Colorado Sheriffs Will Not Enforce State Gun Control Laws If Enacted

By AWR Hawkins

Colorado Sheriffs Will Not Enforce State Gun Control Laws If Enacted
Colorado Sheriffs Will Not Enforce State Gun Control Laws If Enacted
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Over the past few months, sheriffs across the country have emerged as bulwarks for freedom by telling President Obama they will not enforce any new federal gun control laws.

Now, Colorado's Weld County Sheriff, John Cooke, has made clear that if the Democrat-sponsored gun control bills for his state are signed into law they will not be enforced.

Speaking specifically of expanded background checks and bans on high capacity magazines, Cooke said “these are feel-good, knee-jerk reactions that are unenforceable.”

He said these two measures are simply part of the “uniformed,” hectic response Democrats have employed in trying to do something in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting.

He said that if Governor John Hickenlooper signs the measures into law he “won't bother enforcing” them.

If signed, the ban on high capacity magazines outlaws rifle magazines holding more than 15 rounds and shotgun magazines holding more than 8; the bill also outlaws rifles and/or shotguns with fixed magazines that exceed the ban limit.

The ban would take effect July 1 2013, and only higher capacity magazines and pertinent firearms owned prior to that date would remain legal.

Sheriff Terry Maketa of El Paso County, Colorado, who is standing against these measures with Sheriff Cooke, said that if the ban on high capacity magazines is signed into law, then as far as he's concerned every magazine and firearm he sees that is high capacity was owned prior to July 1 2013.

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  • 16 thoughts on “Colorado Sheriffs Will Not Enforce State Gun Control Laws If Enacted

    1. So let’s do the Cantservative thing. Since there is so much unemployment, let’s cut their salaries in half and hire replacements from the general public. They will do at least as well as the armed teachers at shooting each other. Since reading is not required (well regulated militia) pretty much anyone will do.

    2. Its yet to see if they will or not. I have heard a many person say I Will Not but when it gets right down to it go,,, OK.

      So time will tell.

    3. The Intelligent, well read, sane ninety percent of the United States see’s this groups posts as rude, crude, inflammatory and treasonous. We were all hoping you would take the drama queen Wild West show far far away. Everyone is laughing at your idiot stretches of the truth and hoping the rest of the world doesn’t think the gene pool trying to make a lucid point here does not represent the civilized portion of the United States. Someone needs to see if there is radioactive waste in Colorado causing irreversible brain damage.

    4. Sounds like the Sheriffs told the Gov. the same thing Andrew Jackson told Justic Tanny in the 1820’s about moving the Creeks, “you made your ruleing, now enforceit..”, of course he could not.

    5. Way to go, CO. Finally someone stood up for the people. Enough real crime in CO without inventing a million more criminals. All states need to take this attitude. You can’t enforce what “you don’t see.”

    6. EVERY since,I was a kid I have noticed a growing move toward the government into commuism,now the demoncrates love slavery of the to poor to fight back,and most americans are starting to realize,THATS THEM NOW,the attack has been ongoing,and now the future is in question for everyone,now we have several foreign nations bitting at americas heels,(and they want our guns),yea right,LOL,THE dear LORD shows me this ain’t going to go well,we have WAR at hand and an INVASION for sure,I pray everyone is looking up cause hell is coming to america,I think everyone feels it and realizes big things are coming this way,THEIR RIGHT, I listened to hagman&hagman report tonight and STEVE QUAYLE really told everyone whats being planned for america by the commies,I already knew most of the plan,BUT he sure added the rest of the story,this was on 3/19/2013 show,I would highly recomend,everyone listen to what steve has to say about americas future,and it would really be smart to get as close to the lord as possible about NOW…..READ daniel,and revelations,and see, its coming to pass now…funny, Daniel said 2013 was when the seals would be opened………….

    7. IN 1902,the federal government felt the 2th amendment to the US CONSTITUTION needed to be clearer to the brain challenged public officals in america,SO,AS A BACKUP,TO make it real clear,to any government offical,”THE DICK ACT OF 1902″ was made into federal law,it can’t be changed,it can’t be repealed,and it goes on forever,IT STATES, ANY AND ALL GUN LAWS,ARE FORBIDEN,NULL AND VOID,anyone enforcing any gun laws IS GUILTY OF TREASON,that includes and one preposeing a gun law,writing a gun law,OR VOTING FOR A GUN LAW,GUILTY OF TREASON,now the sheriffs and all government officals in colorado need to be mindful of the dick act of 1902,it over rides all colorado gun laws,and is still in full force to this day, across all of america,remember its TREASON to VIOLATE this law…..theres only one punishment for treason,summary execution………….

    8. THE COLORADO SHERIFFS,say they won’t enforce gun control laws,BUT what about the STATE POLICE?? well I can tell you UNLESS they are thrown out of your county,YOU HAVE A PROBLEM,cause if everyone would REMEMBER,everyone thought it was a great IDEA at the time to put RUSSIAN MILITARY TROOPS,IN THE STATE POLICE CARS,and there still there,thats right,RUSSIAN troops driving around in state police cars,dressed like americans,BUT THERE NOT,there russians.and everyone had better remember who these state police are and they don’t give a rats ass about you or your constitutional rights,IT REALLY IS STARTING TO LOOK LIKE THIS WAS PREPLANNED,JUST in case the sheriffs said NO the the commies in denver…..SO GIVE THIS SOME THOUGHT,theres still snakes in the barn…………..

    9. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. These sheriffs are leading the way, along with the average law-abiding citizen to make sure such right is not infringed. Meanwhile the left-wingnuts (too long of a list) are committed to blatantly violating such right in order to form a more perfect tyrannical “government”. I live in Texas. “Come and take it” Barry, Diane, Michael B. and the rest of you worthless elite.

    10. It looks like the republic has a chance of surviving after all, But i see room for improvement on the sheriffs part buy useing their athourity and deputizing all able body men in there counties as unpaid deputies. Providing them with what ever training they need to qualify to be a part of {his office} in the event he needs back up in an emergency that would also take care of any attempt to disarm those in his county.and would also provide him with a bigger force to call upon.

    11. Big difference between elected and politically appointed sheriffs, the later follow the wishes of their masters who are usually anti-freedom democrats. One good thing out all from this is that the low information voter may finally see the party that is truly intolorent and vote them out at the next election.

    12. Im stuck in the upper NE USA and at the last town hall meeting the question of enforcing any federal gun ban was asked of our local Sheriff ( Donnie Smith) and he stated he would, now this went over about as well as a turd in a punch bowl. This guys dept was rocked by scandal where his guy in charge of the jail was skimming money and the secretary was buying ( santa baby bras) ” both fired” plus a DR who works for them part time ( old guy) given an id and left his damn 9 mm pistol in a local store in the bathroom ( wasnt auth for conceal carry ) but the id said he could and he had no formal training. I wish our Sheriff wasnt such a twit. I heard his time is limited and ill make damn sure I vote against him next election but he does scare tactics where if your against him you get harassed etc, but I guess thats par for the course. Our local gun range falls within his jurisdiction and unfortunatly unless the state police buck up were screwed if he decides to show up unexpected if they decide to pass any gun laws. We have military gun shoots every month ( doubt he would show then unless with a swat team) but any other time usualy 2-10 members sometimes just my sons and I are shooting ( ill make sure I got plenty of ammo (lol) I hope the guy who runs against him does it on the enforcement of the 2nd which our local dipshit seems to have forgoten) and is more a polititian than a Sheriff. God bless the Sheriffs out their bucking up and lucky you who live under their protection

    13. Let the world know that Colorado has the BEST Sheriffs, and Sheriff Mike Ensminger of Teller County Leads the way. We are VERY proud of our Sheriff Mike and His Super Wife Maria! G-d Bless them Both.
      Mario & Teresa Miceli

    14. I applaud this Sheriff. He is one true American. I DO wonder about the city of Boulder. My understanding is they follow the lead of the democrats and that can’t be good. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about that wonderful place. Colorado is the wrong state for democrats. It’s the wrong state to even think about any gun control. People WILL fight back be it in the ballot box or by physical force. The democrats better know this or they’ll become targets. I can’t blame them at all. Socialist Marxist ideology is not welcome there or anywhere in America.

    15. Kudos to the Sheriffs in Colorado. To the people of the gun in CO: You now know that your sheriffs are on YOUR side. Do not forget this. I reside in the sunny state of Florida, where the Sheriffs Association wrote a proclamation supporting the second amendment adding that members will not “assist, support or condone any unconstitutional infringement of that right”.

    16. Thank you Genrlemen very much. I wish the rest of the countrys LEO would NUT UP and do the same thing and send the message to the politican to FUCK OFF and DIE. This is our free country and if they want these BS laws and rules move to another FUCKING country that has them. I am so tired of this shit I could scream

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