Montana Shooting Sports Association Legislative Update for Friday March 22nd 2013

Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Missoula, MT –-( A lot of action is happening on MSSA bills right now. The full rundown is below, so I’ll only cite bill numbers for the ones which need your action.

Contacting the Governor: You can email Governor Bullock at mailto:[email protected], or use the message form at

If emailing, put the requested action in the shortest possible Subject line, such as “Please approve SB 145.” With either email or Webform, BE NICE. You may say you feel strongly, but do not threaten or browbeat. Keep your email or Webform body to three short sentences (one short sentence would be better).


  • SB 145 (CWP info confidential) has gone to the Governor for his signature (or veto).
  • HB 27 (suppressors for hunting wolves) has gone to the Governor for his signature (or veto).
  • HB 240 (universities authority; campus carry) is pending action before the Senate Education Committee (IMPERATIVE to contact Committee members and ask for their support of HB 240)
  • HB 302 (non-enforcement of new federal gun control) has passed House and Senate with non-fatal amendments and is on its way to the Governor.
  • HB 304 (permitless concealed carry) will be before the Senate for Second Reading tomorrow (Friday, 3/22). (IMPERATIVE to contact ALL senators and ask for their support of HB 304.
  • HB 468 (manufacturing ammo components in Montana) is pending action soon by the House Taxation Committee (IMPERATIVE to contact Committee members and ask for their support of HB 468).

If you’ve forgotten how to contact legislators, go to:

It’s getting to crunch time on a bunch of bills. Time to focus and perform.

  • SB 145, Require all information on a concealed weapon permit application confidential. Passed Senate and House and sent to the Governor, sponsored by Sen. Eric Moore
  • SR 34, Invite firearms manufacturers in states with hostile laws to “Come to Montana: Assigned to Senate Judiciary Committee, sponsored by Sen Fred Thomas
  • HB 27, Authorize use of sound suppressors while hunting certain large predators. Passed by House and Senate and sent to the Governor, sponsored by Rep. Ted Washburn
  • HB 205, Eliminate prohibition on firearm sound reduction devices in the field. Passed Senate Judiciary 3/7, pending for Senate Second Reading, sponsored by Rep. Krayton Kerns
  • MAYBE DEAD HB 223, Provide property tax exemption for non-profit shooting ranges Tabled in House Taxation Committee, Rep. Miller
  • HB 240, Clarify constitutional provisions and law related to board of regents/u-system (includes Campus Carry) Hearing Senate Education Committee 3/18, sponsored by Rep. Cary Smith
  • HB 302, Prohibit state enforcement of any federal ban on semi-auto firearms/magazines. Passed in amended form by both House and Senate, will soon go to the Governor, sponsored by Rep. Krayton Kerns
  • HB 303, Federal law enforcement officers should communicate with sheriff (Sheriffs First) (referendum) Passed by House Judiciary 2/15, awaiting Second Reading, Rep. Kerns
  • HB 304, Generally revise concealed weapons laws (permitless carry inside cities and towns) Passed by Senate Judiciary (7-5), scheduled for Senate Second Reading 3/22, sponsored by Rep. Krayton Kerns
  • DEAD HB 358, Revising laws related to the offense of carrying a concealed weapon (dealing with “prohibited places”) Failed on House Second Reading, Rep. Kerns
  • DEAD HB 384, Clarifying laws for suspension and expulsion of students related to firearms (school board discretion for firearms locked in vehicles) Failed House Third Reading, Rep. O’Neil
  • HB 446, Revise offense of disorderly conduct (“firing firearms” is NOT a crime) Hearing Senate Local Government, 3/8, awaiting committee action, Rep. Nick Schwaderer
  • HB 459, Revise privacy laws related to medical treatment and firearms (medical providers may not refuse service if patients refuse to answer gun questions) Passed with amendments by Senate Judiciary, sponsored by Rep. Krayton Kerns
  • HB 468, Encourage manufacture of ammunition components in Montana to ensure availability Awaiting action by House Taxation Committee, Rep. Alan Doane
  • HB 571, Establish the employee safe travel to work act (employees have a property right inside vehicles parked in an employer’s parking lot, including firearms that are secured and out of sight) (referendum) Awaiting committee assignment, sponsored by Rep. Kirk Wagoner

Thanks so much,

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana

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