Colorado Dems Hold State Hostage via Gun Control on March 4 2013

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Colorado Dems Hold State Hostage via Gun Control on March 4 2013
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Numerous anti-gun bills which have already passed the Colorado house will be considered by committees within the state senate on March 4 2013 at 10:30 a.m.

Among these are a ban on “high capacity” magazines, a requirement for background checks on all firearms sales, the imposition of a tax on every firearm sale to cover the cost of background checks, and a repeal of the law allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry a weapon on a university campus for self-defense

The ban on “high capacity” magazines limits magazine capacity to 15 rounds for rifles and 8 rounds for shotguns. As Breitbart News reported earlier, this will ban some of the most popular hunting shotguns in Colorado.

House Bill 13-1229, which requires background checks for every gun purchase, sale, and transfer, is essentially a ban on private gun sales. And it sets the Dems up to make firearm purchases even more onerous by allowing them to add a background check tax to every gun sale, via House Bill 13-1228.

House Bill 13-1226 is the repeal of the law allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry weapons on campus for self-defense. Although this passed the house, and may pass the senate, it faces an uphill battle because in March 2012 the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that concealed carry has “a statewide purpose” that university campuses cannot violate.

Colorado Democrats will also be pushing Senate Bill 13-196 on March 4. This bill would hold gun manufacturers liable for damages caused the discharge of an assault weapon.  As with the attempt to repeal concealed carry on campus, this bill faces an uphill battle because federal law prevents holding gun manufacturers liable for the misuse of their products.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Colorado Dems Hold State Hostage via Gun Control on March 4 2013

    1. Yeah, legalize pot and make the Second Amendment illegal. Interesting seeing as Colorado, Denver is the second home of the US Capital underneath Denver Airport.
      Would not want pissed off Americans ending someones political “reign” too early now would we?

    2. Hunting and fishing has always been a major draw for Colorado. The liberal democrats have moved into the state. Now you can be gay, and pot head legally, but lawful gun owner are losing all their rights. I will sell my business and house and move to Texas and let the yankees and califorians have the state before I will be revolked of my 2nd admenment rights. Texas is looking a lot better.

    3. The Federal Govt has been authorized only 21 statutes, laws, granted it by the People/Constitution, and Any Laws or regulations of Guns, the 2nd Amendment are not empowered to them…. Sate and Local govts have NO power granted to it to do Any of the same. People, Just go up to their face and say, “Show me where it says you have this Power”, and Show them the Powers that they are authorized.. None of those powers pertain to Guns, ammo, registration of such.. Grow some Balls poeople. We’re going to need them. The same should be done to All of Congress and the President!

    4. Mike, I have heard this over and over. You have your cities like Denver, swelled with transplanted Yankees from the east coast and tree hugers from CA. They didn’t grow up there and and the people from the small towns and rural areas are left out. These people have brought their liberal ideas and have forced them on kids in schools for years. Yes, the gun companies need to leave any state that does not support them, and refuse to sell to anyone else in a state that condones the denial of gun rights to it’s people. But still, there are too many people who believe like you do, but are thinking someone or everyone else are going to do it. Hundreds at the state house needs to be thousands. You can only do your part. That is why you see my comments so much. I would rather be out there hunting but know if I leave it to someone else, it won’t get done. Like voting, if you don’t, you can’t complain when your guy looses. This is a fight we should not have to fight, but we let Obama lie to us and think he was dumb enough to not push his anti-gun agenda after he won his 2nd term. We had plenty of warning when he allowed “Fast & Furious” and then blamed us for his breaking of the laws and murder to further his agenda. This has been the crime of the past 2 centuries against us, committed by a president and no one gets it. No matter what he claims it was and is murder and everyone responsible needs to brought to trial.

    5. Becker; There are hundreds at the capitol on Monday in protest. There has been a huge e-mail and phone campaine going on. We no longer have representative governmentin Colorado. I amborn and raised in Colorado and it sadenes my heart. If they pass these bills I would advacate that hunters, anglers and sportsman boycott Colorado until they remove these unconstitutional and illegal laws and vote out the socialist democrates and their sodomite leader speaker of the house. Maybe when the state can’t function, they will listen.

    6. CO needs march and rally on state house like Maryland had and over 1 million emails. This is what gets it done. If you leave it to everyone else to do, they will most likely be leaving it for you to do. It never gets done and you loose your rights by not saying or doing anything. It should no be but every couple of years, with democrats in power, we have to fight for our rights that are given in the constitution, all over again. The NRA keeps tabs on who is for us and who is against us in each state. When voting time comes around they let you know. Democrats are counting on your memory to be short or they try to lie about how they voted. When you belong to the NRA they tell you how they voted. Then you can vote the bastards out and never let them back in. When they try to lie low and run again in a few years, the NRA will remind you how they voted against your rights the last time they were in. The NRA never forgets and never lets you forget as long as you belong to the NRA. They take care of their own. A lot of people vote straight republican
      tickets thinking that will take care of the gun grabbers. Not so. There are some turn coat republicans against us and a very few democrats who are for us, so it is not always the rule. As long as a party stands up for our rights, it should not matter what party they belong to. But you always have to be on guard that they will change horses when they think no one is looking. Lots of Obama’s out there who will turn on you when they have nothing to loose anymore.

    7. What is it with democrats?? All they want to do is take our rights away and control us. They are intolerant of any opinion but their own..who keeps electing these people??

    8. Looks like there also going state by state and Nationwide these gun/magazine ban gun grabbing representatives and senators.Everybody stand firm.Keep sending e-mails to Representatives and Senators.

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