Homeowner Takes Biden’s Shotgun Advice, Gets Arrested

Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- During the past few days and weeks, VP Joe Biden has been passing out advice on how to use a shotgun–the problem is, much of what he has advised is against the law.

Virginia Beach resident Trevor Snowden found this out the hard way when he fired “a shotgun through the door” and faced charges for “reckless handling of a firearm.”

The 22-year old Snowden fired through a door after seeing two masked men by a window of his residence.

It was during an interview with Field & Stream that Biden said one of the pluses of using  a shotgun for home defense over an AR-15 is that you can “just fire the shotgun through the door” to keep people away from your house.

The problem with this advice, as Trevor Snowden discovered, it that using a shotgun in that manner is illegal.

As Breitbart News pointed out in another place, this goes right along with Biden’s suggestion that homeowners randomly fire shotguns into the air to scare off intruders–after all, that is what he tells his wife to do if she hears someone outside when he’s not home.  Yet firing guns into the air within city limits is illegal as well.

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Bill Baker

It’s a close call, normally I would say Biden, but unless he martyred himself to prove the point the guy had to know how illegal it was to shoot any gun through a door, shotgun or AR. At least let them kick your door in before poking some holes in ’em.

Tenring Rob r

Can’t decide who is more stupid, Biden or the fool who listened to him. The bad news is this knucklehead has been arrested, the good news is he won’t get to do it again. Bet he voted for Biden.


And like when they railroaded gov bloggo, you can bet he can’t call biden to testify at his trial either. Biden should be charged as an accessory at the very least.


Biden is and always has been a piece of scum. That crazy sonofabitch has been fighting mental health for years.HBH


Dangerous man giving very dangerous advice…..


Way to go Joe! Now I remember why you are VP! We did not have a choice when we got screwed with Obama.


These things that Biden said are not only against the law, if a shotgun has bird shot in it, it will only bounce off the door and come right back in your face. Biden only wanted to make a criminal out of people who defend themselves. Real gun people know what is legal and what is not, but this guy should bring a law suit against Biden. This guy will either get you arrested or killed, does not matter which to him. He just wants you gone.

Shawn Grammont

Only a fool would take Biden’s half-baked advice. Joe Biden don’t know anything about home defense and firearm safety.


Since the libtards want to hold gun manufacturers liabal when a bafoon accidently shoots himself or someone else or when an asshole purposely shoots someone else (except self-defense),then why can’t Joe”blowhard” Biden be held liabal when someone follows his stupid advice ?

Johnny Nightrider

I sure didn’t vote for Obama or Biden.I’ve watched videos of women firing shotguns and dropping the 12 gauge after its fired or it twists around before they drop it.On the other hand in person and on video I have seen women handle a AR15 so much better because there is little recoil.Biden is a idiot.Its hard to believe he is Vice-President.Than again Dan Quayle was a Vice- President and he didn’t know jack about firearms.Only thing good about him was he was a Republican though he probably hindered the first Bush from getting re-elected.


Assholes and idiots voted him in along with his stupidity. I wonder…are any of them regretting it? I don’t think so an idiot doesn’t have an IQ large enough to know he’s an idiot!

Ben Bobb

Accuracy is important. I listened closely to ole Joe to hear if he instructed us where to aim our warning shot. He did not say “into the air”. I was waiting for him to recommend the “air” shot, but he did not.
Police do not fire warning shot and neither should we. If you pull the trigger, make it count.


It’s too late you can’t prosecute someone for being an idiot when he has already been convicted of being an idiot. (Double Stupidity rule) This guy is a menace to society. It was only a matter of time before a child or salesman was hurt or killed following this idiot’s advice. Who the hell voted for these two assholes? They should be the ones forced to knock on his door!


Biden should be prosecuted for the results of his actions. That and criminal endangerment attempte murder as an accomplice and generally just being an idiot


Mr. Biden is clearly as well versed on the topic of firearms as he is in the practice of neurosurgery. I would not take his guidance on either subject.