National Shooting Sports Foundation Warns of Media Plan to Divide, Conquer Gun Rights Groups

AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) president Steve Sanetti is warning gun owners to be beware the mainstream media’s efforts to pit one gun rights group against another in an attempt to divide and conquer.

For example, Sanetti points out that a March 5 Washington Post article is constructed around the theory that the NSSF does not stand with the NRA in opposition to universal background checks.

The WAPO does this by equating the NSSF’s support for improvements to the current background check system with support for universal background checks.

Sanetti rejects this argument out of hand, and makes it clear that when the NSSF says they support an “effective, complete background check,” they mean making the one we have now work better, by adding certain mental health components to it.

But regarding universal background checks, the NSSF stands in opposition right alongside the NRA.

As Sanetti put it:

Regarding so-called universal background checks, or background checks that extend beyond retail sales or to private transfers such as a father passing on his favorite hunting rifle to his son, our big concern is one shared by millions of firearm owners–that enforcing checks of used firearm transfers between individuals will lead to the creation of a national gun registry of firearms, something that Congress has expressly prohibited.

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M. Simon

They are already dividing the gun groups. California is going after guns that are located in any house where there is a person with mental problems.

A significant fraction of gunners is OK with this.


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Donald L. Cline

The NSSF and the NRA should both be opposing background checks for anyone to buy a firearm: A background check constitutes an a priori restraint on the right to due process, a violation of the right to privacy, and a violation of the right to be secure from being compelled to waive any rights (privacy, due process, etc.) as a condition for being “permitted” to exercise a right over which government has no subject matter authority whatever to permit or refuse to permit. We need to stop playing the gun banner’s game and just say NO! We need to demand… Read more »


ALL t5he pro 2 nd amendment groups need to have a sit down with their presidents,TOGETHER and get on the same page..will not comply with ANY anti gun bills….and will instruct members to prepare for civil disobedience, if government forces itself upon the people…we only prolong the unknown ,when we fight them in court…look where we are now ,even with court warm and fuzzy for about you..

L. Kimble

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