Feinstein Angry as Majority of the Senate Votes to Ban Gun Control

Senate staffer says “gun grabbers were livid” and “DiFi was pissed”.

Reid And Feinstein
Feinstein Angry as Majority of the Senate Votes to Ban Gun Control
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- On Friday, GOA asked you to contact your Senators and urge them to support the Lee amendment which would require Senators to muster 67 votes before adopting gun control legislation.

You responded to the call, and the results were very encouraging.

The good news is that a majority of Senators supported the Lee amendment by a 50-49 vote. The bad news is, since the Senate rules requires 60 votes, the Lee amendment fell ten votes short.

Click here to see how your Senators voted on the Lee amendment.

Part of GOA’s strategy for defeating Harry Reid’s gun control bill (S. 649) has been to put Senators on record and force them to reveal where they stand on gun rights. Are they going to stand with us, or are they going to follow Obama down the road to further gun control restrictions and, therefore, require additional pressure from their constituents?

One high-level Senate staffer, commenting about the vote on the Lee amendment which took place at 4 a.m. Saturday morning, told GOA that, “The gun grabbers were livid when Senator Lee forced the vote. Mark Pryor looked nervous as hell, and DiFi [aka, Dianne Feinstein] was pissed.”

GOA’s strategy was realized twice Saturday when two key amendments were offered to the budget resolution — one amendment by Senator Lee, the other by Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK).

Six Democrats and all but one Republican (Mark Kirk of Illinois) voted in favor of the Lee Amendment which would make S. 649 impossible to pass. Again, this is because the Lee amendment would have required anti-gun Senators to muster 67 votes (rather than a simple majority of 51 votes) before gun control could be adopted.

There were six “Red State” Democrats who voted Against the Lee amendment — Senators Mark Begich (AK), Tim Johnson (SD), Tim Kaine (VA), Mary Landrieu (LA), Harry Reid (NV) and Mark Warner (VA).

Gun owners in these states should be sure to voice their displeasure with these Senators.

The other provision — an anti-UN treaty amendment offered by Sen. Inhofe — passed by a 53-46 margin.  53 senators, including eight Democrats, voted for the Inhofe amendment to kill the UN Arms Trade Treaty — a treaty that would impose gun registration and possibly even ban handguns and semi-autos, while creating a microstamping requirement that would be technologically impossible to comply with.

Anti-gun Mary Landrieu and Harry Reid voted wrong on both amendments — and even refused to join the eight Democrats who oppose the UN Arms Trade Treaty. This treaty could be self-executing and could, without further legislation, force the U.S. to implement gun registration and bans on semi-autos and handguns.

Gun owners in Louisiana and Nevada, you have some homework to do — Mary Landrieu and Harry Reid need to hear from you!

GOA will keep you updated on the status of Harry Reid’s gun control bill (S. 649), which will be voted on right after the Easter recess.

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  • 12 thoughts on “Feinstein Angry as Majority of the Senate Votes to Ban Gun Control

    1. I have contacted my senator and urged him to vote down any gun control legislation. I recieved an email back stating he will vote in favor of the ban; citing how an assault rifle was used at Sandy Hook. The assault rifle was removed from the car after the attack. It had never been in the school.
      California has some of if not the strictest gun laws in the country. Yet they have some of the worst gang violence in the country. Ask them to explain why so much violence with all the regulation. Simple there is no law that will stop these attacks.
      Unfortunately some of our elected officials become blind or are persuaded(threatened)to vote in favor of a bad bill.
      The biggest problem is the breakdown of family and morality in this country. Recently a child was asked what he/she wanted to do when they grew up. The answer “I want to be on welfare”.
      This is what needs fixed.

    2. Does Kathleen Kitchens keeper know she has escaped? This woman is a Nut and almost as crazy as Obama and Bloomberg and she should never be left alone at any time because she is a danger not only to herself but to any living thing!.

    3. Sear concerned,
      since the begining of time murder has been in the heart of man, take away guns and you still have many macabre methods of killing, even mass murder, If you think for a moment banning certain types of guns will prevent violent crime, consider Charles Manson, Ted Bundie,or the Jeffrey Domers of this world. Why don’t we ban knives, and machettes also. and then there are the homade devices that will come like a flood, when you remove legitamate firearms from the publics reach. Have people stopped finding and buying drugs and other contraband just because its illeagal? You want to save some lives? You would be better off banning smoking .

    4. Continued…mabey then you will see how wrong you are, while your life fades away waiting for police to arive and fill out a report, while the coroner hauls out your body. Then di fi starts in again blam I nj g it all on guns! You people are NUTS. MIND YOUR OWN BIDNES! Sorry but the crook that just slautered you did not follow any of the new feel good laws you idiot are fighing for.
      Peace and love

    5. Kathleen k, I am a gun owner and a law abiding citizen, and I have nothing to hide. I f you love the sick idea of gun control, go live in chicago or washington dc outside the safe zone by the capitol, or better yet, syria. Gun control is working great for them!
      Another thing I would like to know is what 10 peolple were surveyed to find 7 in favor of it. I have asked high and low and no-one has any desire to disarm the people. Only small minded, ignorant individuals such as yourself see any logic in further laws made to leave.the citizens defenseless. When the croo mk s break into your home and you m az nage to get time to call 911, mabey

    6. I am glad to see that the two senators from SC did the right thing.
      However the entire concept of legislators passing gun control legislation is ludicrous.
      Any act that brings about gun control legislation is treasonous. It is against the people and the Constitution. There can be no question about that.
      Yes there can be local laws provided by State legislation that deals with criminals and the mentally infirm. That is understood. Overall blanket legislation is Treason.

    7. Is there any legal action that can be placed on feinstein? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how she can be allowed to continue with her attacks on the rights of the good people in this country.she should have been arrested for her actions.HER constant attacks on the 2nd amendment are a disgrace, but she is allowed to continue.Is this the the usa or what.

    8. ‎Dear President Obama & Vice President Biden,
      Please know that most of the American people support common sense over anything else. I realize these emails I am sending to Harry are falling on deaf ears, but I will make sure they are heard regardless. So how about some of you Boy’s stepping up to the plate and showing your rebelous little teenagers in the Senate and Congress what it takes to LEAD? Somebody needs to be the HERO here! What is the real Problem? We want answers!
      Emails to Senator Harry Reid, minus the 1st one. I was angry and hurt and didn’t think to copy and save the email. It probably started out with a big SHAME ON YOU! It basically explained how disappointed I was that he could just give up and dismiss the American peoples wishes. Also, how heartbreaking it is that the children are paying the highest price. For what? Adults to play with dangerous toys and then let them end up in the wrong hands. Come on people, this is beyond stupidity! America, let’s grow up already! We need your support and we need it fast!

      Dear Senator Reid, ‎3/‎20/‎2013
      It’s me again! Like I promised, I will be sending you an email every day until this bill is back on the table. You are responsible for killing the bill and should be accountable for every death, that happens from this day forward, by any military style weapon or high capacity magazine. These killings are unnecessary and you are allowing this to continue. You have no right to decide what the American people want! We demand a vote! It’s also your job to convince the congress to vote and pass what the people want, not the NRA. You have failed to do your job and let down every Democrat in America. Hope your proud of you cowardly self. Have a nice day, I’m sure you will have no problem sleeping tonight!
      Kathleen Kitchen

      Dear Senator Reid, ‎3/‎21/‎2013
      Third Day and email #3! I’m wondering how a Governor from a State can pass bans on assault weapons and capacity of magazines, but the Senate Majority Leader cannot? In fact you are willing to claim that you pretty much don’t have the votes for anything. I’m not buying it and I can pretty much promise you that most of the American people aren’t either. It’s your job to make it work and if you can’t, then step down and let somebody else do the job. Universal backgrounds are a must, magazines can be eliminated completely, and there is absolutely no reason for anyone to own a military style weapon. Bring back the ATF and return it’s rightful power by dumping the NRA. The only people that can see the solution, are the people that are not part of the problem! So, I guess you’ll be hearing from me tomorrow……
      Kathleen Kitchen
      P.S Just in case you are hitting the delete button, I am saving these emails and plan to forward them to the President & Vice President.

      Dear Senator Reid, ‎3/‎22/‎2013
      I’m back and it’s not a good day! Fourth day, email# 4. Things have gone from bad to worse! You have so much blood on your hands, including that of a 13 month old baby. SHAME ON YOU!!! How do you explain your choice to do nothing about keeping firearms out of the wrong hands? Don’t pretend that, you really believe, there is not enough support. If you or your naysayers think that any and all bans would not make a difference, then why not do it any way? What do you have to lose? I think the the real world knows, the logical solution would be, give it a try? Not you, it can’t get shot down fast enough. What’s the real problem? The NRA? Egg all over their face today! The gun junkies from the White Supremest are, what they call, Rising. Sound familiar? Costing the life of the Chief of the Prison system in Colorado and a pizza man from Domino’s. Guns are out of control! There needs to be education, safety, training, rules and regulations. What’s the problem with this? Can’t you see how seriously wrong it is for a mother who is walking her baby to get attacked by 2 kids with guns, who shot the baby in the head killing it and shot the mother in the leg as well? WTH! Someone needs to be accountable when their gun kills another person. For now you are to blame! Bye for now…
      Kathleen Kitchen

    9. Dear Senator Reid, ‎3/‎23/‎2013
      It’s good that I’m 56 years old and probably won’t have a hard time finding something to talk about. Fifth Day, email #5! I want to remind you who I am. As I stated in my first email, I’m an American, Grandmother, Mother, Veteran, and a Democrat. (I no longer choose to add the word Democrat to my title). I have no choice about the rest, but I don’t have to be associated with any political party. My decision is not up for sale to the highest bidder. Imagine that concept! I’m going to start from the beginning, maybe it will take you back about 50 years ago. The first vision I have of watching anything on television was our President John F Kennedy being shot to death with a gun. I was a, 7 1/2 year old, innocent little girl and everyone around me was falling apart. All of our hopes and dreams were killed dead! Somehow this kind of thing leaves its stamp forever. At 11 1/2 years old I decided I would campaign for Bobby Kennedy and I worked very hard every day after school. Once again I’m watching somebody, important to me, get shot and killed with a gun 22 days before my 12th birthday. Broken hearted, but not defeated I fought on. The Vietnam war was devastating! The morbid pictures of the enemy’s demise, are forever imprinted in my mind. Our men were so damaged and all for a senseless war. It’s still a battle for many of these veterans. The one good thing is nobody cared about guns after the war. The vets were not running out and buying AR-15 military style weapons, or any other kind of gun, so they could continue their war on the streets of America. This is not the case today! If they had their way, they would be carrying open. If they didn’t get a purple heart, a military style weapon will be there metal. Who the hell do they think they are? The entitlement and disgusting display of disrespect is appalling. Intimidation and fear being forced on millions of people who do not own a firearm. Not Okay! I have many relatives buried in the National Cemetery, and they are rolling in their graves today. None were gun owners! They would be extremely disappointed in your action or non-action considering this extremely important matter. Plus you are playing a very dangerous game with the lives of the American people.
      Then John Lennon and a few months later another President I voted for, Ronald Reagan and the famous Brady Bill. What are you thinking? Face the TRUTH, at least 70% of the American people don’t own a firearm. The only people that do not want rules and regulations, when it comes to guns, are the people who have something to hide and the NRA. So, which one are you? Tomorrow, we’ll move on to Columbine. I lived in Littleton, CO at the time, with a child in the last year of High School. Life will never be the same after this! Have a nice night and hug your grandchilden every chance you get!
      Kathleen Kitchen

      Dear Senator Reid, ‎3/‎24/‎2013
      I promised to email every day and like I said in my last email, this is not my First Rodeo! Sixth day, email #6! I’m not seeing any signs of a bill including a ban on assault weapons, high capacity magazine limitations, or Universal back ground checks. It seems to be still under the carpet, where you conveniently swept it 6 days ago! So, once again SHAME ON YOU! In fact SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, AND SHAME ON YOU! (1 shame for every day) I had the opportunity to watch your buddy Wayne on Meet The Press this morning and to be honest with you, he makes me physically ill. How can your support someone like him and keep a straight face? Do you know how you can tell when he is lying? When he opens his mouth! I think I can speak for the majority of the American people when I say, we did not elect the NRA into any federal government position and you need to relieve them of duty. We don’t need them to teach gun, or any other kind of safety, to our firearm owners. They have failed in their cause immensely! In fact guns are less safer then ever and the NRA is the very reason, why the majority of, guns end up in the wrong hands. This is where the loopholes come in. Littleton, Co April 20, 1999, and one of the most horrifying days of my life. The Columbine Massacre took a piece of my heart away! It is still very hard to think about and the tears are beginning to flow…… My Husband, Son & I lived in Littleton and our Son attended Chatfield High School at the time. When the children from Columbine returned to school, many came to Chatfield. I know the real story about how the guns came into play and the shooters motive. Not the story the NRA wants you to believe. It had nothing to do with goth or bullying, so you can remove that from your dictionary. Those boys were seeking arms training and personal sales to get their guns. White Supremest and video games were their training. The date 4/20 was Hitler’s birthday and they worshiped him, just like many other White Supremest groups. Next they talked an 18 year old girl into buying guns for them at a local gun show. All she had to do was show her ID, no questions asked and guns for everyone! Even though there was an assault weapons ban in effect the NRA tried everything they could to blow any kind of gun control out of the water. Even after they came out with their fake compassion and promises. What about how they framed the ATF to make it look like they armed the Mexican Cartel. They would arm Al-Qaeda if it would create more sales. They don’t care! It’s all about the money and I’m not buying any of it! Here we are 14 years later and those loopholes were never closed. It’s obvious to the American people who’s really in charge and this is going to change. People aren’t going to take it anymore! Goodnight!
      Kathleen Kitchen

      Dear Senator Reid, ‎3/‎25/‎2013
      I’m not going to beat around the bush anymore! Seventh Day, email #7. I can’t even tell you how much it saddened me to watch the young mother of the 13 month old baby, who was shot in the face and killed by a kid with a gun, today on the news. This isn’t about just me, in fact it’s mostly not about me. I have had many bad memories regarding gun violence, but I have never had someone, close to me, lost by it. Nor do I want to experience that. I could only imagine! All I know is, that in mind, there is something very wrong with what is happening in our country today. It has nothing to do with infringement on anybody’s rights. The constitution makes itself very clear with the statement about “a well regulated militia”. Nobody has forgotten this. Some will distort it to fit their cause, but in the end, it is what it is. Everyone is all focused on the economy and debt issues. None of this is going to get better until you make the American people feel safe. The only people, making huge profits, are the gun manufactures. Tax these damn guns, make sure hospital bills are paid, compensation for death to the families and go after the manufactures for accountability! Why is this so difficult? I’m not at all interested in shopping at malls in America, going to movies, or even taking one of my grandbabies for a walk in the stroller. It’s not worth the risk! I don’t mind clothes shopping in Canada or vacationing in other countries. I’m not opposed to relocating to Canada either. This gun problem is an epidemic and will soon become a humanitarian issue! What next? Does anybody have any TRUTHFUL ANSWERS? Goodnight……..
      Kathleen Kitchen

    10. We as Tax paying law abiding U.S Citizens should be left alone from any UN Affairs in terms of Firearms and gun control. We have to come in terms and show to the rest of the World that Guns Make America. It is Americans Freedom RIGHT and Responsibility to Protect ourselves and loved ones. We all know that criminals and outlaws will not abide by the laws we vote to pass. There fore Americans need all what is needed to protect themselves against Criminals with Equal or Stronger Power. Any one, Group,Government or Social Entity that disagrees with this logic, and wants to ban or remove firearms to it’s good citizens only has an agenda of Tyranny and Enslavement and has no honest agenda for public Safety only to open doors to Criminals Domestic and Foreign to commit Violent Crimes using Firearms, Fore they are already Criminals Themselves…

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