A Note from Lucky Gunner About Your 2nd Amendment Rights & Ammo Sales

Firearms Equality Movement
Firearms Equality Movement
Lucky Gunner Ammuntion
Lucky Gunner Ammuntion

Knoxville, TN –-(Ammoland.com)- The Lucky Gunner team has been working hard to source product for our customers, ship orders same day, and to provide excellent service by responding to all calls and emails from our customers promptly.

Amidst our efforts, we have been alerted by a few of our loyal gunners to an industry stance in support of our 2A Rights. We want to inform you all that we will stand in support of our rights as law abiding citizens. Effective immediately, we are not bidding and we will not bid on any government contracts within the states prohibiting sales of ammunition to law abiding citizens.

In an effort to support those law abiding citizens, we will continue to sell to those citizens up until the last day that we can legally do so.

Thank you,
The LuckyGunner.com Team

About Lucky Gunner: Luckygunner.com is an online ammo retailer which carries in-stock handgun, rifle, shotgun, and rimfire ammunition. Orders placed before 3pm EST on a weekday ship the very same day. Orders placed after 3pm EST or on a weekend ship out the next business day. Lucky Gunner’s live inventory counter ensures that what is seen on-site is what is actually in-stock and ready to ship. Lucky Gunner prides itself on excellent service. Every time. No exceptions.

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How’s HBH doing finding ammo now, in stock and shipped quick? somewhere else? What crawled up ur bum?
And a lil word for JD Ham- religion aside, God is the one that brought us liberty through the barrel of a rifle.

Nuke’em all & god bless the US.

JD Hamilton

Let’s keep religion out of this. There is enough irrationality in government as it is.

Retired American Vet.

$1.00 Per round for surplus 5.56? Really. I’ll make sure to pass this link back to ammoland writers and let public opinion be evaluated by people who spend far more time on the range than they do on facebook. Just so you don’t think I dreamed this up, here is the link, see the insanity for yourself:


@RockHard,the last sentence in your statement is call “DUE PROCESS” ! Thats something this liberal trash dont like at all ! Fuck all that douche bag,pantie waste scum ! HBH


Over a month ago I decided to never do business again W/LuckyGunner or Armalite. My next 50cal with be a Barrett ! HBH


“law abiding”? That’s just another phrase used to condition Americans. So if they make unconstitutional laws do we Americans no longer qualify. You should say ‘citizens or ‘Americans’ without qualifying them. Every American citizen has a right to bear and keep arms. If they choose to use this right unjustly then they will have to answer for their actions. Qualifying Americans goes against the “Innocent until proven guilty” and by the saying “law abiding” you’ve just determined that Americans are already guilty. If you keep qualifying who has a right to bear and keep arms, soon they’ll be saying ‘law… Read more »