
      “Treaties DO NOT confer powers NOT authorized by Constitution…”

      You Tube on Presidential Powers and National Treaties when it comes to the Constitution. Must watch and pass along.

    9. The pushback from gunowners, sheriffs and states who oppose gun control should be enough to tell the neo marxist progressives to give it a rest. They have managed to push part of their wish list through the government process but they are not going to get it all. They keep lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating, pushing, prodding, poking, crying whining and bitching through with the help of the media to get everything they want to transform America into a thirdworld shithole.

    10. We get the government we deserve, and this is it. The country is full of low information voters, taking a hand out from the masters in DC and the state houses. Vote next time, don’t sit all finally have seen the face of the democratic party..they are taking us to 3rd world status and fascism.

    11. Frank
      I agree that fing A-hole in the WH doesnt like the USA anyways, look at his recent appointment to the Jusicial, that jack ass defended the leader of the ” new black panthers” and was quoted as in the same boat( mind set) as the late leader of Argentina) total wack job, look at what Obama is doing to our country, you dont have to be a rocket scientist to see he doesnt have our best interests at heart. He is a Narcissistic, egotystical, bigoted racist! Who is out to wrong what he sees as “Whiteys” evil ways etc. The thing is his mom was white and his dad was from kenya.( nothing to do their) all ya gotta do is see whos wearing the pants here ” wifey” who bragged shes descended from slaves” and got her hubby on board. Thing is this is 2013 not 1860. Obama is a shiftless bag whom has 3 more years to finish his grand scheme and this time he hasnt got to hide anything because he lied, cheated, scammed for a re-election and now his true colors are coming out.

    12. I would hope that the powers that be would be smart enough not to do something that would lead to a full scale civil war. They must know that they would be the first to be sought out. Millions of armed Americans against the people who were a part of destroying our 2nd Ammendment or any part of the Constitution, they wouldn’t stand a chance.

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