New Cell Phone App Shows Gun Friendly or Gun Free Zones

Gun Free Zone Map
Gun Free Zone Map
Mapleton, UT –-(, a mobile phone app company, today announced the release of its new mobile phone app, GunFreeZone.

The app will identify the nearest 20 commercial locations, including businesses, churches and schools, as either firearm friendly or gun free.

In some states, a gun free zone sign on the front door of a business has the effect of law. The GunFreeZone app can clearly identify these gun free zones on a map to alert people with concealed weapons, helping avoid those locations to shop elsewhere and avoid an unintentional offense. At the same time, people concerned about the proliferation of guns in society can easily identify gun free zones where they might feel safer.

By identifying commercial locations that share their views, users can advance their opinions by shopping at and otherwise supporting those locations. This helps users vote with their wallets.

“Guns are a hot topic and emotions run deep,” said Karl Hale, the app developer and founder. “Activists on both sides of the firearms debate want a way to share their opinions and make their voices heard.”

“We realized that people wanted to know where gun free zones are so that they could either avoid or support those locations and there wasn’t an easy way to get that information,” says John Peden, another founder of GunFreeZone.

“We just released the app and already over 3000 people from every state in the US have downloaded the app and have marked almost 10,000 locations so far. At this rate, we expect every commercial location in the country to be marked in short order, allowing people to stay compliant with their state’s gun laws and also effectively support or boycott businesses according to which side of the gun coin they are on.”

When a user opens the GunFreeZone app, the phone utilizes GPS to find its location and the nearest 20 stores. Touching a store’s name brings up the page where users can select to mark the store as either a gun free zone or firearm friendly. The app tracks how many people have marked the location as either firearm friendly or a gun free zone. That information is shared with every other user of the app.

GunFreeZone is not pushing a political agenda nor does it tell users what to do; it simply gathers and shares information.

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Great idea. But how do I mark the entire state of Maryland as a pro-criminal, anti-self defense, gun free zone? 😉


PITA search doesn’t work well I couldn’t mark or find all around pizza.