IFC/NRA-backed Gun Permit Confidentiality Bill Passes Iowa House

IFC/NRA Backed HF535 Passes in IA House!  Vote of 95-3!

Iowa Firearms Coalition
Iowa Firearms Coalition

IOWA – -(Ammoland.com)- On Monday, March 18, 2013, the 2nd Amendment, common sense and the rights of gun owners prevailed.

IFC/NRA-backed HF 535 passed by an overwhelming vote of 95-3. Introduced by state Representative Matt Windschitl (R-17), this important legislation prohibits the publication of the names and addresses of individuals possessing Iowa permits to acquire or carry weapons.

The majority of our Representatives understood that media access to, and publication of, the personal information of law abiding permit holders does not increase public safety.  Sadly, three Representatives did not grasp this basic fact.  Those Representatives are Pat Murphy (D-Dubuque), Bruce Hunter (D-Des Moines) and Chuck Isenhart (D-Dubuque).  Please keep these three names in mind when they are up for re-election.

We don’t need individuals who lack a fundamental respect for our Constitutional rights representing the citizens of this great state.

Special thanks go out to Rep. Matt Windschitl for leading the effort in the Iowa House and his tireless dedication to the 2nd Amendment rights of all Iowans.

The fight isn’t over yet.  The bill now moves to the IA Senate for consideration.  Please keep your eyes open for upcoming Action Alerts on this important legislation.

Iowa Sheriffs and Deputies Association Shows Strong Support
Unfortunately, other groups that claim to be “pro-gun” are creating chaos with their same old tactics of sowing discord and controversy where there is none.  The latest example of this is their attempt to gin up fear that the ISSDA is using intimidation and the power of their offices to suppress the rights of law abiding gun owners in Iowa.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The ISSDA was a strong and consistent supporter of HF 535 from the beginning. We here at IFC recognize that support and are grateful for it.

Firearm Industry Economic Development
As a reminder, many businesses in the firearm industry are under attack by oppressive laws and regulations in the states where they currently operate. This is making it increasingly more difficult for them to provide us the selection and quality of product, at competitive prices, that we have come to expect and enjoy. Iowa could be a great new home for these companies.

Please take a moment and use our Action Center to ask Governor Branstad to reach out to these businesses and encourage them to consider Iowa. Iowa’s workers would welcome these financially sound companies and their high quality jobs, making this the right move for all concerned.

Fighting for your Second Amendment rights in Iowa,

Jeff Burkett
President – Iowa Firearms Coalition
NRA Endowment Member 

About Iowa Firearms Coalition:
The mission of the Iowa Firearms Coalition is to be THE firearms rights organization in Iowa, representing Second Amendment concerns for all firearms owners in the state. We will staunchly defend the rights of hunters and sportsmen as well as the rights of all Iowans to defend themselves and their loved ones. We seek to partner with other like-minded organizations to increase our effectiveness in accomplishing these goals. Visit: www.iowafc.org

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