Gun Owners: The New Criminals SOTG Radio This Week

Gun Owners: The New Criminals SOTG Radio This Week
Gun Owners: The New Criminals SOTG Radio This Week
Student of the Gun Radio
Student of the Gun Radio

LUVERNE, AL –-( This Week on Student of the Gun Radio: Colorado Criminalizes Citizens, New Jersey targets Gun Owners, and New York establishes “Rat on a Gun Owner” program.

Lawful American gun owners are in the crosshairs all across the nation as anti-gun politicians and their minions attempt to criminalize gun ownership and intimidate citizens.

We cannot and will not sit by as good people are harassed and bullied by those who are supposed to be “civil servants”.

During this episode we specifically discuss the current anti-freedom movements afoot in Colorado, New Jersey, and New York.  The time has long since passed to stand up for your rights.

If you love this nation and the principles upon which it was founded you cannot sit on the sidelines.

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  • 6 thoughts on “Gun Owners: The New Criminals SOTG Radio This Week

    1. Ratting on a gun owner is a good way to get hurt. I know everyone that knows I have guns. It would not be hard to figure out who ratted me out if it happened. I would feel sorry for the poor bastard when he wakes up in the hospital with his teeth wired together,

    2. gun grabbers are people that do not want you to have the right to own firearms.they do not care about your constitutional right.they make their own constitution,— kill the 2nd amendment. police state, in the making.

    3. I believe we should all be working towards constitutional carry. Several states already have it, and Idaho is working on it: Basically, if you are legally able to own and carry a gun, then we should let you conceal it at your leisure. Criminals would be breaking the law owning carrying or concealing a gun. Pretty simple logic in my book. And good for the 2nd Amendment.

    4. Sorry, buddy, gotta break ranks with you here. I do not support background checks and never have.
      When they were instituted, they were technically imposed upon licensed dealers, appropriate subjects of regulations. But the government simply cannot be trusted, and the trust extended to them vis-a-vis background checks is now redounding to our dismay. “Reasonable” firearms regulations now include impositions on the private citizen, someone whose rights are supposed to be beyond government authority. Having now been conditioned to accept background checks when purchasing through FFLs, the public is now generally accepting of background checks on all transactions.
      The extension of background checks to private transactions will lead to registration, because registration is needed to make background checks effective. Registration will lead to confiscation (you know that). Additionally, the background checks themselves with lead to abuses such as exorbitant fees for their conduct.
      This means that we simply cannot give them an inch. Indeed, we must work to roll back all restrictive firearms legislation.
      Our rights are being legislated out of existence an iota at a time. Every restriction you agree with sets the stage for further restrictions, for which there will always be supporters, and their support will lead to yet more restrictions. The “slippery slope” is not only real, we’ve been sliding on it for some time.
      Funny, you mention the parable of the frog, but you haven’t applied the lesson to your own thinking. We are the frog, and as long as we have government, we’re in the pot. We can’t let them turn on the fire at all, because someone is alway ready to turn up the heat.

    5. If these people want a rat out program give it to them. Only change the names to gun grabbers you know. Use your heads to neutralize these people and play just as dirty. When election time comes, make sure you vote these dirty rat congressmen out and keep them out.

    6. The way things are I’d be leaving those states as fast as is possible!
      They are truly NAZI STATES!
      Those people have lost their rights and they will never get them back! Only by leaving like those that realized the truth in 1939, will they re-gain their freedom!
      Once fascism is condoned and applauded by the
      weak and feeble minded population it’s too late!

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