Colorado Democrats Moving to Ban Hunting Firearms

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Colorado Democrats Moving to Ban Hunting Firearms
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Washington DC – -( Democrats have put forth a bill that not only targets “assault weapons” but some of the most popular shotguns for hunting as well.

According to Colorado state senator Greg Brophy (R), the ban Democrats want to place in front of Gov. John Hickenlooper would necessarily include shotguns with magazines which are easily extendable to hold more than 8 rounds.

The Democrats arbitrarily set eight rounds as the magic number–any more would be illegal.

If the bill passes the state senate and Gov. Hickenlooper signs it into law, Brophy said it could essentially mean that Coloradans “might not be able to purchase a pump shotgun or a semi-automatic shotgun again.”

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  • 18 thoughts on “Colorado Democrats Moving to Ban Hunting Firearms

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong.Shotguns with internal tubular magazines hold 9 rounds as they come from the factory.Whether they are pump or semi-automatic and some shotguns hold less like 4 rounds.So if you have a shotgun that holds 9 rounds plus one in the chamber for 9+1.Why are these legislators trying to limit it to 8 rounds so it would be 8+1.If it passed ,God forbid, wouldn’t manufacturers that sell shotguns in Colorado make certain shotguns that held 8 rounds for 8+1.Or would it cost 2 much to do that and be a hassle for the manufacturers.These people who submit bills like this are messed up.

    2. It is funny that one of the anty gun lobbist was shown on NRA’s Cam & Company shoting at watermelon with a rifle with a 20 round magazine and what did this bozo say about it. (I hate watemelon) How two faced are these guys. These democrats will do anything to get relected. Looks like I am going to Wyoming enstead of Colorado this year for my hunting trip. Sorry for you GUN OWNERS in Colorado.

    3. EVERYONE seems to think these government trolls in congress and senate are worried about losing their job,I got news for ALL OF YOU,that ain’t it,we have a earthquake and a minor pole shift coming soon and all those underground bases they built for them selves will be to escape the war and INVASION coming,this gun grab is just to keep all you to busy to NOTICE whats really going on,we have really big trouble on the horizon coming to america,and you had better be ready……………

    4. Nothing scares these bleeding heart liberals more than thinking they will be voted out. Even if you hold on to your gun rights, vote the bastards and bitches out. We don’t need to go through this every few years. Keep sending emails to your representatives and let them know their jobs are on the line. Anything you can do, helps even if you are only one person.

    5. Time to ban democrats and take your state back. You know all the democrats are crooked, so go find the evidence and get them kicked out of office.

    6. Every year we take trips to Durango, stay a week and go fishing and golfing, shop in the local antique malls, see the Bar D Chuckwagon show, EVERY year, not this year, not only will good people leave the state but your tourism industry will suffer. I will go to Texas or someplace else that still values freedom! pot must be really important because that’s all you seem to vote for!

    7. In Mexico it is illegal to even own ammo. Eleven thousand people were murdered last year, one hundred and eighty were americans. How is gun control helping. It’s not, it is the fact that a unarmed socity is easier to control than a armed socity. Thomas Jefferson talked about this years ago. Wake up, think of why they want your guns.

    8. Not only have we patriots protested, called, e-mailed, sent letters it is falling on deaf ears. I was born in Colorado and I have to say that I am discusted with the state government. they are led by the Godless DNC party and head up by homosexuals (sodommites). Sue is right, Colorado has been invaded by the liberals. while it would be hard, I would advicate that if they pass these bills, that a total boycott of hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation be imposed by the people to fource them into submission because they certainly don’t care about the people they are supposed to represent. If that does not work, I am considering moving to a state that is not communist.

    9. This all sounds too familiar. Here in NJ we have a Democrat run Assembly that is arrogant, condescending, and doesn’t even know the current gun laws, yet, they rushed to pass 24 new ones. We are fighting them every step of the way and will work tirelessly to see every one of them replaced. The problem explodes when Libs mov

    10. Keep up the fight for your rights to keep and bear arms, And start you grassroot process to get everyone one of those who would deny you the right to protect your families out of office and make sure they never gain that control in public service again. Absolute power corupts and since they have taken the position that thay hae absolute power over you the citizens,Then you have to show them who really has the power and get then out during the MID TERM ELECTIONS and keep them out. Vote out all {INCUMBENTS} they are not looking out for you or your families future.

    11. Colorado’s ignorant population in it’s never-ending desire to be “Stylish” voted into office a government totally controlled by democrats. We are now getting what we asked for… a government run by officials who have no history in colorado and no knowledge of western or national heritage.
      As law-abiding citizens our response to the failure of our government to honestly represent us has to be unified and clear: “We Will NOT Comply”.

    12. We are dealing with the same situation here. It’s very frustrating when your “representatives” totally ignore your concerns, especially when you know that they do not have a clue about firearms, how they operate and what they are trying to ban. They represent no one but themselves anymore. They only care about votes and getting re-elected by the ignorant masses. There is no longer the rule of law, it has become the rule of man. We have entered a soft tyranny. Good luck Colorado, but I won’t hold me breath.

    13. When the government starts taking our rights away I will not support that state or any business in that state. The only thing these crazy Democrats understand is when you take their money!

    14. John –

      Apparently you are not here in Colorado and have not been watching the news reports here. We have had people who support the 2nd Amendment and gun rights at the Capitol for each and every hearing re: these bills. There are 7 bills so far. Unfortunately, both houses of the State Legislature are controlled by Democrat majorities and the votes have gone along party lines almost every time. A few Democrat representatives voted against the bills in the House a few weeks ago, but more than likely, they were “allowed” to do so since they are up for re-election in 2014 and they are in closely contested districts. But for each bill, the pro-rights votes were just 1 or 2 votes shy of winning.

      Additionally, no matter how many people have gotten up and made comments in favor of gun rights and against these bills, the anti-gun politicians have ignored, insulted or interrupted the speakers. It has been a disgusting display of arrogance on the part of the anti-gun/anti-2A politicians, most of whom are Democrats.

      So – yes, we are rising up – but unfortunately, too many people have moved here from Cali and NY and the House, the Senate and the Governor are all controlled by the Democrats right now.

      The good news is – there are AT LEAST 3 recall petitions that have been started – and the last I heard, they are gaining signatures rapidly. I can’t sign any – the people they refer to are not from my district. Oh well.

      The bills go before the Senate for a vote tomorrow morning – and there will be many people there, inside the Gallery, outside the Capitol, wherever – protesting and testifying in support of the 2nd Amendment, the right to self defense, the right to self-determination and against registration, limitations, etc. We can only hope it makes a difference at this point. If it does not, I am pretty sure the courts will be the next step since so many of the bills violate both the US and Colorado Constitutions. Hopefully, if that becomes a necessity, they will get held up at least until the 2014 elections come around and people will remember who voted for and who voted against.

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